Mushoku Tensei

Any info on the next MT LN in English?

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Give it a few weeks or until some news drop user. I too long for comfy MT threads but not solely backed up with either bumping or shitposting.

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I really enjoyed how uninhibited Rudy (and by extension the whole story) was for most of MT. I don't want pure degenerate coomshit or heckin nihilistic self-serving sociopathy, but his boundaries were pretty loose and he rarely reigned himself in. It felt free. And he often faced consequences for pushing too far, so it felt authentic.
Any other LNs with this feel? Preferably with decent enough character and setting writing to keep it authentic, too.

Lara ain't lookin' so smug now, is she

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>pees in your bed while you sleep

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Was it just me, or did this show have really aggressive film grain?

oh yeah full on film grain
they made that to make it look like a oldschool anime

>Ariel will never forcefully sit on you and pee on your face
Why even live

Why, tho. Practically nobody who watches isekai does so while thinking back wistfully on the 90s or 80s. Maybe they just wanted to go for a "softer" look?

Is this rape?

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cause its a neat effect

I would assume it's probably for aesthetic "logic" reasons (ie: not actual logic but for reptilian brain type reaction) to make viewer feel like they are watching a classics tale of the olden times.
Some anime I watched recently... I think it was Shenmue, used black&white+heavy film grain filters (like old news reel footage) to show flashbacks of the MC's father's past. Makes absolutely no sense logically but it just werks aesthetically/visually.

Where's all the fucking Femdeus fanfics at?

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I wish people make more femdeus arts

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Hypothetically speaking, what're the best sites for writing/publishing fanfiction? Asking for a friend, of course.


Yes and its a purposeful choice relating to the fantastical elements of the story, cause whenever it flashes back to the real world there isn't any film grain

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These dates are for the actual release, not the early digital ones which usually come around a month before.
>v17: 2022-07-12
>v18: 2022-09-13
>v19: 2022-11-08
>v20: 2022-12-20
So the early digital version of the next novel should be out next month.

this one is for pure smut this one is for non-smut or secondary smut

Cheers guys, now the burning question is whether the wives (or really any other characters) should be rule 63'd as well.

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>Goes on Yea Forums
>Sees the usual bait pictures with the same discussions for the 999th time
>Search Mushoko Tensei Thread
>First picture is a soulfull family photo
>The rest are pictures of rabu


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totally would kidnap, enslave, drug, defile and rape (but not necessarily in that order)

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Why did it take so long for it to get an anime adaptation?

Rifujin didn't want an halfassed adaptation like this novels usually get, so he waited until he found someone fuly dedicated on the job.
He played the long game and did well. Now the stuff is composed of experts who love the story and want to see its end. Or at least until volume 12.
I remind you of the fight between animators in order to animate Kishirika.

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>not eye can show you the world.png

....i like that
i shall rename it immediatly.

No, wife is his husband's property, therefore he cannot be raped.

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I don't get this one, is that Sylphy or did Lucy suddenly get white hair as well?

I think it's supposed to be Zenith teaching young Sylphy, but they mixed up the hair and outfits between old and young for both.
Old Zenith is dressed like and has hair like young Zenith. Young Sylphy is dress and has hair like old Sylphy. Maybe they did it on purpose?

That speculation's too many mix-ups user. It could just simply be Norn and Lucy, but the silly artist thought that Lucy has white hair too, since her mother Sylphy's hair is white
Or, maybe it's actually brown but the artist didn't color it enough, see that there's a brown gradient in her hair tho the lighting-effect trounced it too much; artist just goofed with the dispersion

Its obviously Norn and Lucy

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i wish we were shown more comfy moments with the kids before all the drama

I'm sad that rudeus had to see eris die

That's not gradient and overdone reflection spots user. That's straight up not coloring it fully in the first place. You can even see the brush strokes. Fuck it's probably a spray brush too not anything using a gradient.

Tho despite not coloring it fully, there's still that two reflection spot dots
Guess he got lazy, and just wants to get it done

Luckily Lucy had Norn to teach her about monogamy until it was too late like with her mother.

Doubtful that Ruijerd would even cheat in the first place

Its Norn we've gotta be worried about. She is definetly getting gangbannged by Supred older men behind Ruijerd's back

What are you doing?
Trust in Hitogami.

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What are you doing?
Fuck Linia in front of Eris.

t. Eris

Fuck Lara in front of Eris.

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Can't wait for when her parents see her married with a kid. Rokary's reactions are always so warm and loving. Best mom of the series.

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Which wife do you think uses the dildo that Ariel gifted them? Probably the perverted mutt elf, right?

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It was implied that Eris was going to watch, right? I don't even want to imagine how much she would love having half-Rudeus kittens.

Of course.

its clearly norm teaching fat baby about milis

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she uses the dildo to dominate eris on the bed

I have no idea why Lucy would believe in Millis when there is indisputable evidence of a God who interferes directly in her fathers line of work, and is going to insane levels to kill him and her siblings.

>I have no idea why Lucy would believe in Millis
cause she wants some of that midget dick