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BEHOLD: The King of Soulful Adventure Manga

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>One Piece-lite

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Always nice to see after 15 years Wan Pissers still have that chip on their shoulder.

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so this it what it means to be a hack. Hiro Mashima is an embarrassment to comic artists everywhere.

No matter how much time passes it will always be fun to laugh at you guys and even more fun to laugh at you guys coping over it

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Just admit what you like is fapping to the female characters. Everyone does.

Odadrones true to form, covering themselves in glory.

ITT: Mashimadrones absolutely SEETHING


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Watch One Piecefags call CHADxus an Enel ripoff

He'd be a better character if he was ripped off from One Piece


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Yet Eden Zero is a better adventure story than Wan Piss

>One Piece-lite-lite

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I dropped One Piece at the part where they found a floating restaurant. I remember some heavy artillery guy and a Mask of Zorro looking guy chopping up ships.

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Wan Piss has no good characters.

>I dropped One Piece
implying you picked it up

>kekpiecefags laughing at anyone

It's amazing how Fairy Tail manages to be a shittier ripoff of an already shitty manga.

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I read and dropped it.

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Oda taught him well.

Oh...wait, he's just a hack who aped Oda's style?

>Oda's style

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Why can't we all just get along?

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Wait FT is like HxH? Should I pick up HxH?

Kek this is egregious

Pirates are uncivilized cretins.

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Good night friends. I'm off to cuddle with my Mashima-sensei body pillow.

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>Rave Master: Good
>Fairy Tail: Very good, shits the bed post time-skip
>Edens Zero: Very Good as of now

Well this explains why fairy tail sucked ass post time skip.

King of reused characters, unoriginality and no stakes

FT a smash hit and his best, his other two main series are good fun too. Three successful series for CHADshima.

I don't get it what do racer and franky have in common

Did fairy tail truly rip off one piece or was it all just a MERE coincidence?

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Everything he makes is so gay and shitty, its like Im watching fan fiction One Piece and I'm just completely wasting my time

imagine being worse then black clover. Atleast the art is good. I liked early FT

this thread is still up?

Blacked Lover and Wan Piss forming an unlikely alliance to tackle Fairy CHADS. What's next?

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>Well this explains why fairy tail sucked ass post time skip.
Nah. Fairy Tail sucked because Mashima didn't really give much of a shit about making it good. He just had fun drawing the characters but otherwise actually wanted things to end earlier but it got too popular which forced him to continue.

>Did fairy tail truly rip off one piece or was it all just a MERE coincidence?
It's more Dragon Ball than One Piece really. The latter ripped off the former but went with a pirate setting.

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Alright FairyCHADS and Chad Piece enjoyers

Did their (Oda and Mashima's) assistants produce some quality work of their own like Fujimoto's assistants have done?

>Did their (Oda and Mashima's) assistants produce some quality work of their own
I heard that one of Mashima's assistants made a romcom manga or something. Don't know the name though unfortunately. She also did a short one-shot describing her time as Mashima's assistant where basically 95% of the time they were playing Monster Hunter despite all the deadlines they had. She didn't know how the fuck they got anything done at all lol.

As much as One Piece has become Bloat Piece don't even think for two seconds anything Mashima made held a candle to pre-timeskip One Piece, THAT was the adventure king

Fairy Tail has something missing which makes it a chore to read after certain point can't really pinpoint the exact flaw but I think it needs to be a little bit more grimdark

The main one I know of is Yoshikawa (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, A Couple of Cuckoos). She worked with Mashima during Rave and Fairy Tail. This little oneshot of her time working with him is worth a read.


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The issue is how it turns into a battle shonen instead of the adventure stuff

King of coomers

Nah. It's just that Mashima's artstyle seems like it's aping Oda, which makes any story similarities exagerated.

Personally a big one piece fan, but I just find it a little funny, and still enjoy Fairy Tail and Eden's Zero too, and honestly respect Hiro Mashima very much too, even if my biggest respect is for Oda Eiichiro.

I like both OP and FT. Why's there so much talk about OP in this thread anyway? On that, I remember seeing Hiro and Oda both took inspiration/were fans of Toriyama.

Just a few characters that were very clearly inspired by One Piece ones, but the stories are completely different, and the art styles are very distinct from each other too.

How does he keep getting away with it?

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His artstyle around the mid-point of Fairy Tail is my personal favourite, but you can see the stark improvement he's made over time. Pic related is from the first chapter of Rave, so circa 2000 or something like that.

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One piece actually copied quite a few things from Mashima's first manga, Rave, which released around the same time as One Piece.
Also, I've noticed some blatant ripoffs in one piece like Sanji/Zeff's backstory coming straight out of nagareboshi gin. Or maybe it's a Japanese historical thing.

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There has to be someone better than Mishima and Oda. I hate both of them. One just keeps recycling his shitty character designs and the other just doesn't know when to put his pen down.

>Fairy Tail

It oozes soul.

>I think it needs to be a little bit more grimdark
Oh, like Mashima did with Edens Zero?

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I'm sure Oda will stop with his Namiface princesses eventually

One Piece doesn't have this kind of ryona, so it's objectively inferior

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I love him and I love Fairy Tail. Get him over here and I'll boof him.

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