Do you like Rika Furude?

Do you like Rika Furude?

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She's a bit of a cunt but yes.


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Satoko's bitch and onahole, born to be dominated and sent to her bed for a long session of yuri sex followed by forced marriage.

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She lives rent free in my head as my tulpa waifu. So yea I kind of like her. A lot.

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no wtf

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More like Rika-for-lewd right anons? RIGHT!
Of Rika-for-food!
Pic related/

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She's cute!

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Shes generally better when she becomes a dyke witch in Umineko. I do like the bits where she's getting hammered on wine like an old lady though.


Yeah. I wish I could help her, but I'm pretty sure I'd just end up brutally murdering her like Akasaka that one time.

Yeah she's pretty nipah or something

Why does she make random noises?

They are not random.

It's not random, she makes the same noises.

Okay, but why the nipahs and miiiis?
And what's the difference between them?

i do, but she's not best girl

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Not many girls can compete with Mion.



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Nipah is 1, mii is 0. It's an encrypted message encoded in binary.


Ojiisan is best girl

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for most of the show i wasn't super into her then I watched the OVAs, especially Kira, and suddenly I completely understood her appeal. she's extremely cute.

Dumb mafia club game rigger

For me, it's Werika Furudo. Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.

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nu-higurashi is non-canon dogshit
Its fucking SHIT. Nobody except an extremely small and retarded minority likes it. It will be remembered as being dogshit and fans will completely disregard it as a fanfiction cashgrab that ruined characters and story alike.


I can fix her

Beautifully canon.

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Dumb Mionfags.

Oh desire

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yes i do! fuck the newfag 2020 haters and shitokomaniacs

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ganbaru rika!

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This. Fuck the falseflag fans who adoring this shithole. fuck horny fuckers who making art out of this shithole. STAY STRONG RIKA THEY TRIED TO RUIN YOUR REPUTATION BY BULLYING YOU IN THIS VERY SHOW but FAILED
>animating rika's growth terribly
>animating rika being in a poo container
>joking about it later on
>animating rika's face getting teared off
>animating rika's face getting beaten on
>animating rika with unrealistic extra blood
>making rika one 1 dimensional character
OK 2020? the hell is your problem with Rika? you don't like lolihimecuts or something?

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Yes, but I like Hanyuu more
my gf

How's it going dude? It was really funny to watch your breakdown over the course of the show.

Le BWC girl!


Gou/Sotsu made me hate her and Satoko, sorry

I am not a Mionfag. I simply acknowledge her cuteness. My favorite is Satoko, but you don't have to choose one to begin with. That's the whole point of a harem, user-kun.
If I were actually in this universe I would impregnate all of them. However, it should be said that if you're going to marry one and make the rest mistresses, Mion is the best choice for financial reasons.

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Satoko married a man. She had sex with him and gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

The only thing I liked from Passione is how fucking hot they made notFeatherine and Hanyuu, making the auau a shortstack was the right call.

Sotsu Rika is an irredeemable bitch.
Meguri Rika is better, maybe redeemable, but still at fault.
Tomato fixing the story, one chapter at a time

Shut the fuck up shitsugounigger pleb. And a shitokofag. Shitoko is an even more irredeemable trash lmao.

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Hang yourself new shitokofag

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you can refine a piece of poop but at the end of the day its still a piece of poop

How would she react to me flipping her skirt up?


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I still havent finished GouSotsu yet, should I?

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Fuck off from higurashi world, shitoko

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Shut up and stop raiding with your garbage friends

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Such impotent rage.

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Sex incarnate

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is Rikka the MC of Higurashi?

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Catch up to GouMeguri manga instead

Rika thread dont let yellow green shit to win

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what should I do with this?

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what is it about best girl that makes anons shit their pants like this?

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And Rika*
Extra points for Rika-chama

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She probably wouldn't mind all that much.

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Get it out of here already. Fucking nigger incarnate

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Lol you're so full of yourself shitoko horny only faggot

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Remove shattoko in the background

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I dont like artist

Shut up millennial refugee. Go back to twitter and shilltube

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fighting a bit of a losing battle telling people to go back to twitter on this shithole of a board user

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