Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ch. 75


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I need more snakes

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>saving thumbnails

Why you no dump, user?

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Smith's incorrigible.

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Can't brainwash the brainless.

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Sanitized for my protection.

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>tfw no lizard GF

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Smith is pretending, absolutely.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

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I like the loud, busty raptor.

>Too fucking stupid to stay brainwashed

I really flipped over to the cold blooded camp recently and I have no regrets.

Yeah, the neck range of 270 degrees introduces a few neat ideas.

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Did I miss a chapter or something?


Ahh, so MON, and Lala. Who could the other two be?

And the d̶e̶b̶i̶t̶s̶ credits page.

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user, I...

man take a look at that talon, has to be twice the size of Papi's truly Raptors are the superior birds.

Thanks for the dump! Great work as always.

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Who do you you think that they are? MON and all the girls are already called out.

1.5 chapters, user.

>the cold blooded camp
Gets hot blooded at times.

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Cerea's a country bumpkin.

>Government employee relishing the opportunity to slack off
Contemplate my surpise

>They're in school now

>A giant girl

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Mystic runes, lad

The gang has been sucked into a old magic tome, thanks to Kuroko "Ever Vigilant" Smith bringing it over to Kurusu's place while she mooched.

That's not a dorm it's a goddamn resort hotel

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Eh, it's a question of scale

I stayed at a college dorm that looked like that. I mean if it only had three stories, anyway

I like big birds; and I cannot lie.

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Was wondering when the translation would be out, thanks for posting.

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OP was being an immense bundle of sticks, so I dumped on his thread out of spite.

That's what she said

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I don't care if she's not queen

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>Polt and Merino have little fluffy tufts

Crab really should do standalone scenarios instead of long contrived plots

Cara was always a personal favorite. Something about sour-faced girls with a soft side is great

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I want to spend the morning warming up my cold blooded gf

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>More birds

I want to see Smith's nipples

old baba

Nipple appearances haven't been fairly distributed.

You'll get bumps through a sports bra and like them.

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>Can't brainwash the brainless.
Funny how Papi can resist the brainwashing but Suu can't, even though Suu literally has no brain

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I think it's because Papi is constantly losing her memory anyway, so memory-wipes or overwriting them won't work.

She also hit her head which may be the solution for some others, but not Suu.

Only in I

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