I understand why this sold so much

I understand why this sold so much.

There simply aren't many shows were the evil side wins.

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is this that budget evangelion show?



That and the soundtrack


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The whole destiny sequel doesn't even make sense. Both sides managed to reindustrialize, rearm and repopulate in less than 2 or 3 years.

The scale of the conflict should have at least be Zeta-tier.

Hasn't it always been since the original Gundam where the winners get to decide who is justice and who is evil?

Didn't this come after Turn A? Why does that look much uglier compared to Turn A?

Not to mention how it was just a rehash of SEED's initial plot and in order to kick start it they introduced pointless drama which basically shat on several characters' previous development
namely Cagali and Athrun
They did Cagali dirty to an unbelievable degree in Destiny

because it was the first digital Gundam

Gundam Seed is early digital animation while Turn A is traditionally animated. Back in 2002 digital animation was new and fresh and people were still using small crt tvs where it looked better.

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>they had to ban him to stop him from creeping in the top 10
whilst i don't hate kira hell i thought he was handled pretty well in the first half of seed, no fucking clue why nips are obsessed with the guy and his loser autistic dictator gf

Sadly, the good guy was stopped in the first series.

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Desinty had all the potential to be the GOAT of the gundam franchise, but the insane direction it took pretty much killed it.
It's pathetic how the director loathed SRWZ's incarnation of Destiny when everyone and their grandma prefers the superior version

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Both sides where pretty much the "bad guys"

This would be a valid excuse if King Gainer wasn't made in the EXACT same timeframe.

Lunamaria helped too

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>Desinty had all the potential to be the GOAT
it had zero potential it was shit from the absolute start

if anything you should note that gundam 00 was only 2 years after destiny

Same goes for Code Geass.

But while SEED/Destiny are kinda ugly at times they are not the only examples from that time period. They were the first truly digitally animated shows and it shows. I am surprised it took the industry only around 2 years to get used to it. Many shows made 2006/2007 still hold up today - You could put them into this season and nobody would think "this looks dated"

Have you ever played SRWZ? The game fixed everything wrong with Destiny and made it the best gundam series hands down, even though it's not canon. Shinn's growth as the MC was written beautifully. Suzumura himself said the Shinn in that game is the Shinn he wanted to portray

The beginning of SEED Destiny is better than anything in SEED

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Best gundam song by far

sunrise seemed to keep giving later era tomino their best studio to animate his idea (except brain powerd, that shit was beyond ugly)

There are three jizai. Kira, Onii-sama, and I can't remember the last one.
That's why. He's literally Jesus.
Now excuse me while I try to pass out on the floor I think my brain is deprived enough finally after all this insomnia.

Japs love soichiro hoshi screaming.
I do too.

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He is not even an original character design.

tooku hanareteru hodo ni~

Why does he even need to aim that stock footage attack?

The only good thing about destiny.

The way the end of the episodes transitioned into the ED were always 10/10


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SEED has some of the worst villains in all of Gundam.

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>Gundam Sneed

Are Zaft aliens? I heard that Zaft never poop unlike inferior Earthlings.

Why is Sven's squad wearing Blue and pink uniform? They are actual soldiers, not child soldiers.

Destiny can go die in a fire, but I watched 0079 for the first time recently and i ended up appreciating Seed more afterwards

That's just how history works, bro.

No, they are genetic mutants. Born to be superior in pretty much every way - Stronger, immune to everything and faster learning.

The downside of being a coordinator is the way they "reproduce". Coordinators are the result of genetic manipulation to get rid of all undesireable traits and that basicly makes them tube babies. Because a normal human womb couldn't produce a flawless coordinator. Some coordinators also have defects as the result of too much genetic tempering and they require mechanical implants in order to live.
This is why they make such a big deal out of Kira Yamato - who is the "Perfect Coordinator". He has the best genes - He can pass his genes onto his offspring directly - No need for further tempering, tubes or anything. He can't get sick and is superior to humans in pretty much every way.

Shinn used to be an Earthling who joined the alien force and became an ace gundam pilot here. Ironically, he lost by Athrun, who is an actual alien unlike Earthling conscript cuck like Shinn.

Shinn is a coordinator from Orb though.

I thought Kira was Earthling as well. Was Kira actually an alien like Duke Fleed?

Thats not one of the translated ones right? Please elaborate for my poor EOP self

im glad that bitch writer died. go to hell cunt

looked it up. I don't know if shitting on kira fixes destiny

All we had to do was follow his plan

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I mean Cagali got screwed as the writer thought that her VA was sleeping with the director (the writer's husband).

Oh and brain cancer

Watched destiny before seed so it ruined the series for me when giant jesus on wings shat on my unhinged psychopath protag out of nowhere.
My only consolation is he got a 10/10 waifu at the end also still waiting for that movie.

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Fukuda dropped some news on the movie recently.

>This movie will put the focus on Shinn with Fukuda wanting to finish his story arc
>But all the other old cast will also get closure - New cast will be a thing but the focus is definitely on the old one
>There will be a new Freedom variant with feathers??? which will also be its weapons
>Zaku and Gouf already had SEED variants and they want to add more historical units like the Gyan
>some old rejected designs that didn't make it into the TV anime will be in this movie
>when people asked about the movie and if it will use CGI mechs Fukuda confirmed it - saying that its much easier to work with and it also gives him more freedom as a director - being able to see how something looks - and not having to wait for the animators to draw it first
>his wife left hundreds of notes behind for this project and getting something out of it was pretty difficult which is one reason why it took the long for the movie to happen
>Fukuda wants this to be the true final conclusion to the cosmic era saga

There's a gamefaq script of the game iirc, but from what I've remembered in general it goes like this:
>Athrun is more level headed and acted as Shinn's mentor instead of someone who's constantly pissed, actually has a good relationship with Shinn
>Minerva crew operates more independently with the ragtag heroes, enabling Shinn to develop outside of Durandal's influence
>Shinn developed greatly due to Kamille and Amuro who taught him to control his anger and to communicate instead (the whole newtype harmony shenanigans), his ragetard phase lasted only for the first half instead of the whole show
>Shinn behaves more rationally in the second half after Athrun's escape and actually questions Durandal's choices after he's forced to shoot Athrun
>Kira and Lacus learned that blindly interfering and taking mercy on their enemies only risks their teammates lives (addressing the problem that gundam 00 would solve in the future)