Now that the dust has settled, i think it can be agreed Nagatoro is the best girl

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Take a break, go outside. no need to force a thread if they keep deleting them.

They didn’t nuked the thread

The official tier list of Nagatoro girls:
Naga's sister
Pres's sister


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She looks like a child.

It just died, but they should be nuked though, lately these threads feels like a bunch of fat cunts roleplaying or something, worse than dbs. Avatarfags, literal discord niggers, cuck shit, redditors. A purge is needed.

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I think you are talking about the thread that got archived at 139 replies. there one another just an hour ago and it just got nuked. but yeah, having a thread up constantly will tick people off

>Avatarfags, literal discord niggers, cuck shit, redditors.
Literally never happened Chang

guess you missed the last thread that hit bump limit where a discord exile kept crying about his ban

i just got banned for reasons unrelated to Nagatoro and all my posts got deleted, including the OP of the last thread g4mpg

He was talking shit about discord trannies, are you this butthurt because you identified with discord trannies user?

Is that a yes?

should be institutionalised. This is not normal. Seek help, get cured.

pointing out that it happened, after user said it 'literally never happened' right here
How tf do you perceive 'butthurt' from that, are you that desperate for an argument that you make one up when there's none?

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she has the best nails at least

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I'm pretty sure the last thread got nuked because the dumbass OP broke GR#3.

There are literally no worse posters than people like you who only post to whine about tired shit like this.

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It doesn't matter if the dust has settled or we're caught in a sandstorm, Nagatoro will always be the best girl.

Even the worst Gamo fart or Sakura smegma nonsense I can at least get a laugh from sometimes. The worst posts in these threads are always from people like you.

Nagamonday is so close I can taste it

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I didn't when the fartposter came for gamo for she is not my waifu
I didn't care when the fartposters came for nagatoro for neither she is my waifu
When the fartposters came for my waifu shikki there was none left to oppose them

Paizuri with Nagatoro!

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Komi should have the LMG
Naga duel pistols
Uzaki is a good fit
Marin the SCAR

Can you rub it between her titties? Yes
Can you do a paizuri with them? No

Paizuri is unfortunately only a DD+ perk (can be cheated if you have a "super-sag" perk)

>Deafening, thunderous BRRRAAAAP

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Nagamonday is almost here

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He didn't say which Nagatoro, did he?

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>It's this BIG!

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Paizuri with shikki!!

>Paizuri with Brotoro
user, that's even worse.

That's how generals usually are, ritualfags, namefags, tripfags, and others who just want to "hang out" instead of actually talking about the series coagulate at the height of a series popularity. Just hope Nagatoro ends in a timely manner instead of drawing out it's story painfully ala Komi and other long running series at which point people become completely toxic, shitposters and trolling pop up constantly, and there's negativity all around.

From there a general can no longer be sustained and threads aren't made immediately after a thread dies, it then completely devolves either into a completely miserable shithole with barely any enthusiasm left and people desperately trying to generate discussion ala Raildex General, with threads dying early or become like the Dragon Ball General which is nothing but layers upon layers of irony on top of irony, basically a place to shit on the series and each other instead of talking about it.

Naga threads are mostly good fun and would be better if the sterile meta discussion fostered by a couple of bitter, worthless cunts didn't exist
There's nothing more cringe than walls of text about a board culture that has been dead for 10 years

Fuck you user I spit my drink reading this kek

Hi, reddit.

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>dude reddit lmao
The only defense of the braindead cunt when he gets attacked for being a worthless, cunty, wanabe janny

Nagatoro is obviously the best girl

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Nagatoro is indeed a very good best girl, but my favorite best girl is Hana.

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But are you LONG enough for Shikki's shikkis, that's the real question

user are you lost?

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She looks like she femdoms shotas

I would be surprised if she didn't, honestly

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She lost to Marin. Hard.

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I don’t even know, nor do I care who that is.

Literal who

A pseudo-gyaru who loves cosplay, junk food and cheap labor.

Whew, Nagatorofags coping hard.

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Where's your thread?

>not a single sono bisque thread up
>already forgotten
>definition of FOTM
>might as well go into a Naga thread, you know you'll find one
It's okay user, you can hang around or yourself

Why does Hana dislike Nagatoro
She makes him happy all the time

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She's a bad influence

I literally have no idea who this is.

Best girl for lonely men that get no bitches and stack 0 paper

I don't think she dislikes her that much still, it's just autism recognizing autism, so she knows what Naoto has to deal with.

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