One Piece

Luffy's mom, Crocodile

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I don't like that in a seinen setting, Luffy would probably be used as a condom by a giant following defeat and torture.

That would be his Kaneki "centipede" moment. Can you imagine a condom fighting back?

Why is the animation studio wasting their budget on Yamato if she's not going to show up again after this arc?

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It's gonna be one hell of an epic prank, bro!

Luffy's mom will never be important.
That's a pretty cute Yamato. What's the context of it?

How the fuck did you make up a scenario like this wtf

Croc D.Ile...

Worst mom in anime. Attempts to kill son multiple times.

>What’s the context of it?
Ace flashback. Toei took some liberties and expanded upon it

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That's the best One Piece theory ever.

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Mihawk? YC1 level at best

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>Act 5 is epilogue and act 4 is the falling action, ie the stuff after the climax. Wano act 5 will be the newspaper arc with reverie 2
If only you knew how bad things really are

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Mihawk was only a sashibookie. You don't need to actually be monstrously strong to be the best swordsman in the world.

Croc got a pretty bad headache after hearing about Monkey D. Dragon.

imagine yamatos big oni tongue in your asshole

Speaking of old theories, do we really still think Blackbeard is multiple people in one body just because he doesn't sleep (already attributed to being from a winter island in the lore), a widespread screenshot of Luffy talking about his crew that gets taken out of context and couched in the idea that Luffy can sense that he's multiple people, and his damn Jolly Roger?

Where did this joke theory even come from?

Stop being so negative. We'll be out of Wano in a month.

shanks is pirate king level

I notice those people always use the fan translated page for that too.

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you should read one piece first before commenting one one piece thread

>le 5 acts meme
Why do you retard still insist on citing a garbage wiki article? FFs there was a One Piece Kabuki play that was 3 acts only.

>a month
nah we're in Wano for the rest of the year but the raid ends in 1050
Kaido is probably KO'd at the end of 1049

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Ivankov kept him in line during Impel Down by holding a secret out over his head. The only reason anybody would have any reason to interact with Ivankov in the first place is something regarding their sex, especially a secret because otherwise what could Ivankov have learned during the handful of months Crocodile was in for. Crocodile got owned in the new world then gave up on his dreams and there have been enough characters with
>I wish I wasn't female so I could be stronger
that the next logical step is that someone who actually went through with that change.
Stop speed reading.

>2 one piece threads 404'd
What's happening?

So who the fuck created calm belt with Poseidon and why

>Wano for the rest of the year
thats for sure, bit its gonna be post wano .The post part of colossal arcs are always kino.Remember post ennies lobby?

Why would that be something Iva could hold over his head like that? He doesn't seem like the type to give a shit.

so when do i get to mating press yamato?

On first read it’s obvious that Ivankov gender swapped Crocodile. Rereading Marineford brings Crocodile’s motivations into question. There’s also the fact that the only panel we’ve seen of Crocodile post-timeskip is from behind the shoulder.

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yeah but its still Wano Piece and people will still complain until they're on the Sunny leaving.
the recovery/party/etc is going to be good and I expect some Act1 style kino with Tama and Toko and maybe Momo if Oda decides to reverse the ageing somehow.

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The real reason you hate Wano is simply because you're caught up and this manga has always been absolutely hellish to read weekly, due to its miserable, glacial pacing.

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Luffy - Can make his penis the size of a planet
Naruto - Can gangbang any one just by himself
Ichigo - ???

Wasn't he already male when he became a Shichibukai in the new world? Otherwise people would have known his secret

Threadly reminder that Kaido’s new fire dragon form won’t do shit

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Um… harden his dick with blue vein?

He was a woman at Roger’s execution since Oda purposefully obscured his face. Probably soon after that the change was made before entering into the new world.

Did anybody actually want 150 chapter long arcs focusing on opening the borders for samurai or saving countries from evil dictators? When I picked up One Piece I'd been imagining 50-80 chapter adventure arcs where they explored islands looking for treasure

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
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>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
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>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
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>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
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5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
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3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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I never noticed Usopp on Zoro‘s first bounty poster.

