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worst character design I've seen in a long time time

kill yourself


Kill yourself ironic pedo

I watched this show for her as well but I gotta be honest Yor is better

peanut is okay but worthless alone


That's not what an ironic pedo is retard

wtf I never like micro bikinis and Anya isn't the kind of loli I like to lewd, but this image is making me diamonds.

Do you love being a pedo too?

>never like microbikinis
what are you a fag?

too slutty is a deal breaker for me too

Sexy child.

present your best argument against executing convicted pedophiles

Yes I do

Kids need to be fucked

children are too sexy, it's basically their faults pedophiles exist if you really think about it, so it'd be wrong to execute them for that

We need to make girls give birth sooner to stop population aging and decline

Yea Forums is a pro-cunny website please go to another media platform

People who lewd Anya aren't cunnyseurs. They're just straight garbage pedophiles.

I fucking hate this board

Convincing arguments. Truly begs the question why most countries don't greenlight capital punishment for pedophiles.

FBI mf

Unfortunately that you didn’t get raped as a kid then

That’s like saying; my soup is cold, but you put it in the freezer for 20 hours, gtfo asshole

No and yes

did you know the average starting age for puberty has actually been decreasing? nature literally wants this

kek what a chad

ironic lolicon trash

>Unfortunately that you didn’t get raped as a kid then
But it made me understand that they should be raped at the youngest age possible

Loli + flat chest + microbikini + belly + hips + thighs = life

Kill yourself LRD. You don't belong here.

play one of anya's games

heels (sized too big)

I think life in prison + systemic rape is a better sentence for pedos than execution tbqh.

3DPD is and always will be disgusting, no matter the age
but raping characters like Anya, Megumin, My Wife Chino and Kokkoro? The best feeling there is

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is this the cunny thread?

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What's with all the moral faggotry? I m guessing late night burgers


Lewding anya is just pure bad taste. Has nothing to do with moral faggotry.

not burgers generally, but this is an easily identified sperg.

One cunny per day to filter out redditor from your board

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Imagine a big cock splitting her down the middle

Shouldn't you mentally ill leftists care about Ron v Wade first?

>Unfortunately that you didn’t get raped as a kid then
In a lot of cases the child actually grows up to not only fantasize about rape/paedophilia but maybe even commit those acts, so your argument is invalid

What is wrong with you, are you even serious?

pouring the "this is leftism" bucket over pedophobia is just proof that you're a triggered pedo

Now post the naked version

>m-muh pedo
is this some sort of reddit raid or something?

Liking spy x family is bad taste, seems right at home.

sexy children thread? sexy children thread

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Ron who?

Invalid for you and your fucked up brain. All I’m saying is that if you find kids attractive then it’s something fucking wrong with you. I think kids are cute not “sexy” “hot” or “attractive”, disgusting retard

Sadly spy x shit is garbage and Anya is not sexually attractive.

I would if i could get away with it

If hating pedos makes me a leftist I'd go full communism.

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>are you even serious?
Yes very

Was Spy X family always this bad? I think it's winning over shounenthreads and SnK for low quality

not worth arguing with redditors, anyway i love little kids tummies

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Imagine the shitposting when CSM airs.

>m-muh reddit
It's your own fault for having no standards and going after every "loli" character from any show even if they're literally 4 just so you can be edgy lolicon.
Kill yourself

Nuke this fucking thread

I prefer prillya's version of lolis.

It's going to be franxx tier

This is the pedo containment thread, not the actual thread. These people don't even watch the show, they just want to meme the seasonal loli.


me to

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