She won

She won.

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The game?


All might with more tits, more hamburgers, less muscles and less relevance

No? AFO and Shiggy are still around.
Anyone dying after her defeat is on her for not winning.

>another musclegirl character in a manga fades from existence
Musclechads... I don't feel so good
Why do nips keep adding buff women just to kill them off? To punish us?

>New Oder will revolt against other quirks

There could have been a dozen other usages without sacrificing herself while also killing Shigaraki.

muscle girls are only cute in cartoons.

Holy shit is this a Marvel reference

maybe, but nobody will remember her, unlike our boy rengoku

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Read Dorohedoro

No one cares about MHA anymore. All my friends talk about is Jujutsu, Attack on Titan, and Demon Slayer. Granted I spend most of my time on twitter and tiktok, but still.

they both died, so they lost.

I hate everything you just said.

The Femgoku of Your Hero Academia.

You can die and still win

yeah but rengoku made KnY the best selling movie of japan and that worldwide year, has nearly national hero/legend status in japan and finally got vaccinated. On the other hand star and stripes will remains as a footnote on horikoshi's record of wasting characters

Both jobbers

Was she the biggest jobber of the series?

no, she was introduced solely for the purpose of nerfing shiggy by stripping away some OP quirks

She didn't win. she wasn't even a fight. A talking plot point that could have been replaced with anyone of any level of relevance throwing a rock labeled "Nerf" at shiggy.

she didn't lose to make shiggy seem stronger, so no. she was just a plot device to make him actually beatable. you can bet your ass when deku is punching shiggy's face off he's gonna go "NOOOOOO, IF ONLY I STILL HAD X, Y AND Z QUIRKS, I COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS".

No, Akaza's goal was to find information on the blue spider lily and to kill everyone on the train. Rengoku's goal was to make sure no one on the train died and to teach his students how to get stronger.

Rengoku won.

The ABSOLUTE state of new /a.

>ut rengoku made KnY the best selling movie of japan and that worldwide year
Wasn't it already the best selling before the movie came out? Didn't it achieve that status when the anime begin airing which is like a year before the movie?

>she was just a plot device to make him actually beatable
her fight made zero difference because we never knew how many quirks shiggy had and which quirks she managed to destroy

You have friends?


I am bleeding, making me the victor.

You now know the difference between a tactical and a strategic victory.

Akaza killed Rengoku.
Rengoku lost.

You now know the difference between a tactical and a strategic victory.

>Rengoku was inadvertently faced with a stronger enemy, and died trying his best to stick to his morals
>Stars and Stripes knowingly rushed to face an impossibly stronger enemy even when advised not to and died as part of some haphazard plan
Both jobbed, but one was just retarded.

Real battles tipically don't go "ha I blew you up with my chuuni laser beam and now you're dead and I won utterly and absolutely and will now go cum inside my big tits waifu". That doesn't catch anymore, shit has to have some nuance to be interesting.

Name one

>People comparing her to Rengoku
She's the Tamayo of MHA except with zero buildup beforehand and was useless

I had no idea I was into muscle girls until I read dorohedoro, I wasn't even aware while reading it, it was totally subconscious, for like a week straight after reading it for the first time I had endless sex dreams about Noi, even a proper cum in the sheets wet dream I hadn't since I was in highschool 13 years ago.


For fucks sake noi isn't even buff in the manga she's toned God I hate the fucking anime I wish that series stayed niche

Tranny All Might with 0 personalities, the only thing she got is "muh All Might", just like Stain.

Its hilarious how literally nobody gives a fuck about her

best selling manga of that year =/= best selling movie of all time in japan

she's some chick that came out of nowhere and died in order to further deku's story, I'm pretty sure Hori tried to pull a rengoku but honestly we couldn't care less about some bitch that far into the story

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When even nips don't latch out to a character you know you fucked up

it'll probably take a while for her to show up in the anime anyways. . .

even the manga readers didn't give a single fuck about her

>solely for the purpose of nerfing shiggy by stripping away some OP quirks
Such as?

She literally made Shigaraki stronger. Having her quirk fucking up his body triggered the singularity inside of him which is why he's able to do this even while under Erasure.

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She's just a one-off enemy. Shigaraki is the protagonist of the fight.

...looking at that frame, it's almost like he turned a certain part of his anatomy into the hand/finger swarm/tetsuoooo he hits rabbit with.

that guy that showed up for a 10 minute train ride and then died while not even damaging 1 low tier demon?

Both him and demon guy lost and won, though Muzan was angry at demon guy for being so gay for Rengoku he didn't have enough time to kill everyone and the master was happy Rengoku did his best to protect everyone.
Star just ran at Shiggy almost got him even tho her plan was retarded and Shiggy asspull'd himself to victory. Really all Hori wanted out of this panel was to make a Avengers Thanos snap reference and that's it.

But he did damage the low tier demon, the low tier demon even says how much he damaged him

being able to finger fuck a whole crowd doesnt seem like that powerful an ability

then why didnt the MC chase him down and finish him off? all he did was cry about how its not fair

That demon wasn't a low tier demon.
MC had a severe wound, he's told twice that he should stop both moving (and then screaming at the demon) because he would bleed to death

I wish Hori had created Star sooner, she was cool all things considered

It was a top tier demon actually

Why? She is a tranny Deku lusting over AM.

user there were 2 demons in the movie and demons don't need to rest or recover, had the MC gone against him the demon would still be fighting at full power

So she could have saved the world but decided not to to save his nigger friend? A trur american till the end

I said, all things considered.

whats wrong with a tranny? lets people like you self insert into the story