The planet has two suns in isekai

>The planet has two suns in isekai
What kind of interesting developments could happen in this setting?

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Sounds a bit retarded to be honest, god fucking knows how seasons would work there, having 2 or even more moons is easier

>What kind of interesting developments could happen in this setting?
Nothing, because life there would not be able to exist to begin with.


Intense natural disasters due to the planet being tugged between two different massive gravity wells.

Idea for an isekai a plane crashes in the middle of the atlantic and the whole crew wakes up in a hellish like planet with cathulu tier creatures and they must learn how to survive in such a place. (Cuz im bored of middle ages knights and magic bullshit) i mean magic is fine but the lukewarm fantasy shit is stale

How do you know they aren't illusion on the sky?

A young farm boy can go on a heroes journey to defeat the evil empire

1. Fuck Isekai
2. Presuming the planet is stable enough for life to form at all, the two suns have to be reasonably close to each other in a binary system. This will effectively combine the gravity well, but the stars will still wobble. The eccentricities of this planets orbits will be wide and so the orbit very ovular.
3. Seasons are by our planet's tilt for us, but for this fictional planet it could have it's seasons by it's crazy orbit. Honestly, getting that close and far to a sun seems impossible for life to form, so everyone there has to prepare for regular hot and cold orders of magnitude higher than our planet. (You could also give this planet a tilt on top of this and make predicting seasons a super power)
4. Fun things could be the having holidays based on the positions of the two suns. I like the idea that the MC would be touched by the sight of a single sun (when the other is behind it) as it would remind him of home.

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Twin sons, both sons of the Clone Wars, both fooled by Palpatine

Not true, a pair of dwarf stars could have a comparable luminosity to an average sun.

Usually binary systems are orbiting each other, just like how our sun actually orbits a point in space as opposed to being stationary. Assuming the planet isn't tidally locked and has the right distance and electromagnetic field it could very well be survivable.

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Your usual isekai fare, just with two suns instead of one

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Nice progress

Tearmoon anime being announced soon

Is it now? Congratulations.

Decent drawing skills for the time you have spent
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Not my idea.
Just taking requests on Drawthreads and doing the popular girls just for clout

Though, i also do obscure waifus now. Pic is Rakka of Haibane Renmei

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>Taking requests instead of drawing what you like

You gotta do stuff out of your comfort zone.

Embrace Chinese blessings. They are receiving anime adaptations.

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1. It make anons happy
2. Its a practice for taking commissions

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do you just kinda eyeball it or have you done anatomy studies.

I have no idea what i am doing. I just see that i am improving

anatomy studies are a meme that make people draw like deviantart dropouts
get the anime style down first, then worry about anatomy later

That's probably the best way. The most important part is that you have fun so you work at it everyday.

It'll be the next part of the stage play.

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An interesting real life example you can look at is the Centauri system.
It is a triple star system.

The two main suns "Alpha Centauri A" and "Alpha Centauri B" are both roughly the same size of our sun and orbit each other closely, making up a so-called "binary star", which looks like a single star to the naked eye from earth. B has an orange hue and releases more roentgen radiation, which could be interesting for world building.

Potentially each of these two could have planets orbiting each individual sun, but there could also be planets orbiting both suns at the same time.

In the former case, on the planet you would have one main sun in the sky and another sun moving through the sky seemingly independently.
In the latter case you would have two suns closely together in the sky and they could potentially overlap regularly, which would reduce the amount of energy that reaches the planet.

The third star in the system is "Proxima Centauri", a red dwarf that orbits the two main stars. It actually has some confirmed planets that could be habitable to life. But it also regularly flares up with sudden brightness due to magnetic activity. That could be rather lethal. It's orbit around A and B is quite large.

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Big fat zero series

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>the fantasy world also has an inflated currency just like japan

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Red dorfs sound pretty bad for life purely because they can just randomly flare up and blast their whole system with radiation, life there needs to fucking speedrun becoming a space civ before the star randomly decides to press the reset button.

A boy.

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MC meets a young aspiring composer call Wohn Jilliams and inspires him to create legendary music.

Its not the fkares that make red dwarfs bad.
Its litterally the short goldilocks zone thats the problem

Temperature wise is fine but due to close proximity, beta, alpha, gamma and free neutron radiation do not havevenough space to disperse to harmless amounts

We can see this effect on the moon
Moon is outside of the Earths magnetic shield. Tidally locked too.
One half is fine but the part facing the sun is bloated with H2 and He3 isotopes as a result of free neutrons getting captured on the sun and activating atom

On red dwarfs this will be massively more common

Wouldn't it be more logical to put the smallest coin as 1 instead of 10?

>life there needs to fucking speedrun becoming a space civ
Or life regularly needs to go into cave systems or something. But if the radiation burst blasts away the atmosphere then life on the planet would be toast anyway I guess.