It's been 33 years and he still hasn't been topped

It's been 33 years and he still hasn't been topped.
What gives?

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I'm retarded but that doesn't disprove my point.

He's just too cool

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>he still hasn't been topped.
In terms of what?

In terms of toppers.

Having the best mommy fetish.

Literally no one has been able to make him a sub in the sheets

Combination of red, mask, 3x hayaii!, and never betraying anyone.

Amuro definitively did.

>never betraying anyone.
Did we watch the same show?


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Amuro please.
You may be a better pilot but you're clearly a turbo bottom and a chair fucker

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Wrong, they hate fuck but Char is still mostly the dominant one. Kamille is the only one to top him. It honestly pissed me off how many times he socked char and char did diddly squat.

Who is he pointing that gun at?

As Tomino would put it, Char gets the best pussy.

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Did he fuck 4 pussies?

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But he was
23 years ago

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When did they have sex?

Apparently Haman?

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With Loran?
Probably every day.

I don't remember seeing her in Mobile Suit Gundam.

No, with Char. Pay attention!

Did Char really fuck Haman's cunny before ditching her?

It's in Zeta, episode 33.

They probably did during some Super Robot Wars game, it's probably canon, too.

>and he still hasn't been topped
Maybe, but more people should watch Brain Powerd.

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Well I haven't watched Zeta yet. The shows I watched definitely had him betraying people.

>I haven't watched Zeta

How dare you.

I said YET. I'm planning on getting around to it.

His Quattro Bajeena look is the best a male anime character has ever looked. And you can put that in the bank.

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Who thought it was a good idea to put a fucking mega particle canon in the stomach?

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Tomino always delivers.

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Lelouch is a char clone & newfags would've replaced op's pic with him.

Kamille (titan uniform ver.) blocks your path.

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Who thought it was a good idea to put the cockpit in the head?

Despite the fact lelouch being s lesser character

Who's a crazier bitch, Sarah or Recoa?

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I love my main guys, Kamille and Judau, but the Quattro look is just perfect.

Hnnng sexy Kamille hips

I don't blame him for dropping Fa in an instant for Four

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Wonder how they'll handle the Char clone in Witch From Mercury.

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There's no way Haman is a top. She needs a break from babysitting Mineva all day.

Haman's Dumper

>He fucked the MC mom and sister
Jhonnathan was based

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>Tells the protagonist he fucked the MC's mom
>MC doesn't care
>Then lies claiming he fucked MC's sister
>MC flies into a rage

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Is it going to be a female

In terms of being a loser in battle

Okay, I can believe that.

With daddy issues?

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He was never on their side though

That's not how betrayal works.

If a farmer butchers their cow is that a betrayal from the farmer's perspective? Of course it isn't. Same deal here.

Cows aren't people though.

i love this dude like you wouldn't believe
big factor why Turn A is fun to watch

Ok then imagine if a French saboteurs blew up a German command post obviously such a thing ain't a betrayal

Well the French aren't German.

>having your wife and daughter being fucked by the same person
the ultimate cuck

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Based. I want Haman to VIOLATE me.

Poor man Gendo

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Yas is a God amongst men

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I want to have consensual sex with her sister.
While she's alive.

Milliardo is unironically a superior Char because his ridiculous endgame war-to-end-all-wars/colony drop gamble was never meant to succeed and effectively accomplished its goal of spreading peace, at least until Dekim almost fucked everything up again

He was Jerid with NTR skin

It's the same logic with spies and undercover cops. They aren't betraying the organisations they infiltrate.

And he only betrayed people he was ordered or forced to, and people who totally had it coming.