I still can't believe it happened twice

I still can't believe it happened twice

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One of the best character design in all of anime. Super cool name too.

How many times did Luffy lose to Kaido?

One of best fights in battle shounen.

the japanese orange head fears the mexican albino

I can't believe ulquiorra destroyed him with the first release. I expected this to be a closer matchup

4, about to be 5

he BARELY beat grimmjow
on his third attempt

>kills your main character

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Best part of the second release is that even though Ichigo is outmatched by the first, it still feels like he can overcome Ulquoirra somehow. Then Segunda Etapa happens and shows just how hopeless the fight actually is.

>mfw Orihime's face when cero oscuras after she gets on top of the building

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>Super cool name too.
Did you know that Ulquiorra's name means "He who cries"?
Ul - El - He
Qui - Que - Who
Orra - Llora - Cries

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i've fapped to it before

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Was Ulquorria the strongest arrancar? I just find it hard to belive Stark or that other dude barragan whatever were stronger. No fucking way.

Maybe, Reiatsu-wise since Yammy can turn into no. 0 on his release.

Barragan's power was destroying anything that came close to him, he was basically invincible if not for the very specific circumstances that ended up killing him. I find it hard to believe he wasn't the highest ranked Arrancar, how would someone like Stark, Yammy or Ulquiorra even touch him?

>it's bad when kubo does it
>it's good when oda does it

Maybe If Stark give a fuck he would be the strongest, but he doesn't care and less when all the other Espada died


How did Stark's apathetic ass even become Arrancar? Menos start out mindless, and stay that way unless a dominant personality takes charge through sheer force of will. Stark does not fit the bill.

Hichigo would be a better protagonist and improve the show tenfold.

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>Ichigo gets taken over by a different entity and jumps 3 levels to overpower Ulquiorra
>Ruffy is still conscious and was already in Kaido's league without toon powers

Ulquiorra can just throw his nukes, yami loses, stark has a gun

read the manga dumbass

>was already in Kaido's league without toon powers
This is what Luffyfags believe

Not enough

Didn't he say that he kept the existence of the Segunda Etapa a secret from everyone and Ichigo was the first one to see it? If that's true then him being assigned the fourth rank in the espadas is not accurate to his real strenght and if he made that public then he would have been ranked higher.

So yes, I can believe that he was actually the strongest arrancer.

This dude is a perfect example of the problem with Bleach, which is that instead of having any kind of cool or unique moves the strongest characters just shoot laser beams and teleport.

it's because oda does it over a timespan of 100 chapters and every page has 50 panels with a billion onepanel reaction.img characters

>every page has 50 panels with a billion onepanel reaction.img characters
Thats bad

Ulqiorra should've ended with that useless shield bitch.
Him dying like that was lame.

Maybe Starkk had a different personality before he split himself?

I did not- but I'm not suprised since he is despair incarnate.

what's cooler than laser beams and teleportation? also all the zanpaktos are heavily unique outside of the gay ones that just turn into bigger swords or whatever

Stark can beat Barragan since Stark's power is #1 long distance & #2 arguably ageless. He fights by projecting his soul, and souls are eternal.

op as fuck, I shit bricks when he transformed a second time


Barragan was #1 but Aizen was a fucking mad lad so designated him #2 to piss him off

I don't buy it. Stark at full power was vaporizing other hollows by accident just from getting near them.



shitty bait

Barragan hated Aizen because Aizen took his throne and destroyed him. That's why he's not 1st.
Ulquiorra didn't show his 2nd release so his ranking is only based on the first one.
The real ranking (with everyone at full power) would be Ulquiorra >Barragan > Stark > the rest

>The real ranking (with everyone at full power) would be Ulquiorra >Barragan > Stark > the rest

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Why do 2 and 3 count?
Dont even remember 3rd happening

Good taste, I love him to death (haha)

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I'm mad asf that he lost, and how he lost. Dominated Ichigo in base form, then says "ok I'll show you my ultra epic form too" and then he loses

It was a freak incident, and Ichigo would have never won otherwise so Kubo had to pull some bullshit. It would have been more creative to have Orihime assist more, and Ulquiorra loses because he loves her and can't actually hurt her, but that'd require nuance Kubo doesn't have. Better yet have him turn into a good guy and he and Orihime could have hilarious SOL shenanigans as she helps his autistic ass navigate life outside of HM

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The proportions look awful. Kubo can draw much better, not really a good drawing

Ulquiorra and Orihime only interacted a few hours,
Pathetic relationship

I think it was probably a few days at least. Ichigo didn't get to go over there right away. Besides, you've never felt chemistry with someone? It's not always about the length of time you spend with someone. His final scene should have been enough to tell you there was something important there.

That was because of his reiatsu. Outside of massive differences in reiatsu, fights will come down to abilities. This is why Barraggan lost to opponents with less reiatsu than him and why his hax has the power to defeat enemies with more reiatsu than him. None of Starrks individual attacks were as strong as Soifon's nuke, especially the one that exploded inside the kido barrier, so respira should be able to deal with Starrk's attacks.

That's a nice theory but I really doubt that's the case. You have to remember that unlike Barragan Stark was a natural arrancar, despite not having lived as long as Barragan (Barragan is an ancient hollow, from before the world was split)

I found their relationship totally underveloped. Because of that I didn't feel anything with the heart scene, I found it not creible, incredibly forced.
And Ichigo and Orihime both forgot that Ishida was there bleeding with a sword stuck in his body while they were too busy with Ulquiorra. Kubo really made a disastrous job with those scenes. I will never like that scene

>Besides, you've never felt chemistry with someone? It's not always about the length of time you spend with someone
No, that is a completely superficial relationship.
And Ichigo went to find Orihime the next day after her kidnapping, and Ulquiorra only went to see Orihime a few minutes sometimes, so their interactions were minimal. And, if anything, Ulquiora was the only one intrigued by her. Orihime treated him like she always does with all people

Prob, he's top 3. The problem with bleach is that all the espada had the worst matchups ever. Grimmjow or Nnoitora was prob the most fair ranked out of all of them.

>Outside of massive differences in reiatsu, fights will come down to abilities.
which is why Stark was stronger. Because he has a massive amount of reiatsu compared to Barragan.
>None of Starrks individual attacks were as strong as Soifon's nuke,
unprovable claim

He was obviously stronger. None of the other Espada had a second release, which is basically equivalent to a Bankai. He was 4th without anyone knowing about his second form. He was easily clear of the rest.

It’s ultimately impossible to say unless Kubo confirms it. Hell, you can’t even say for 100% sure that Ulq was stronger than Harribel because there’s no point of reference, Harribel’s only onscreen fight was a bad matchup against Icefag before Aizen offed her.

Isn't his name just some Spanish architect surname? I remember seeing that most Espada names are taken from real-life Spanish/Latin American people.

Pure unfiltered kino

Yes, Patricia Urquiola. Kubo himself said it

I wish Kubo would settle the Arrancar debate once and for all. Ulquiorra having a second transformation just makes things confusing if he was still just fourth best.