Black Clover

> pulls off the best twist of the past half decade in your direction
Nothing personnel, one piece, Boku no hero, kimetsu, world trigger, Jujutsu Kaisen, chainsawman
Also there was some fag, forgot who, said they read 40 chaps to catch up and said it was shit, but didn't realize their post outted them as a midwit who didn't get what made it great lol. Sounded like someone who said "so yeah I caught up to the last two books of war and peace and uhhh... Some Russians fought in a war? Lol was mid"
Only other manga that surprised me lately was magu's ending

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I don't really get it but I'm glad you're having fun.

>good guy... was bad

Based user's mom

Thanks mom
Dad get off Yea Forums


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Also there were some faggots who were saying that this twist had been done a billion times in battle shonen and so I asked them to list an example and they listed BLACKBEARD KEK
Kino Clover detractors just can't stop outting their IQ

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Too early for the Americans? Aight, might try making the thread again later today.

How many times are going to pull this console war bullshit? It sucks because it really stunts conversation

people really falling for this obvious bait.

How does it stunt what conversation?
It's not a console war to say "good thing better than shit"

...people still read this?

Oh now it's bait to say "yes crime and punishment is better than Harry Potter", cool thanks for letting me know

I'm not falling for it. This person is always af this.

No because it's on hiatus currently

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> Always af
Find the rope zoomer

Go back

Gonna take a nap, I'm ready to dedicate some time to shitting on the babies complaining about KINO CLOVER when I wake up


The good guy wasn't even bad which makes this a shitty twist. He just turned bad due to magic demon possession for no deep reason.

Why does that make it bad?

*crickets chirping*
You can almost hear their brains trying and failing to process the question lol


I don’t get it

What is so brilliant about it?
I have seen 10 threads about it yet neither said what was good about it without using some cryptic language or shitting on other mangas

Nothing, BCucks just have low standards.

It's brilliant because it's a character that is built up, likable, relatable, and a fan favorite, that we have been led to believe several things about him, then flipped those back and forth, so that if you are intelligent, it would be like a back and forth game of chess, as in it is intellectually stimulating, a game between you and the author. And the twist retroactively changes our perception of many events in the story which is what all great twists aspire to do, and lost fail. And it explains a lot of mysteries, and answers questions we didn't even know we had. The world of black clover just got even more logical, interconnected and intertwined than it was before. It's also a blow to the gut and sucks to see my guy like this. Overall, the best twist I've seen in years

*And most fail

> BokunoheroCucks have low standards
Truth brother


> haters

you love to see it

>2 hour old thread
>12 posters

Too scared to criticize GOD CLOVER? Understandable, have a nice day.

Yeah how was this a fucking twist? I didn't even read the manga and I already knew he was gonna be evil just from his character design.

Lol you're fucking stupid
It's more like
> Info presented
> I predict state 1
> Info presented
> I predict state 2
> Info presented
> I predict state 3
> Info presented
> I predict state 1 for new and different reasons
And so on. A natural evolution of theories based on expanding information.
Meanwhile you are stuck at the 5 year old stage "ummm mommy daddy he rooks ebil!!!"

didn't he died?

Yes he is died Pablo many dies much sad now go read MHA

>tabata asspulls bullshit to bring julius back to life after litche kills him
>call tabata a hack
>it was all so julius could be the final boss

i kneel tabata‐sama

The problem is shounen mangaka write stories for 5-year olds. It's like all the fans who thought Tobi might be Shusui or Kagami or whoever, when it was obvious from his first page he was Obito. But everyone said it was TOO obvious.

Not the same situation with Black Clover whatsoever

I still have my knee pads on just in case I realize another one of Tabata's well laid plans

It is and it changes nothing
So he made a shitty arc on purpose?

its really just hype cause we've seen how insanely powerful Julius is and the manga does a lot to put him "over" like showing him to be a wise, strong and kind ruler so for him to heel turn is just cool.

its sort of a "cheap" story telling trick since tabata does not have to do the work of hyping up a new powerful bad guy if he just turns the most powerful good guy into the the bad guy.

I don't read this, so what's with the supposed hype with this? Is that black haired guy the big bad of the series? Can some user explain to me a Tl;dr up till now

> It is
How so? Specifically. Pro tip: you won't be able to show it.
> and it changes nothing
What specifically do you mean by this, and why would that be a detriment?

And the arc was already 10/10 if you are an intellectual btw. Subtract points if you are dumb because you won't be able to appreciate it.

>I'm filled with time
the fuck does that mean? Is this what people say they want when talking about literal translations? god

No and kill yourself. No Twitter size TLDR for your twittercuck brain will be able to summarize what makes it good.

No that's just bad translations

Dont' worry nobody is actually hyped for it.

the character has literal time manipulation powers(he takes time from the people hes killed and uses it to power his magic) so i think this is supposed to be some kind of pun but it just makes no sense.

Is that the best you can do buddy? Kek

Good guy actually bad. Fucking mindblowing.


Uh oh now he's spamming

For MHA? Yes, we know just 8 months.
For JJK? Yes, we know just 18 months.

Why? Its the same thing
>And the arc was already 10/10 if you are an intellectual btw.
That's why everyone was shitting on it

haters have been saying this for over five years.

its just Hollywood Hogan, turning the ultimate face into the ultimate heel.

>For MHA? Yes, we know just 8 months.
>For JJK? Yes, we know just 18 months.
And 3 months for nigger lover. Thanks god all nu-shounen is dying.

3 months till final arc, but yeah, being smug about those two ending when BC is doing the same is funny.

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The difference is that the MHA and JJK are ending on a high note while BC isn't.