ITT: Title drops

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I literally pogfaced when I saw this

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But it's right there, he said it!

I forgot how bad the art got in Part 8

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>Amuro, we need you to pilot that Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's counterattack

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still waiting for Ichigo Kurosaki say "Bleach". since I don't know tf that related to the story

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it isn't, he picked the title before he even came up with the manga

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TF? Art was gorgeous, Araki used to Greek models as a reference and also avoided same face syndrome like in SBR

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God I fucking hate this thread

Same, I dropped this thread over 20 times already

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I remember watching this, but I can't remember a single thing about what it was about or what happened.

Every fucking episode, made the show unwatchable

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>Every time this thread happens 3/4 of the posts are edits instead of actual cheesy titledrops in anime

Edits are funnier.

>15 years later
>Still one of the best

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Here's a real one, they drop the title 3 times in the final chapter

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can this trope be kino?

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yes if its not executed poorly


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>iie means no

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There are like five or six title drops in this mango

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what did he mean by this

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i was gonna post one piece page 1 and say I dropped it there, but I guess he just says "my treasure" and not one piece

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>Not in the anime

Yeah, really says it all about the adaptation.

Knowing Kubo he probably just picked it because he thought it sounded cool.

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Shark is not the opposite of fire what the heck.

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2021 was the year of title drops

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this is the best one

When you purify an hollow defeating him it's like "bleaching"

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>the title drop
>the signature gimmick
>the catchphrase

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Alright I chuckled.

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Nothing is more kino than the anti title drop

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>wan piss
>best at anything

Something togashi would come up with

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In the end it was just another ITT: Title Drops thread...

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