Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru Ch. 23

after a year long hiatus a new chapter finally dropped and so we can once again cheer on our "perverted" ojousama

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here is the link to the chapter

Oh thank god its back

What caused the hiatus anyway? Was this the one where the author got pregnant?

yep, she got pregnat. But had to take extra tome because the baby had heart's problem so they had to operate them.
We hope that the operation won't cause problems in the future.


My day just got ten times better, even though basically nothing happened this chapter except misunderstandings, again
So glad it's back

I sat this every chapter and thread, but God, imagine the hate sex.

might as well dump

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Good to be back.

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Jesus she's completely unstable.

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I love the gradual transformation this girl goes through where she just unwittingly becomes really fucking horny

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you think she'll shit in his bed?

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i want more yarino for future's chapter

and that was it

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That's pretty much a confession, or at least, what other reason would he even assume for her to be this upset at him being close to another woman?

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what the fuck is her problem? pure toxic femininity

Man, I really love aggressive and jealous gals. Not the traditional yandere types but like the unsuspecting kinds who turn out to be closet Do-S types.

It's fine he got a mega pint

Why is he always dark skinned in her fantasies

They allowed a 22 chapters manga to go on hiatus for 1 year instead of axing it?

Good contract

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Maternity leave. Also it's monthly, so 22 chapters is about 2 years of serialization.

Bitch is fucking unhinged about the whole business, but believe it or not, I can actually appreciate the conflict here. She's been a real shit heel to him and others and has to deal with that baggage, plus her pride, in trying to get close to him. And while he's got growing feelings for her, it's also a fact that she's the kind of person he loathes and the resulting cognitive dissonance.

Better reason for a stalemate romcom than most.

Love troubles.

I'm doing my part

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Based gaijin.

woman moment

Imagine how skilled this guy is with his fingers after years of mastering the abacus.

>after a year long hiatus

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Anyone know where did pic related come from?
Found it in a thread from futaba.

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she got knocked up and then Da Baby had a weak heart so he had to be operated
it honestly worries me

It's her second kid, and the heart issue was easily resolved. She even posted pictures of it's 1st year birthday.

I'm so happy this series is back!
I actually had to do a double-take when I saw this thread.

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thank god
>second baby
she'll save japan's low birth rate with her husband. no wonder the manga is so horny.

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>sleeveless turtleneck sweater with puppies
muh dik

>MC becomes the villain

It's from volume 3 extra
She gives him a lap pillow while wearing it, and also does some armpit service poses

She just didn't masturbate for two days.

I'm doing my part, too!

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dumb cute retard

Never followed this but mega props to the magaka coming back after such troubles. So many never come back after spawning, and baby with heart problems even more so.

Nice meta