Do romance anime with large age gaps bother you?

Do romance anime with large age gaps bother you?

Is it possible to do it "right", or is it always going to be unethical and degenerate, no matter how it's done?

What are the best romance anime with large age gaps?

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If it's cute no
Always interesting to them if the author isn't a hack and doesn't cuck

age shouldn't matter when it comes to love/romance

my god is that a girl or a giraffe

I don't have an opinion about them.
I don't know why it seems like japanese women authors are so deeply into it though. Seems like almost every "dude who raises a daughteru that isn't his actual progeny" story written by a japanese women ends up with them getting hitched in the end

post "that" manga

>Do romance anime with large age gaps bother you?
No. my wife is 9 years younger than me

>unethical and degenerate
why? you westoids are sick in the head

>What are the best romance anime with large age gaps?
Unbalance x2

It's cute and often hot only if the girl is older. If it's the other way around it feels creepy to me and unsettles me.

Am*r*can hands typed this

>loves oni-loli and oji-loli pairing
>also gets accused of being pedo
I hate it

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Im not a woman, so no.

>why? you westoids are sick in the head
Only Americans. Europeans are ok. We hate Americans as much as Japanese, Russians and Chinese and we can't wait to see USA getting nuked coast to coast.

The adaptation for this manga is probably the worst thing I've ever seen

American pretending to be European

This but only if the male is older

I just find them cute, that's all.

All those stupid projection is precisely why SJW control your media, retarded mutt.

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Nope but only if it's younger female, older male. It's natural for some younger girls to be attracted to older males because they have built up their wealth and are more mature. Likewise, it's natural for men to be attracted to younger women as younger women are less jaded, more beautiful and more likely to bear healthy offspring. There's a reason why older male/younger female was prevalent for so long and why it's still common today despite the social backlash

I like older male/younger male

based homo

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Age doesn't matter in relationships, and older male x young girl is G*ds intended coupling. W*stern trash cultural norms can go.

Older man younger woman is realistic. The opposite is very uncommon. I am not particularly bothered.

Finally someone made a thread about this

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Twitter rotted your brain, please touch grass your family is worried about you

>that one episode where Asuma and Noa have to help Goto get some teen pussy

It can work if the girl is an adult and not a high schooler.

What manga?

I like ojii-sans with both adult males and females, not really into kids or teens but college age can work.

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I enjoy them both ways.

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Only watched that shit for the footfag fanservice.
I regret nothing.

Need more college male x JC

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>I don't know why it seems like japanese women authors are so deeply into it though
It's not just Japanese women, it's biological globally for women to naturally be attracted to older males.
>"dude who raises a daughteru that isn't his actual progeny" story written by a japanese women ends up with them getting hitched in the end
This specifically though, I don't know why exactly.

I only like age gaps

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OP pic in particular doesn't bother me, nothing happened anyway so there was nothing to be unethical. I feel like the target audience is probably female though. There only thing to get for the man in that situation is sex and I do find that kinda creepy if he's actively pursuing young girls for it while having a crush on an older man is a very female thing to do.

>This specifically though, I don't know why exactly.
Genji Monogatari, you dumb pleb. It's tradition. They're self-inserting as Murasaki

>age doesn't matter
>by the way this age gap type of relationship is my favorite
Do midwits really?

>nothing happened
God damn it, I just started reading it and now I know it's going to go nowhere.

As long as there isn't a grooming aspect, I don't give a shit.

I'm only interested in them if the guy is older. If it's a older woman, the relation feels too unnatural, kek.

Why is that a problem?
westoids need to stop inventing new words

Genji monogatari is one of the japan classic literature and they dont give a shit

>if he's actively pursuing young girls for it while having a crush on an older man is a very female thing to do.
But men actively looking for younger women isn't?

Romantic relationships with varying age gaps have been 90% of relationships in stories since antiquity both in the west and the east.
Of course I wouldn't find it funny if people were made uncomfortable about it. But most of the time those same people complain about 2-3 age gaps also.

Grooming is an awful practice that typically involves a lot of sexual abuse too. The nips can try to romanticize it all they like, but if you have the slightest knowledge about the topic it will always come off as greasy.

Are there any manga with actually realistic relatable pedophiles who aren’t in denial or a joke?

Society has changed. Relationships serve a different purpose compared to Shakespearean times.
Also with small age gaps ot really depends. A 19 yo guy dating a 16 yo is completely different from a 28 yo dating a 25 yo

No fuck off
Raising your daughterwaifu to be your bride is patrician move and the only way to avoid being a cuck

This word is only invented recently by westoids because they need to find new thing to get triggered
Go read Daddy long legs

You can say whatever you want. But you can't change biology.

I wish the mangaka got to end this the way they wanted. Who knew the nips were that pathetic.

Adult and high schooler is an instant drop.

Okay Muhammad

Musume no Tomodachi ended with them being a couple, i think.
In Kodomo no Jikan the guy waited for her to be 16 but doesnt go deeper in the relationship-stuff.

>muh biology
How about some sexology and sociology for you, user

>A 19 yo guy dating a 16 yo is completely different
People still act like childish teens until they reach around their mid 20s. Your point might have been true if you said a 29 year old and a 16 year old is wrong (which by today's standards is not seen in a good light). In the current year, in mentality, in behaviour and everything else, there is very little difference between a 19 year old and a 16-17 year old

>100+ years age gap
Beat this one

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>Im not a woman, so no.
"Im not a 35+ woman, so no." more specifically. Women younger than that are not bothered by it either, rather the opposite. It's those older women who can't hide their jealousy/salt.

Daughter's Friend
watashi ga 15

They just sort of use each other as emotional support. She can't relate to her peers and he's divorced and feeling unlovable. It's more about getting over their issues and pursuing their dreams of running and writing respectively than about the romance really.

It is a thing, but the purely sexual aspect is what makes it creepy.

high schoolers are legal in most of Europe.

I didn't say it is outright wrong but rather sometimes seen as a little disturbing or that there is more potential for thing to go wrong.
A 19 yo guy will already be in college, perhaps even working towards a career. Probably is already independent or has a place of his own he needs to pay for. A 16 yo girl's biggest responsibility is turning in her homework on time.

You mean it's an instant pick up.

Still waiting for my own wolf goddess to come along and groom me

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Sometimes it is the loli who groom the adult male.

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16-19 relationships were extremely common back when I was in high school. Pretty much no girl was dating her peer at that age. Being more independent, having a car and disposable income is what they found attractive in the first place because that's how women work.
When it can get wrong is that sometimes you get a guy that is an obvious loser who keeps hanging out with teenagers but those superficial aspects or being able to bring alcohol in impress the younger ones.

An older person taking advantage and abusing a younger individual isn't good or healthy.