Dragon Ball Super

That's next for our beloved HEROku and his loyal sidekick?

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First for Vegeta.



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Irrefutable? Irrefutable.

Btw, it's probably an image of Cuckshit what got the other thread deleted (and the reports too obviously). So next time be careful with the image of the OP.

Enny renny the JIRENY.

Goku is such an incredible guy...

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>and the reports
Retarded autists.

Reposting the facts

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Thank you for posting the truth, my lord and savior.

I didn't do it so don't fault me.

>namefagging Tardkurat

Based Warden.

Our role model.
The owner of the strongest ki attack in canon.
The humbled fighter
The last of his clan.
The super prodigy.
The first human to surpass an Android.
The first guy who was 2-0 against Goku.
The heart of the Z fighters.
The strongest human.
The ONLY character to remain undefeated five WHOLE arcs after his introduction.
The FIRST human to surpass GOD himself.
The clutch master himself.
The legendary fighter.
The first human to reach Super Saiyan tier.
The champion of the 22nd Budokai.
The enlightened one.
The loyal friend.
The future of the Crane school.
The hidden hope of the universe.

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I don’t know about all that, but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku. 2-0!


Bulma didn't even want Vegeta, it was just to get revenge on Yamcha and she accidentally got pregnant

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Goku won.

>childish doodle
You're better off drawing moeshit logos, pathetic moerat.

My wife.

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Still faster than the /trash/ threads btw.

Based TienGOD.

If you could choose any character to suddenly become powerful enough to be relevant again, who would it be and how would you do it?

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Tarble maybe?


>Future Trunks impregnated Bulma twice

..at being best vassal by losing twice to master Vegeta!!

What having Vegeta as a father does to you.

Have him get an actual transformation that goes into his namekian heratige instead of ultimate.

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>at being best
You said it, not me.

Turning him into an android.

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my nigga Master Roshi

FUCKING KEK! He's on suicide watch!

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Tenshinhan have him unlock his third eye.

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Rewatched the Cell arc. It wasn't as good as people hype it to be. Tons of plotholes and characters acted out of the ordinary.

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Piccolo is the objective answer here.


>Buucuck trying to invite people to his garbage bin again
>not even doing it right

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Did NOT read, moeshitter piece of SHIT.
BACK to your catalog.

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Stop trying to make him relevant. Our threads are faster. Get over it.

Why are you changing my prescription, doc?

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The /trash/ threads aren’t that bad. Bacterianbro btw.

>Bejita-sama is so cool I wish he was my boyfriend!

>2.6 posts per minute
Yup yup yup. The thre/a/ds are faster than the /trash/eads.

…said literally no-one, ever.

...said Bejita to the mirror.

Wow it only took him 20 hours to do one chapter.
But this was during the Buu arc when his art got a little sloppy, I wonder how long it took him during peak DB art

Why the FUCK won't they make him relevant again? Literally all they have to do is write some bullshit about him "unlocking his god ki" (which he should be capable of given that he has Kami) to get him to SSG tier at least.

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He's Yellow Piccolo.

Watch out, the jobber mouth is contagious.

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He was fucking HEATED.

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Are you fags pretending the new Movie doesn't exist or what?

He got liver problems now.

They gave him Ultimate like Gohan, but yeah that should have happened a LOT sooner.

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>called him a vassal
Yep. The land he’s on? Lord-given. A reward for jobbing so well against Bejita, perhaps?

I warned you didn't I?

What I want to know is how the hell did he suddenly get a new form?

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Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, cares about the moeshit, pedophilic, slice of life, plotless, childish, irrelevant, barely canon, non-serious, zero plot, zero stakes, isekai, low powerlevel, side-story, comedic gag FILLER movie.

It, yes. Goku really is the best.

He already is stronger than BoG SSG Goku through scaling.
Until Piccolo is rivals with Goku and Bejita, I will not be satisfied.

>Announcing reports
I'll fucking KILL you.

He went to the old kai.

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There is a timeskip of over 2~3 years since Broly, they'll probably give an explanation.

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Bitch I didn't even say what I was going to do.

SHITnga Piccolo is stronger than Kefla.

There's several Gods, but they're all weaker than what's threatening you and that might be even worse.

>B-bejita-sama topless!

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WEAKERTHANSHINcollo is barely stronger than Super Buu at best with his new power-up.

Why didn't Piccolo use Golden against Moro?

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Yeah, the manga’s got really weird scaling.

I know Resurrection of F makes you mad, but you gotta accept it exists.


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Bevause the Movie is after that as shown in one magazine.

Who is Moro?

>Jobber who is weaker than Babidi

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I know DBS Broly makes you mad, but you gotta accept it exists.


Man, that fucking movie literally buried the franchise, just like how the Cell arc did.


Piccolo was stronger than Shin, this has been proven many times. He forfeit out of respect for his rank. Piccolo, at this point, would one-shot Super Boo. He scales directly to the Gohan that matched SSB Goku who is countless times stronger than the SSG Goku from BoG, who is inconceivably stronger than Super Boo.


>using the Anime even though this Movie is based around Canon

They are FILLER movies too, but at least they were fun.

Those movies were shit.


That piece of shit immediately destroyed all potential for Dragon Ball's revival.

literally nobody reads the manga it's just a stupid comic, the anime is all anybody cares about

This movie follows the Broly movie, which follows the anime. If you believe otherwise you’re deliberately being a retarded contrarian.

God I love the designs of the Gammas, I really hope they don't just become absorption fodder like 17 and 18

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>Written by Toriyama