Spy x Family

Episode 5 soon

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Jouji Nakata as Bill Watkins (age 6)

New art by Axeman himself, released on Twitter.
It seems that Anya's his pet. Expect nothing bad happened to her

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I want to make sweet love to Yor

Hopefully he will show up on episode 6

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Anya is much cuter in the manga

At some point Axeman will assume Anya as his real daughter and not just a fictional character made to boost his career.

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This is a manga for women.

No wonder it's good

The artist fucked up. Yor and Loid should swap places.

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I'm new to this manga, why are the some chapters divided in part 1, 2, 3? Is it something related to a fixed number of pages they give the author or his decision?

I want to have sex with Yor in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation while her legs are locked around me and we're holding hands. Afterwards I want to cuddle with her while stroking her hair and planting kisses on her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, and other places.

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Yeah, Yor canonically finds guns difficult to use.

She's too strong to use guns.

>Implying Loid would even let Anya touch an assault rifle

>implying yor can read
my cute retard wife...

>Artist is animeonlies
Nothing new here

Loid would never do that.
That said, Yor is too dumb to use guns or rifles.

This is truly Abe's last hope

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What really are those things on Anya's head?

thats how they recharge her batteries

power limiters
take them off and this planet is a goner

My taste usually goes in the other direction but some anime couples just hits different.

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This. Also should I mention I'm white, blonde and green eyed

Would Japan five Japanese nationality for jap descendents? Many in Brazil, Peru, US Hawaii, would go there.

they hide her antennae/surgery scars

I am going to read fanfiction of these two soon.

Please, they're the last bastion of humanity, untainted by mutts. Leave the Japanese alone, and there should be 1 blonde haired light eyed white man for every 10000 japanese

How will Loid talk his way out of explaining how he's suspiciously extremely good and experienced at sex from just one marriage without ruining Yor's image of him?

how would she know if she wasnt a slut?

>extremely good and experienced

sexing bitches real good is spycraft 101

this Yor won't be able to tell

He'd just be THAT good
t. Yuri

This is kino as fuck!!

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Remember he's Twilight, he would purposefully hold back so she wouldn't suspect anything. Not that she would either way since she has peanut level intelligence and no experience.

>yor gets convinced loid had sex 3 times a day minimum and has to live up to it

I don't think WIT/Clover will do 2 episodes with fillers back to back, so yea he will be in ep 6. Then ep 7 will cover chapter 9. 1 week for the ib of smug to fill up every inch of the web and another week for the rapid increase in anya x damian arts


A fair number of Brazilians go there. According to. a japanon on /int/, they’re boisterous and stupid/feckless compared to native Japanese, similar to Filipinos.

Brazilian here, can confirm

And aren’t Jap-Hues supposed to be the smartest of you people?

Loid in the last chapter

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More like Yuri

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There is literally nothing wrong with a population naturally downsizing. The only ones kvetching about it are bankers because they'll lose a zero or two from their paychecks.

Why the fuck are flips in japan?

>canonically doesn't know how gun works
>letting Anya ever touch a gun as he breathes

Japan is taking in more and more migrant workers as their population declines.

They are everywhere user. Cheap labour that doesnt complain.

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Even Tanezaki thought that Hayamin was perfect for Yor when she read the manga. I like this woman.

two weeks left until new chapter

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2 weeks until Spoofy's wild ride ends and we snap back to reality, or it ends on a cliffhanger as we wait for the manga to come back.

then another long break because this is a volume end

Just when I caught up too with all the chapters too, dang. This author doesn't take breaks often does he?

This is all wrong.

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He does, but sometimes we get nice illustrations.

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Megumi Nakajima is half-Flip.

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