Shikki is just pure sex.

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Naga nails

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On a cloudy rainy school day, Senpai would be in the art club room as usual, attempting to work on an art project of his, though he couldn't focus today. The more and more he spent with Nagatoro the more he began to like her, he enjoyed her company and was enjoying how comfortable she had been getting in the art room. Thoughts of her raced through his mind, his heart pounding and his face turning red as he began to have lewd thoughts about her. He had remembered she left a bag that contained a costume she wore when modeling for him one day, and it seemed she wasn't going to bother him today since she hadn't shown up like she normally did, he had opened up the bag to look for a specific piece of her clothing. Lucky him, he had found a pair of Nagatoro's white panties. He looked over at the door and listened to make sure nobody was near, and since he thought nobody was near the room, he held her panties to his face and began sniffing the backside of them. He then stopped after the first sniff for a moment "Eh!? Did N-Nagatoro fart in these? It smells so bad... but really good too!" He had quietly said to himself, he'd then proceed to bury his nose in them again when suddenly...

The door swung open and the short tan girl walked through, "Senpai-" she then froze in place and her face immediately turned a bright red, she had never actually thought she'd catch him doing perverted things like this. "N-N-N-Nagatoro! It's not what it looks like!!" He told her, extremely embarrassed to have her ser him like this.

She would walk over to him, standing right over looking tall as he was on the ground with her panties still in his hand, "Geez Senpai~ i knew you were a pervert but I didn't I'd ever find you sniffing my panties, I let loose some gas in those, I bet they reek! And i think you know that too" she'd tease, she didn't want him to see her embarrassed so she decided to make his fantasy come true. She pulled down her skirt and got even closer to him.

And made for BSC

I literally just want to put my penis between her boobs.

"Do you wanna sniff my ass Senpai~ or maybe even better, do you wanna sniff my farts" She would ask him, her body so close to his, a visible bulge had grown in his pants from Nagatoro being so close to him. "N-Nagatoro I'm..."

She quickly shut him up, "no need to apologize Senpai, just beg for what you want, and I really will do it for you~" she said with a moan at the end, Senpai then hugged her waist and begged, "Nagatoro! Please, please fart for me! Let me smell your butt Nagatoro! Please!". Nagatoro looked at him in shock, she didn't expect him to do it so quickly, but she didn't back out of her deal.

"Hahaha! Gross Senpai! But you did what I asked so I guess you deserve it". Nagatoro turned around and placed her ass up on his face, rubbing her panty covered ass all over it, suddenly stopping to give Senpai his first fart.


A long bassy fart was let loose from Nagatoro's ass, she giggled as she heard him sniffing her fart, and also from his breath tickling her bum. She already was starting to enjoy doing this for him, she didn't mind Senpai being a perverted fart lover. "Mmm Senpai.. maybe I'll make you my cushion to fart on, you'd like that wouldn't you~" She teased once more. He nodded his head, sliding his nose up and down Nagatoro's ass.


A long wet and bubbly fart blasted into Senpai's face, he deeply inhaled Nagatoro's gas, rubbing his face all over her ass. "S-Senpai... your making me f-feel good down there..". Nagatoro's legs began to feel weak as she was being pleasured by Senpai's face in her ass.


"Mmmm, ahhh~ that one f-felt good to get out.." Nagatoro moaned, she was bent over hands on her knees looking down watching senpai as he masturbated to her gas

Less than three days to go.

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Shikki doujin when

>To the mods
Why'd the other thread get deleted ?

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Nagatoro is best girl because she open carry

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Soon user

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low quality OP perhaps

Cancer containment.

because you don't need 3 threads up

Their virginities are mine

Shikki supremacy

Im expecting hand holding but hoping for more than that on monday

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that is the safe bet, question is how far Naga will push it?

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>mfw all this hype for a set up chapter

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unironically the best part of these shit threads.

Hand holding is a bare minimum. They need to have a serious hug, and fucking soon. And I will personally hunt down Gamo/Shikki coomers if either of them ruin the hug again.

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>he doesn't know..

I dropped this after the Christmas chapters went nowhere, has anything happened since or are they still pretending they don't want to fuck each other?

You kind of posted it. I think Naga's going to take Senpai's hand and place it on her cheek so he can caress her. I don't know that Senpai will survive this lewdness, but they have to try.

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it started getting momentum just after those, actually, and still breaking new grounds in recent chapters


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Oh that will be precious. will have to keep my heart medicine nearby

Did they confessed?

Naotos development went from gradual to exponential, and Nagatoro has become cuter and more spazstic. You picked a bad time to drop it. But its also understandable.

Yes infront of their friends no less. Its a perfect time to catch up by Monday afternoon.

to their friends, pretty much, not each other yet.

they literally admitted they want to fuck eachother last chapter

Did they craft condoms?

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Procreation after the year 2000 was a mistake.

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Sakura pls

Blessed trips.
Cursed trips.

No, the point was to craft a baby
>One BSC
>One Fertile womb

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>those impact ripples

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Do they play modded and different maps

Holy shit this is pretty good. Prone Bone position is best position.

I just wanted more banter and memes. I hardly use discord, even for friend groups but I tried to reach out a bit. I was walking on eggshells the entire time and with 0 trolling I still got banned by the tranny mods. I just wanted some banter and memes but fun is a bannable offense. No wonder normalfaggots are so depressed, every ounce of fun is considered offensive. There is nothing more pathetic than a reddit/discord mod .

Go back.

He can't he got banned

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Is naga Monday this monday?

You're here forever faggot. Dont forget it nigger.

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I didnt think the Nagatoro server would be such a tranny infested shithole. I just wanted some memes and banter but they coulnt even handle that. Anarchy my ass those normies crave authoritarianism

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Nobody fucking cares, blogposting faggot.

With prez gone, inclusion of another oppai chick it was inevitable.

Bashing trannies and faggot Reddit/Discord mods is always an acceptable subject

Blogposting about your faggot discord escapades on the other hand should net you a permaban.


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Fuck discord, post bunnies

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Well Im responding to a post from a previous thread so I wouldnt call it a blog post since you reddit tourists still dont understand how this site works. Its more of a warning to avoid the temptation to appeal to normal fags just to discuss something you love. Normal faggots (and (You) deserve death.

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Agreed, Nagatoro and Hana are tied for best wives handsdown.

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You literally admitted to being a discordshitter. Shut the fuck up and kill yourself, tourist piece of shit.

If there was ever a serious rival, it would be Hana. thankfully she's too good of a wingwoman for that.

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I joined ONE server for a series I love, and was greeted by tranny faggot mods who crave authoritarianism. Its more of a cautionary tale that normies deserve death and to not let consoomerism (even for a great series) get ahold of you. All Reddit/Discord mods deserve to be publicly hung. Ive been here longer than (You)

I'm not trying to be funny or ironic, I literally don't understand this joke.

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Is this a mod or an update?

All the other girls fall flat. Nagatoro has put time, dedication and love into transforming Naoto into a respectable figure, and the only one who would do such a thing (although a different method) is Hana. Maybe pres but she is also older and is focused on herself more than Hana , but shes definitely a close 3rd for best wife.

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Their wolfs are called Yoshi and Fujimin

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