Shokei Shoujo

Menou raping Akari.

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can't rape the willing

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LNfags, tell me she does this to akaribitch later

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Yuri Sekai by Shichoson

Momo will die alone and depressed

wrong she will die from princess fucking her to death

No, Akari will do that to her instead.

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dunno, but drill LN is better than regressor LN

she had 1 job

All I learned from this episode is that these girls are a bunch of mary sues, what's the point of a grimdark show where the main cast is invincible?


This episode confirmed it's just friendship, guess this is the reason why /u/ never talks about this series, they just don't care about it

Ignore obvious baits
Post happy momos

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mind broken and ribbon destroyed by akari

It's a comedy show masquerading as a grimdark show. It's kino.

Next episode preview images

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she was about to but Menou stopped the fighting midway

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Akari's got the best smiles.


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Then she kills herself because Menou choose Akari over her?
Next episode pv, look like a comfy episode with bath scenes

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Who's "she" in this context?

I need webm of the wake up hug and pajama Akari
Anyone has it?

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I am now a Momofag.

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>make a Chinatsu-like
>she's not an annoying piece of shit at all and is actually super cute and likeable
How the fuck did they manage this?

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Bully and NTR her multiple times in one episode
Episode one version was clingy archetype desu, but I have been told that she was playing it up to stop Menou from getting emo which seems to be true since she hasn't been acting like that anymore after that

I really want to cum inside of Momo

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I think this is the first LN adaptation in a while that actually makes me want to read the source material after it's done. Well, this and Faraway Paladin I guess.
Is the anime adaptation missing anything crucial from the books right now?

Why are lesbians so violent?

Setting parts here and there, fighting parts here and there
Check the archive, anons posted it

Anime missed out on a good portion of Momo's backstory which explains her devotion to Menou but other than that it was loyal to the LN

uhhhh....girl navel outline....peroperopero.....

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I mean, Akari could solo the entire main cast if she wanted to, it is really unfair to expect Momo to do anything to her unless Akari allowed her to.

Akari is to Momo, what Juu Madara was to Hinata. What do you think?

I wish Momo would do this to me..

Momo's armpits are too sexual.

Why do you think I know the nurutu equivalent

lock Momo and Akari inside a magic room where they can't leave unless they have LESBIAN SEX

Some bit of info about the world has been skipped

Not unless she grow some hair there.


All of this would be avoided if these girls would just fuck.

I need this done on my back

Women are violent creatures but instinctively fear men, furthermore, when they get too angry, attacking men is rarely violent and just funny.

For women though, it's easy to inflict real damage. And since women dont have much self control either, they dont hold back.

>using time hax to bully the crazy lesbian into going apeshit
I think I'm finally enjoying this show now.

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The following scene where granny looks up at the ensuing lightshow above cracked me up.

In more popular terms. Akari is Frieza, Momo is Namek Vegeta.

If you think about it, Akari had to practice landing that spell at pretty exact coordinates at a pretty exact time.

>inside of Momo
you need to be more specific

cum onto Momo's ribbon

>yeah I'm going to journey with Akari so I can kill her.

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Webm of loli Menou walking her lonely path?

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she's killing her every night on bed

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me, and I walk alone…

why doesn't akari just tell menou the future then have hot lesbian sex with her.