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You don't she doesn't get to appear after wano.
also, thanks to you frequent user (you know who u are)

No. All these arcs last way too long. Wano could have been 3 decent arcs. Maybe Oda wanted to tell one last story that involved all the Straw Hats before they split up again until Final War, but who knows.

That’s pretty great.

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Ever since Blackbeard stole Whitebeard's Devil Fruit ability, people have simply assumed that at some point he would steal another one, probably a Zoan in order to complete the trifecta of Devil Fruit powers, primarily because Oda likes to use the rule of threes. The multiple-personality-Blackbeard theory was just one of the theories made to explain how such a thing would be possible. A very recent theory is that the Yami-Yami no Mi was actually a Mythical Zoan like Luffy's, one that affected his physiology in such a way as to allow him to eat two more fruits, but personally I'd think that would be boring and lazy.
I'm thinking that Blackbeard might steal Luffy's fruit. It'd be interesting to see him have to fight against his own ability without being able to rely on any of his usual powerups.

What's his name?

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>literally 10 years have passed and people are still trying to push Croc being female
I am bewildered.

he probably dated a tranny

He gets more bitches than anyone in this thread


You’ll see in another 4 years.

Crocodile *handshake* Yamato
Using Ivankov for


>Baroque Gustave
Utterly based

Act 5

Literally kill yourself, the Yamato is a tranny theory sunk when her Vivre card released. Besides that she’s based on Oda’s niece who’s just a samurai nerd

>the only good character left is a fat fuck with no teeth
>the only moments I look forward to nowadays are when he gets a panel or two every five years
>after a decade, after 2-3 massively stretched arcs, thousands of characters and endless fightfaggotry, the only good remaining character is blackbeard

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Law is going to perform GRS on Yamato and Kiku

>Besides that she’s based on Oda’s niece who’s just a samurai nerd

Don't worry, he'll be ruined when he has his mid-fight flashback explaining how he really only wanted to make some friends along the way.

Let's get them Wano wishes going

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oh hey, i look like that

Full bodied armament haki. Who can defeat him?

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>"holy shit one literally who oneshotted other literally whos, so this is why everyone fears Wano"
>hundreds of pages of literally whos and usopp crying, screaming and running around
>Queen cliche villain rant which causes his subordinates to turn coat
>Chopper heals everyone with the power of moe
>"I AM NOT A TANUKI" joke for the 1000th time
>dumb fanservice scenes with Yamato and Nami
>Orochi, samurai and fodder constantly coming back from the fucking dead with zero explanation
>Denjiro says he has no time to waste on Orochi, then disappears for a real life year and comes back to waste even more time on Orochi because Oda refuses to let female characters do anything
>Luffy and Kaido are laughing and joking around even though they absolutely fucking hate each other
Wano Piece is Fairy Tail tier. This is what happens when you neglect and kill your fucking bread and butter in the main SH crew in favor of all this retarded bloat with side characters all post-TS long. I don't give a shit about Sanji chapters because you've spent the entire post-TS murdering his character and making him as unlikable as possible. Chopper was great on introduction but turned into my least favorite SH when he was turned into this godawful basterdized moeblob plush seller instead of a actual character. I'm sick and tired of fucking Momo holy fuck making this unlikable boring plotline of a kid so important to the story will potentially be Oda's worst mistake in the entire series by the end of it (if we're ever freed from him). All these panels on useless bullshit and we haven't even learned ONE SINGLE FUCKING THING about Robin's time with the revos in over a fucking decade now. I don't even know how Zoro still has such loyal fans when his timeskip development consists of scraps like a magic sword and a type of advanced haki he learned five minutes after finding out he even had it

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Pic related
Wasn’t everyone who’s tried that a jobber who died immediately afterwords?

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The real power of full body armament is that it lets you say nigger without offending anyone.

>the Yamato is a tranny theory sunk when her Vivre card released
She just hasn't transitioned yet is why because she hasn't met Ivankov


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Doesn't Yamato still refer to herself as a man?

Then why the fuck was Kiku listed as transgender? Seriously go commit autodefenestration

Nah its Breakin D. Law

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nice cosplay