You will never have Marin gf

You will never have Marin gf
i will never have Marin gf

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your point?

good, whores are nasty

>t. missed out on pure teen love

That's because she's an ideal, virtually nobody happens to be that good-looking and charming and be an actual decent human being at the same time. Just enjoy the fantasy like the rest of us.

They exist. But they look at the cream of the crop, not beta faggots

Yea Forums thread

Kill yourself, election tourist.

>ywn have FOTM generic waifu #532
Thank god.

>virtually nobody
Can you read?

but i do

Stop Gosling-posting.

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I don't really like marin so, okay?

Puckered mouths don't look that small.

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I want Juju gf to impregnate



She's waiting for us user

Why do people seethe over gosling posting so much?

I don't mind it but because it's off-topic /r9k/ levels of posting

I thought /r9k/ hates women

Yea Forums generally does not tolerate non-anime reaction images or memes, which I respect completely.

You gonna carry that weight

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what about this

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>given enough time, technology will eventually advance to the point where robotwaifus can be produced to whatever specificities your desire, along with the option of bearing your children
The only “if” is will you be alive to see it?

anime girls are not nasty,no matter how whore they are.

yes, thats why I refuted, esl

What would a Marine Marin gf be like?

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marin? more like niggin!

Not having a manic pixie dream girl?
Fine by me, i rather have someone with a bit of depth.

soon wakana

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>quiet boring yamato nadeshiko is 'depth'
>stereotypical tsundere is 'depth'
>tomboy meme is 'depth'
>dommy mommy is 'depth'

Why do you have trouble admitting it's all wish fulfillment? Are you a self hating masochist, maybe?

Don't worry, bros. She'll settle down with us once she hits her thirties.

they're simply real
marin is simply fake

can you cope any harder bro?
they are all fantasies

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They're anime characters, my dude. And we're all judging based on superficial first-chapter impressions, so it's fair to say.

they are real. my tomboy wife is real.
marin is fake.

you can't be serious

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super serious

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Because it's Yea Forums-tier newfag cancer. Are you fucking dumb?

Hold me bros....

gentlemen please, I am trying to enjoy my wuvy duvey shit.

Sometimes I fell like if I met a w*man that is far from this ideal ans it's disgusting, killing her would make me feel better. But I understand that this is absolutely schizo and nobody should do that

Her 2d fake nail/extension disgust me as much an rl ones. Fucking repulsive.

I think it's fine as long as it's been anime-fied

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>will never have whore gf
and that's a good thing!

Marin isnt a whore. Kys

riiiight, she just dresses, walks and talks like one

I'm aware of that. I had teen love so I count myself lucky. I doubt I'll ever have anyone again so this kind of show makes me feel some amount of warmth from a pure maiden in love.

God i wish i have gf like that

God was merciful for once?

>no desumi gf

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Reminder Juju is one and done character

She's baaack, user.

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i want to die


>Yea Forums generally does not tolerate non-anime reaction images or memes, which I respect completely.
Happy now?

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