This Prideful kusogaki walks up to you and asks you to join the Witch Cult. How do you respond?

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I can’t believe Emilia fucking killed Re:Zero

I remember checking out a thread about this years ago and anons said it was ruined by the faggot MC while other anons said it was intentional and he would grow out of his faggotry. Did that ever happen?

Why is this kusogaki calling me a noob? What did I even do?

>Did that ever happen?
define faggotry.
By some standards he's a pretty cool guy right now, but if you want a shonen progression where he becomes some kind of super hero then you're probably still gonna consider him a faggot, he's at most the level of a low-tier soldier right now.

I'm just happy she's back.

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You called his waifu ugly so he burned down your house and laughed

Nah, it was more like he was being an entitled sperg or something, like an actual autist and anons were arguing if that was the author being a clueless sperg himself or an intentionally written character flaw the MC would grow out of.

Yeah he grew out of being an entitled sperg, he's gotten a whole serving of humbling pie. You should read the web novel and judge for yourself though.

Thanks user, I'll give it a try.

Ah yeah, also, you say read the web novel. Does that mean it's equal or better than the LN? If the WN has more content but a worse TL I'll just stick to the LN and be patient.

>Does that mean it's equal or better than the LN?
In terms of content, WN has a lot more content, Subaru is more of an entitled asshole in the earlier arcs so him getting hit with humble pie hits harder, but that also might make him more obnoxious, there were also minor changes here and there in those arcs, some scenes that people argue were done better and some loops got cut. Arc 4 got severe changes that most argue were for the detriment of it, the translation for arc 4 is also THE best one, and the user who translated it got really good by the end and delivered what I believe to be some amazing prose. For arcs 5-7 the translators change a lot so your mileage may vary on the quality.
Usual recommended path to take is read LN for arcs 1-3 then WN for the rest. Nobody has stepped up to translate WN arcs 2-3 unfortunately.
The autistic remfag guide has a lot more detailed information on cut content and the translation scene if you want to check that out

Arc 1 WN is fully and well translated. Some people say it's worse than the LN but I don't really think so. They're pretty equal.
Arc 2 and 3 LNs are good, not that you really have a choice as their WN counterparts aren't translated
Arc 4 WN is fully translated and edited to read well, and the LN is widely considered to be worse than the WN because of questionable differences the author made in order to cut the length down.
Arc 5 and 6 have really messy translation states so feel free to ask about them in the thread if your interest is held that far.

I cant believe this show has a girl using a wig made of dried kelp...

I can't believe Flop is fucking dead...

I went to a Re:Zero themed cafe and got fucking otto of all people twice
I was so angry

who did you want to get?

I went to a Re:Zero themed cafe and got fucking otto of all people twice
I was so happy


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I went to a Re:Zero themed cafe and had sex with Otto twice
I was so horny

Emilia, Rem, or Ram
I ordered a meal, 3 drinks, and 1 dessert
I got otto fucking twice, the pink haired lolibaba, regulus, and the purple haired sloth

>Japan does gachas with food IRL
How am I not actually surprised?

i am actually in taiwan but yes it's random like a gacha
the person serving me told me a girl bought 20 drinks on the first day of the event in 1 sitting

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So does America, what do you think Happy Meal toys are?

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Re:Zero is my all time favorite series and I'm not even embarrassed about it!

although I won't say it's objectively the best series of all time and I will admit there are stories with better writing, characters, ect., but it still won't change my mind about Re:Zero

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Good shit, ty anons.

Last beaker of the night. I haven't run out, I just gotta go to sleep.

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Are Minerva and Carmilla actually evil? The other witches I can see, but with those two, are they really that bad of people? Yeah Minerva's fist causes catastrophes around the world, but what the fuck did carmilla do? All the bad stuff that happened was because other people were doing it for their own selfish goals, so how is she evil?

He's the best part of the story.

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Well posting updates.

Chapter 54B has the full WIP up same with Chapter 55B.

Chapter 56B is missing part 3 for right now until I get that back.

Chapter 57B is being worked on sorry for the wait.

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Carmilla seems like the type of bitch that pretends to be meek because it makes things easier for her. She doesn't feel sorry for anything her power was responsible for.

I feel as if her stuttery demeanor is hiding a real cunt
I mean just look at her future quote
>“I don’t… don’t like that, so… just die.”
Minerva might heal people but she knows she's killing way more than she's healing and does it anyways

wouldnt be surprised if minerva keeps going around healing ppl to "account" for the calamity she caused.

Still tho, none of the witches seem like bad people. Just good people who do bad things.

Echidna locked Beatrice up in a library just because she thought it'd be neat

I thought that was Castledona's thoughts on it?

Minerva knows her actions kill hundreds of thousands, she does not care and likes it because it means there are more to heal.

You’re an anime only, aren’t you? In the novels it was made very clear that all of them are monsters.

The witches were all batshit and going off of Omega, they might have stank of miasma which could drive people mad on its own.

Not with the actual food

Why did she do it?

You must be ESL, because we all acknowledge they're monsters.

I was replying to a post calling the Witches “good people” you stupid faggot.

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So how will Subaru take it when Tanza tells him how he destroyed the city and probably killed a shit ton of people?

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Same way he takes it anytime else he fucks up
Incredible amounts of self loathing

Good as in "they arent malicious & have good intentions"
Obviously everyone knows the witches do bad things, but not for malicious reasons.
Im sorry you cant understand that, ESL-kun.

>they arent malicious & have good intentions
Sekhmet definitely doesn't have good intentions, that would require her to have intentions and that's too much work

>Good person

These are mutually exclusive when talking about behaviour and character. I’m sorry you don’t have the processing power necessary to comprehend such a simple reality, Faggot-kun.

“Good intentions” mean Jack shit when the witches have killed countless millions.

She literally genocided her species and murdered the people that took her in from the wilderness. She sucks ass.

user Im sorry, but I truly do pity those who see the world in black-and-white like this.