A Couple of Cuckoos


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How do we marry Sachi?

Sachi is my future wife

Sachi is for all of us

Only Sachi can make me complete

How can an imouto be so cute?

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Where will cour one end?

I hate how we STILL don't have a Hiro pantyshot after all this time

Ai will only smile to...


Hiro's hiros are so big

Sachi in a bride dress...


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Wake me up when Sachi's ep starts. Good night siss and bros.

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You're going to be sleeping for a long while.

I know and expect that I'll be sleeping for about 5 weeks to see this Sachi's ep = manga chapter 8.

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>two cour adaptation of a 100+ chapter manga
>may not even adapt half of it
They'll be cutting/compressing chapters aren't they?

>This garbage flopped
And all is right in the world

It's not flopping. In fact it's the top romcom in its magazine now, outselling even Kanokari.

Kadokawa is doing shorts where Erika is on her way to go to an isekai

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>The manga has started to get backlog of the old volumes



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Sachi a best

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Maybe this week?

its a pretty weak boost and vols have already fallen off tbf. things could change tho

This is the most dogshit manga I have ever read. Holy fuck, I can't believe how fucking retarded this shit is.

Can't be as bad as Kusokari, the manga so bad that even its sub and Discord are shitting on it.

No chapter this week?

Anime provides at least a fapping material of Erika. However I want Sachi's, sigh.

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damn you are slow

At least Sachi has pantyshots in the manga

My dick can't wait until the anime ep showing manga chapter 16... I need a cold sleep system for it.

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How many episodes until then anyway?

Sachi facts:
1. Sachi is cute!
2. Sachi is strong!
3. Sachi is beautiful!
4. Sachi is gorgeous!
5. Sachi is the best!
6. Sachi is perfect!
7. Sachi is a goddess!
8. Sachi is wonderful!
9. Sachi is indescribable!
10. Sachi is cute!*
*I counted cute two times because she is so cute!

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best girl

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Don't count them. That just hurts ourselves.

Alternative Sachi material:

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Stream link for later?

Shino will never be kanojo.
Sachi will never win.

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Based and Sachipilled!

Based foombro

Fuck off


Sachi bride SOON
Shino kanojo SOON

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Hiro's hairy pussy

Are you suggesting that Erika is shaved?

>rich fashionable insta-thot

But some rich celebrities have pubes

Sachi is shaved so that she and her husband Matsuda can fuck regularly

>"Sachi will win"

>"Hiro will lose"

>"Shimaidon ending"


>"I-it was just funposting"

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I'd rather watch this over that overrated trash of Spy x Family.

5 minutes Erikafags

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time cucks

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