What got you interested in the Nanoha series?

What got you interested in the Nanoha series?

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Fate's ass.


I want to be befriended

Nanoha stinks


I want to spank fate

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unironically I got spoiled that she sleeps with nanoha in one bed, that's what got me to watch S1 roughly around 2009

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That Nanoha looked like a more techy Sakura Kinomoto. No, really.

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Some dude was spamming Fate pics on Yea Forums and it was subbed by the group who were doing Akagi.
This board was crazy about Nanoha back then until StrikerS happened and ruined everything.

Someone asked for proper Japanese scans of this quite a while ago, sorry for the immense wait. Wasn't able to make the order I had intended to for a lot longer than anticipated.


And here's Force Dimension Volume 1 for anyone who missed it about a month ago.


Force Dimension Volume 2 scans coming later this thread.

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I heard it was essentially a mecha show with magical girls so I checked it out

people said it was a good series with cool fights
but i watched s1 and it was only decent and kinda boring so i never watched the rest

Go watch the first two episodes of A's right now, you'll instantly understand why people gave it the billing that they did.

The old befriending memes, I tried the 1st series and it was boring so I dropped it.

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It gets good 2 seasons in.

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Zafira, you look ridiculous.

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It was on the youtube recommendations of the final episode of venus versus virus.


Strikers was good.

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I love Vivio!

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Fate's Pooper Best Pooper?

Good post. Well done.

You know it.

Nanoha a cute

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Hayate is the one I have the less hard time sexualizing, with Fate and Nanoha I have to mentalize first but with her I can get into the action right away.
Does that mean I like her more or less than the other two?


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I saw a sexy picture of Fate.
I can't fap to characters i don't know, so here I am.

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> with Fate and Nanoha I have to mentalize first
What do you mean by Menalize?

The evidence you used to support that claim is effective.

user, thanks a lot.
That someone would be me (kind of lucky I didn't miss this, I'm not on that often).

Cute Thunder thighs? Emperor

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>What got you interested in the Nanoha series?
I liked CCS as part of my childhood so I watched Nanoha out of curiosity. I got addicted to Magical girls casting op shit all over the place. Strikers gave me Cartridge 5 Divine Buster with Magical bits. I will never forget that along with all the starlight breakers and divine busters. Also Subaru's Divine Buster on her sister along with her voice was pure awesomeness.
>Strikers was good.
I loved it but it suffers from too much characters. I did love the numbers.

Also Warcraft 3 Nanoha. Enjoy the sounds.


Here's Force Dimension Volume 2 as promised.

No problem. Glad you were able to catch it! It's a really fun doujin.

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What does Force Dimension entail? The last Nanoha manga I've ever read was Force after waiting on chapters for vivid.

Lighthearted 4koma that ran alongside Force, like Vivid Life did for Vivid. It's not translated though, I'm just posting newly scanned raws since they're not widely available.

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Seems nice and homey. But considering it's once popular stature diminished, does Nanoha series as a whole still retain fans?

The Western fanbase reignited a fair amount when Reflection and Detonation came out but faded out slowly afterwards, since it's never been as persistent. Its Japanese popularity is not the giant it once was but is much more stable, they did quite a few things for the 15th anniversary and there's been continuous interest.

Though even Japanese fans have been a bit frustrated about the lack of news considering the previously confirmed new project. I hope we see whatever it is within the year with Extreme Hearts coming up soon.

Fate is cool

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I thought people only liked nanoha ironically

Cyclone doujins

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I like it because it's obscure now

Enjoying things ironically is just being tsundere.

Cyclone's Nanoha doujins are the only thing that can convince me to read a rape doujin.

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This, anyone who tries to claim irony is just denying that they really do like something, for superfluous reasons.

This gif, until then I knew nothing about it other than being just a magical girl show

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Fate spinoff about her being an enforcer?

the doujin where she's fucked up the ass

These can be the same.

Picked up from browsing magical girl threads after finishing Cardcaptor Sakura (which I loved).

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The artist should be congratulated, it's the first time an ntr doujin has ever made me feel disgusted.

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god, i want to cuck a woman by making her wife and daughter addicted to my dick

The ryona and rape.

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It would have been better if he finished the job and went for the full family harem ending.