Itt: hot girls trapped in shit anime

post em

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her anime was good

pretty much every girl in new game

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Her show would be good without her, Saya is so much sexier I almost feel bad for cow tits

To put salt into my wounds, she did not even have enough screentime.

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lmao the show is a shitty boring infomercial and saya sucks

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Not a girl but easily the best character of his show. If females had taste they’d obsess over a man like this instead of that faggot kakashi rip off

>best character of the manga by far
>has the most painful and horrible death so far
why did the mangaka do this to Nanani?

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She's one of the primary reasons her anime was shit though ...

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Imagine the amount of porn if she was in a more successful anime...

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I liked this anime. I don’t know why people pretend it’s so terrible. It’s not that amazing but it’s not bad.


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yeah, but she is hot and pretty much the only reason her anime is still talked about. without her that anime would be buried and forgotten

the funniest thing is when he was fully prepared to die and did not have any regrets it didn't happen, guess you can't have it that easy

No, she's just shit. Le pink haired girl with horns is such a retarded looking design.

rinnegan eyes are hot

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There's a reason she was called Lum 2.0. Though I think she personally looks more like Asuka. Either way, it's clear the designer was just copying popular characters that came before.

Franxx was good though

it is buried and forgotten. zero two is just for jerking off and her anime is OK at best. I wouldnt say i wasted time watching it but i wouldnt add it to my top list either


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I don't know what was worse, this dumbass not making her move sooner or that he rejected her for an even worse relationship.

>her anime is still talked about
It isn't.

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>No please let us have anime you normies already took over gaming please just let us have anime

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Yeah, that one always gets me as well. It says a lot about the kind of audience that Franxx drew: Normalfags who try too hard not to be normalfags.

my king!

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This isn't really fair because the anime doesn't even pretend to be about anything other than her being hot. The anime and Marin being hot are so intertwined that saying she's trapped in it is like saying wood is trapped in a tree.

Seems like the new answer is going to end up being Eiko unless shit picks up.

ditf is one of the greatest anime of ALL time, and i'm tired of pretending it isn't

Sure, user.

The first half is great. Everything after the hand of doom is awful.

Any DxD girl...

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>The first half is great.
The first half is complete bullshit and the reson none in the rest of it makes sense is that it didn't manage to set things up properly in the first place.

Yeah. people who think the first half is actually good are delusional. The first half is at best serviceable as a Zero Two delivery device. The only reason people think it's any good is because the second half is so egregiously bad that it seems better in comparison.

well she's part of what made it so shit

In all fairness the manga was shit too.

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You saw the ending right?

I always wanted to sniff Neko's pits. She motivated me to sit through that whole series.

No. It was also clear that the director wanted this series to be finished and to never have any sequel whatsoever so that he won't ever have to work or do anything with it anymore.

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best look of absolute disgust i've ever seen

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He's right though.

nah it's bottom tier, waifubait eva ripoff trash with a batshit insane "plot" and terrible pacing
3/10 at most

It hurts

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It's really too bad that the art book was adapted instead of the manga.

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code geass isn't shit

Hey, its only shit in the second half.

Absurdly hot character design, absurdly forgettable anime.

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what would his deck be?

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