Tokyo Revengers

Spoiler is out
How dead is he

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Apologize to Benkei now , all of you faggots

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>Fat fucker's neck just tanked Mikey's kick


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>smile status:

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Oh no not that guy!!!! The beloved uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

>It has always been like that. Because you laughed/smiled, I could give my best.
>You were Kanto Manji's staff officer, right? You're supposed to be an ally, so what the fuck are you doing?
>Because I/we love you

Forever lost

Lmao the fujoleaker is mad

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>P-chan is gonna get killed
When is Shitmichy getting fucking killed for god's sake? Why is he allowed to fuck up everyone because muh Mikey? I only read this shit waiting for the moment when that faggot gets murdered.

Calm down, user. Pah-chin is not gonna die yet.

Fuck that bitch. Pepitochiken is our hero.

Praise our chicken lord and savior

Sanzu's love for Mikey being real confirmed.

about 6 more chapters until mitchy beats mikey

Kek, she couldn't be more obvious. Her japanese is so awkward.

Nice fujobait

Cope, mitchy is the protag

who is this?

>user never had bros he loved

>what the fuck are you doing?
He didn't word it like that

Then TL it yourself.

Well, he's not ojos blancos yet. Pah-chin should be safe for the moment.

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>he's crying
Even Pah got Takemichified now

My king is so cool...

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So the Sanzu sketch is not from this chapter?

Should have made a non TR account while reporting spoiler of another series spoiler like rental girlfriend or something
But then she is woman she isn't supposed to be smart

>reposts the leaks
Yeah she's not very smart.

Koko is a faggot and I hope he gets killed. Traitorous scum.

> dude is almost in his 30s
> gets rekt by kids
> Now he's angry because fight is 2v2 not 3v1
No matter if he wins or loses now - he's still beyond pathetic.

bro, I'm in my 30s and my back is murdering me already a 18s kid would just send me to the hospital

He's angry with good reason, because Koko backstabbed.

>I'll devote/stay by Inupi's side
Bisluts are well known sluts after all.

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I'm just gonna say it.
Ignoring Mitchi's OH momment, since the final battle started the chapters have been good.

>Koko must forget about Akane
>but Waka and Benkei have to be hung up on Shinichiro and the Black Dragons forever
Why is Inupi such an hypocrite?

Yeah, and that's exactly a reason why sane people don't look for a fight with teens.
No one cares if your health is not as good as it used to be, but everyone will notice that you're fighting someone who is 10+ years younger than you.

Koko didn't live a single day without betraying someone - did they really think that this time everything was different?

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This is painfully true, got jumped by a 17 yo and 16 yo aboriginal boys while walking to my car in the coles carpark.
I fought back and hit one in mouth breaking their jaw and knocking out teeth, he immediately ran away quickly followed by the other chasing after him.
I reported it to the police and there was footage from the shops and when it went to court their public defender tried to play it as me the 5'9" slightly overweight middle aged man had beaten up these poor 6'+ to excess and they were victims and literal children.

When did he betray anyone before? He left the BD after they got crushed and later he was forced to join Tenjiku. Now he backstabbed Mikey whom he had a 2 year long partnership with and despite having a position of trust in Kanto Man.

>Kazutora: Gentiana scabra- "I love you best when you are sad" "loveliness" "intrinsic worth"
>Mitsuya: Lilac - "pride" "beauty"
>Mikey: Freesia - "Innocence" "Friendship" "Trust"
>Takemichi: Japanese Bindweed - "Bonds" "Friendship" "Affair"
>Draken: Iris - "message" "hope" "faith" "friendship" "wisdom"
>Chifuyu: Summer snowflake- "Pure" "Innocent heart" "Attractive charm"
>Baji: Chamomile- "patience/energy in adversity"

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Isn't that the overall opinion?

Both the western and nip fandom is deader than ever post anime, so I don't think so.

what is worse, head injury or neck injury by the way

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>the "translation" as always is fanfic-tier and proven wrong by earlier leaks

You just claimed the opposite of what user said though

Kokonui was TR when chapter 341 dropped

>I don't care what happens as long as you can laugh.
Did this bitch not even see what was already leaked?

>When did he betray anyone before?
He sold information about his boss for money.

TR had the biggest amount of circles after JJK and KnY on the last SCC, which was this very week, user. And last chapter the 2ch threads hit bump limit multiple times.

That was a trap, though. They were waiting to ambush them with the whole BD army.

I meant TT.

Pah x Mikey canon.

Maitake sisters...Doramai brothers...Not like this...

>Mikey only using kicks
Interesting. When he's going for the kill he mainly strikes with fists (like against Tora, South and Takemichi).

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I saw some said kicking on the neck means aiming for the kill

was supposed to reply to their reply.
People only notice the age gap.

Well, in Mikey's case when he's in dark impulse mode trying to kill someone he straddles them and deals the finishing blow with fists. We've seen it 3 times now. His kicks seem to be his more "controlled" clean fighting style.

isn't this actually worse as he isn't even in his impulse mode and he still went for the kill

He didn't went for the kill. Pah-chin is just knocked out.

Mikey, mostly fights with kicks since that's where he put most of his stats points. See Valhala, Taiju and Izana.

>he still went for the kill
You guys are like the leaker fujo and her fanfics sometimes

No one actually died from Mikey's kick on the head
well, air block, brain damage, central nerve damage etc etc. Pah probably has 3 or 4 minutes left to live if he got knocked out

So this is the final chapter of the volume. Who will get the cover? Is it Pah-Chins time?

No, this is the first chapter of a new volume. Waka and Benkei got the cover for the one that ended last chapter.

which translation? our user tL?

Fujoleaker's "translation" is extremely off from what we got earlier

So who's next? Peh? I see him getting mad at Mikey for beating up Pah-chin and seeking revenge. He is also among the ones who grew to hate Mikey, unlike Pah who was in juvie.

Talking about covers I have the feeling Shinichiro will get the last cover.

Oh ok. Then I’ll predict that Pah will get the cover of the new volume.

I think it's gonna be Sanzu.

Here's my prediction
>28 Benkei & Waka
>29 Sanzu
>30 Shinichiro
>31 Mikey & Takemichi (Final)

my wife


That does seem likely but damn F for Pah and Peh shared cover

Shinichiro isn't relevant enough to get a cover. Takeomi will.

I mean I actually don't see this end in 4 volume so just give another volume and make it Pah and Peh

They're Toman and Pah is a founding member. He should get one.

>making a STR+DEX run
Oh he just like me

More like AGI+DEX

They're not handsome enough, pls understand.

The pacing speeded up in this fight. The only way I see this lasting 40 chapters more is by another time leap and extended epilogue.

>STR+DEX run
Not really. Mikey wasnt even top 3 strongest
He is unbeatable for his insane agility

>The only way I see this lasting 40 chapters more is by another time leap
or a whole volume worths of flashback

The next chapters seem very Sanzu rekated from the teasers, so he'll probably get vol 29.