Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

Finally, a new chapter

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Oh no he's hot

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A bucket is fine too.


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Is there actually a legitimate reason why she doesn't want to have feelings for him, or is this just your run-of-the-mill nip romance autism?

Who the fuck would want to have feelings for an otaku?

I'm asking from a position of total ignorance of this series, but hey, I guess that explains it.

He has some good points but he's creepy, constantly think with his dick and is at the absolute bottom of the social ladder.

She's totally head over heels for him.

Oh boy
I can't wait for the next chapters to revert this. Don't worry too much, guys. Dang it, the translations are going quite slow.
Still, thanks for the dump and to the translation team

He's a slimy nerd.

>just a friend
Pure cope

He's a creep and sounds like one hell of a pervert

Poor dude blew his chance without knowing it.

Artisan bros, we keep winning.

So, huh, why did she fell in love with him?

Gyaru pussy

Because the guy is legitimately talented as an artist and when he's in his element he actually comes across in a good light. Plus he helped her with her passion which is something she's kept guarded so they have common ground with something near and dear to her heart. He supports her mascot enthusiasm and doesn't shame her for it.

>having to status quo the side couple because they're not allowed to progress faster than the main couple
This is not right...

If only he weren't that creepy.
Will he be able to stop beign so creepy as part of his evolution?

creepy-kun bros.....

It's a possibility.

He didn't looked that creepy back then

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He's a creepy weirdo and she's a very attractive woman. Their dynamic is the most realistic thing in this manga and that's why they are the most entertaining thing in the manga

Also, he's extremely confident even if he's super weird, and women love that.

Looked like a tiger-level NTR character.

There's been very little Anjou in this Anjou mango

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Cute pimple

>side characters get better development
>its halted and reversed at the end

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I mean, the main couple is dating.

>its halted and reversed at the end

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I didn't even notice since I skipped those chapters
I don't really like that goblin


toyoda is retarded. RETARDED

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>I don't really like that goblin
me neither

Chii is the cutest girl in this manga

Wait he isn’t wearing a headband? Whats the shading on his forehead then?

Just shading.

Just shading to make him look creepier

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Totally in love

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>people thinking this is a step back.
Fuck me you guys are dense. No wonder they have to make people like Anjou be the heroine.
Makes me wonder how much opportunities you guys must've missed just because you all failed reading between the lines.

I expect incredibly good looking children form their earth shattering future sex encounters

(Seems like facepalm is slipping into its bad habits again, hope someone snipes them)

"Just a friend"
Toyoda coping off the charts

>(Seems like facepalm is slipping into its bad habits again, hope someone snipes them)
I stopped expecting anything at all a long time ago.

Retard. People are just tired of always seeing the same boring song and dance in these shitty romcoms.

>you have to read woman's mind to be able to enjoy the questionable privilege of spending your time and money on her
>if you fail to read their mind correctly you will be deemed a creep dragged through real or kangaroo courts

I hate this.

>Seems like facepalm is slipping into its bad habits again, hope someone snipes them
If you think it's too slow just do it yourself. They're back to using digital raws anyways, so it's not like that's an argument either

Toyoda in his office.

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>I don't really like that goblin
Agreed. She's like a spastic adhd child, the guy could be scoring left and right with his looks and he's instead focused on his one-itis that barely notices him as a man, probably mostly because she's so hyper all the time.