Bleach has the best OST off all time

Bleach has the best OST off all time.

Prove me wrong
Pro tip: You can't

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Is protip even used anymore outside of this format?

Some of my favourites

It has always been used in this format.

It's the one shonen that's always going to have a special place in my heart.

Never watched it, just read it. Is it worth watching for the OST alone, or just listen to the OST on my next re read of the manga? From my knowledge, each of the big three recieved bloated anime adaptations with several problems, but don't know much of the bleach one in specific.

Read the manga while listening to the ost, if you want watch the canon Ichigo fights. Ending is rushed and many are hoping the anime will fix that.

>Is it worth watching for the OST alone
>or just listen to the OST on my next re read of the manga?

Riruka is the best girl in Bleach. You cannot prove me wrong.

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I just finished the aizen arc and I'm still questioning why the manga does not end here. All I know is that everything after this is terrible but the aizen arc is a solid 7 because of the last leg. It really didnt good until the fake town part.

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To me the intros and outros are the best of all time but the OST's aren't despite being good. For example, Evangelion already has Shiro Sagisu's music so it's not the most unique.

You like the Aizen arc more than Soul Society?

Fullbring arc is great, so is thousand year Blood War for 60-65% of its run.

What are your favourite fights/moments so far?

The Bleach ost is very much different than Eva's. It's as if Sagisu was able to breathe the dramatic and cool aesthetic of Kubo's art.

Why do you keep taking pictures of the screen instead of downloading the pages?

>Battle shounen ending with the MC losing all of his powers

fullbring arc takes a break to explore the slice of life aspect since that's where Ichigo's character builds. It's a good little arc.

The character designs and aizens transformation was really fucking cool. Soul society was overall more consistent and to the point but since kubo busted out a fuck ton more cool characters I liked it more.

Good to hear. I kinda feel like ichigo getting his powers back is dumb but it's all about how it's executed so I guess I'll see.

Ichigo vs aizen because of ichigo's final move being the peak of cool.
Probably pic related. Not sure why but it was touching and cool so I enjoyed it.

It's easier I don't feel like going through the extra steps.

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Oh I didn't see this but I feel like with proper execution this could be a good ending if he's settling down with whoever the mc likes

This image is fucking sick, tia (that is all).

Naruto has some pretty emotional OST that fit the scene perfectly, Beach has amazing OST tho.


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Fullbring and TYBW aren't any worse than Hueco Mundo. Fullbring is a breath of fresh air until the unfortunate denouement.

The ost plus the fact that you can skip basically all of the filler makes the bleach anime the best adaptation of the big 3. Naruto is close but the One Piece anime makes me wanna kms

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Anyone ever make a playlist for this?

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Still haven't read Bleach but this song made me add it to my backlog
I like to listen to it after I wake up

>Shinji´s theme is 19-2000 by Gorillaz

I can't believe Chika is fucking dead

Can you at least explain what you didn’t like instead of just giving a pointless critique? It’s really not that hard

Everything up until the fake town felt like the SS arc fight wise and i did not care for mel and her friends. Also the espada fights were not as good as i was expecting i hate sob stories when the villain loses and the sympathizing thing with grimmjow was pretty gay and that "the heart" scene was not as good as i was expecting however the fight around that was good. I would rather villains go out and not having a change of heart at the last second every time i see it done no matter what manga it always feels OOC since im not supposed to feel for these people. The art was good and everything during the town fights was pretty good. i gave it a 7 its not like i didnt enjoy it

I want to impregnate Orihime

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KLK's is better

>One Piece anime makes me wanna kms
thats what i wanted to do when watching bleach

Humanizing the villains and having them learn from their mistakes is what gives them depth and without it you’ll end up with lifeless characters like the Phantom Troupe. And yes you’re supposed to feel for these characters because their change from human to being a hollow is supposed to be a tragic experience that only a few can break free from

I just prefer if the humanizing part is done before they're on deaths door. It's not the feeling bad part that I really had a problem with it was just the timing of when it was done. Knowing that each villains final thoughts/words would always be sobby is something that bothers me in all shonen.

The humanization is gradual though since the characters are slowly revealing more about themselves and how they’re changing. When their flashbacks are revealed it’s a lot more impactful when near or before their deaths then at the beginning of a character arc

One piece tard thinking a criticism of the anime means I don’t like the manga

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Gentlemen of taste.

This was Sagisu's weakest OST, there's only like 3 good tracks.

Nah Fullbring was good, one of the highest points after the Hueco Mundo slog.

No doubt to goto the soul society and become a soulreaper.

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OPfags have been insecure since the success of KnY.

Bebop and FLCL both had better soundtracks.
The sheer size of them despite the small amount of episodes is insane. Bleach used its soundtrack decently for comedic effect and had one of my favorite openers, but even when watch the first opener on mute it's great.

Just read Burn the Witch. Seems like a pretty cool concept but what’s the deal with the huge hiatus? Or has Kubo just totally ditched the idea?

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Same but only soul society arc manga artstyle Orihime

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He is working on the TYBW anime and the hell arc.

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She looks much different by the end of Soul Society in style. Kubo's style evolved the most during that arc. Although I prefer her design in the Arrancar arc.

Never thought a fan-made amv can be this kino.

>that's a 15yo
>has that hourglass figure
Need to breed rising

Medaka Box did that.

It's great but doesn't have my soul the way bebop does. It's another Saturday night where I'm sitting here listening to Farewell Blues at almost 4 in the morning while I soak in the sickly sweet feeling of knowing time only marches forward.

nothing can be explained and opening theme in season 1 are my absolute favorites. i listen to the former regularly.

>Better than Sagisu

for me, it's mushishi

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these two have always been my favorites
I like this one a lot

Protip: I can

Bleach osts were epic but problem is, those were not fitting to Bleach at all.
Those music just sounded like Evangelion or Berserk.
My all favorie shonen ost for example Naruto, SnK, MHA and KnY all their musics and sounds well made to fit each universe and atomosphere.
Since when Bleach anime was on going, I've been thinking that Sagisu is great composer but his music is for Evangelion, not Bleach.
In my opinion Sawano might be good choice for composer if Shueiaha reboot Bleach anime.