There is nothing wrong with the cliche of the power of friendship

There is nothing wrong with the cliche of the power of friendship.

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Friendship is fine when it means teamwork, friendship is shit when it means "AAAAAAHHHHH MY POWERLEVEL IS HIGHER BECAUSE IM NOT AN INCEEEEEEEL!"

It's not about the power of friendship. On it's own it's just a beautiful display of how powerful human emotion and relationships can be, the problem is that if it's used in an uninspired, cookie cutter and simplistic way it looses it's meaning and weight. That's why the cliche of power of friendship has become a joke and synonymous with subpar storytelling.

i just like when characters are friends because then i can self insert as someone who has friends

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DM is the worst example you could have posted, because it's a literal fucking superpower that disables ancient Egyptian dark magics

There is the power of friendship, which is some gay ass naruto shonen bullshit and then theres a friendship that empowers like the chad yugi and Joey .

What about this?

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Doesn't sell on its own.

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Jounouchi is the best sidekick in manga/anime

Just don't be an incel, then.


FT has some of the best art and designs, but the worst plot (story) of all time

All of those cards, they choose to ban conquistador, not the problem card

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Yusaku is the luckiest yugioh protagonist.

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Yeah and that's fucking cool, a friendless chump like you wouldn't get it.

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I wish the power of friendship wasn't a bullshit powerup,and something more tangible

>Because he has friends!

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Rereading battle city rn and Jonouchi is literally the sun shining down on Yu-Gi-Oh’s world full of assholes and cheaters. Love that dude to death and he objectively beat that gay faggot Marik.

Battle City Joey vs Yugi was KINO because of that. Their anime only Duelist Kingdom one was also real good because it dodged typical "oh no, we have to fight in this tournament bracket" angst that a lot use to instead go "I respect your cause and I wish we didn't have to fight, but because of who we will face next, no mercy will be asked and no quarter given. Let's go."

Meh it didn't make sense for them to fight.

This. Winning through actual teamwork rather than the protagonist getting a powerup while everyone watches from the sidelines is how it should be done. Even better is the antagonist using the power of friendship.

I remember getting SO fucking emotional when yugi sacrificed himself to save joey from marik

The peak of shonen.
The concept of power of friendship might have existed before FT, but Mashima perfected it.

The anime duel is only there to promote Dark Sage I'm sure, the manga pointed out there's no need for them to duel as it would expoit their strategy to Pegasus while their primary goal is to beat him to save the trapped souls and there's is no championship involved other than the large sum of money which Jonouchi need to cure his sister.

I never really liked the manga skipping that fight. With Joey just surrendering, what was even the point of him joining the tournament and nearly killing himself to make it to the finales in the first place? Just so Yugi didn't have to fight Keith, who he'd probably have beaten anyway? The anime overdid it a bit with the drama, that was unnecessary, I'd have preferred a version where Joey was about to surrender for the reason given in the manga, but then Yugi tells him not to underestimate himself, that he has seriously grown throughout the tournament and there is a real chance that he has actually gotten better than him. And with Pegasus being as powerful as he is they need to send in the best duelist they have, so let's take this opportunity to find out which one of us that is.

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Super powers don't exist, user.
Friendless or not.

I remember that Black Clover chapter that nearly replicated that meme.

Share user, I need to see this.

Based. Started with friends, ended with friends. No delusions of grandeur needed.

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>Shonen leads will have the hottest 10/10 bitches all up ons
>Hahahaha what's a vagina? Where's food. I need to get better for my rival. Do you want to hear about how great my rival is?

I swear full on yaoi is less gay than this shit.

>t. incels

i'll be your friend

Has never happened.

> No one posts the so called black clover moment for hours
Kek detractors btfo as usual

but user, Jaden's only love is card and his Trans girl
And Yusei is straight up gay with how hard he is with Bruno

It's fine until you repeat that shit 10000x time over and every victories end in the power of friendship.

>He thinks Joey and Yugi were just friends?

What we really need is more power of LOVE, and more battle couples. Both seem to be scarce as fuck these days.

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But can friendship stop bullet?

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>Mashima first and third series protagonist and heroine got romantic developments
>Nalu is still in the friend zone.

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Lucy's too much of a slut to settle with one guy

Saving the best for last.

>best for last
Everyone will laugh at you again for the second time that Mashima will blue ball you.

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EZ will be long finished while FT is still going. He'll probably be halfway through his fourth series before the end of FT. I'm patient though.

>I'm patient though
From 10 years to 20 years of blue ball.

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I'm willing to wait for the 1000 years quest if that's what it takes.

In yugioh, the main character is based on Osiris, basically a mummy.
>it was said that Isis and Osiris fell in love with each other in the womb, “united even before they were born”. We have no record of any loving words spoken by Osiris to Isis. Perhaps he was the silent type, which would be very much in keeping with his character. Isis, however, is forever proclaiming her love for Osiris. “I love thee more than all the earth.

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>Even better is the antagonist using the power of friendship.
If it's a pure evil character, not a chance. They wouldn't see those "friends" as friends. Just allies to be used and discarded. If it's a comically evil one, than yes. This subversion would be total kino.

What about spiritual help?
>All of MCs friends are dead
>they come back to life momentarily to shoot covering shots or combine their attacks with MC

As far as I remember it was during that island arc.
I will post it when I am home.


It used to

The latest arc of Kinnikuman revival turns friendship power into something that is actively studied by the bad guys, and then even used by the bad guys themselves.

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That's still teamwork.

>We still dont have mummy archtype yet
and no, the zombie that was played by that filler Pharaoh does not count

>Isis and Osiris fell in love with each other in the womb, “united even before they were born”.

Spoken like an incel

>Just allies to be used and discarded
that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to trust in their judgement of their character and know that working with them would be the best choice

You would have study religion a little more to understand what aspects of which gods each character represents.

Yami's quote is so fucking cheesy, though. There's no past or present for friendship, wwww. That's too cute. Nobody thinks like that, only the crazy.

The power of friendship is based when it means teamwork and undying will to protect those close to you.

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it's amazing how fairy tail still filters Yea Forums and normalfags to this day
they do establish that friendship and bonds do affect magical power and can make you stronger. so simple yet people still REEEEE about muh asspulls

Rave's artstyle is peak SOVL