Another Renge OP thread

>another Renge OP thread

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>wow...that many guys huh?

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Which non non would give the best blowjobs?

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>Tokyo Ta-Wa

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what is the meaning of this image?

These bumpkins don't deserve the Tokyo Burrrrrrrrjosei life and Hotaru should've also known better.

she knew and wanted to finally have the upper hand on rednecks that have been dunking on her for years.
>you lock your house?
>you dont have a roadside produce stands in tokyo?
>you've never jumped off a short bridge for fun?
>your family doesn't own a mountaint!?

Bullet train?

non of them

>"You've got a fast train, I want a ticket to Tokyo, maybe we'll make a deal, maybe together we can get somewhere, any place is better, starting at Asahigaoka got nothing to lose, maybe we'll make something, me myself I got everything to prove"

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Reminder that this is, was, and will forever be Hikage's series
Renge is an afterthought

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did you ever heard of the shinkansen?

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>renge close second


Her voice is so slutty.

Do not insult my wife

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Was it rape?

she knew she was no match for it

Your wife is a monster, do you know that?

>it's a Komari's feet post

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little natsumi

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Memories of NNB episodes and threads will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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The final episode thread was small and cozy

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what is she photographing?

Low angle shots of Koma-chan's pantsu, clearly.

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>never a single Natsumi thread

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I think she won in the end though. She turned into her mother.

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It's really amazing how despite how dumb a girl is, she'll always revert to her primal instinct of becoming a mother.

Such is life among the dumbest of Asahigaoka.

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Sucks to be OP

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For the illiterates out there:
1. Hikage
2. Renge
3. Komari
4. Hotaru
5. Konomi
6. Candy Store
7. Natsumi
8. Nii-chan
9. Akane
10. Kazu-nee
11. Shiori
12. Other

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Nothing wrong with that.

Same, but Ren-chon's voice

The best Miyauchi right here

The best Miyauchi right here

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Komari that high?

gu's kids

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i blame her VA, though NNB in general has some of my favorites seiyuus

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I like Konomi's seiyuu

What happens then?

Who the hell are Akane and Shiori?

Whats the appeal of this smug hebe

Akane is the neighbor of Nattsun and Komari, the one who does the thumb trick to Renge, and Shiori is the girl they meet on vacation

not sure

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Who the hell is Other?

I wonder who shinkansen seiyuu is

I wonder who nii-chan seiyuu is

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