ITT: Author's notes

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Asou Shuuichi was the best

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>muh global warming fearmongering in 2007
>15 years later
>still nothing burger
way to ruin your manga at the very end of long publication

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Does this count?

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>the long runner killer

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Only a polfag would think this shit is ruining an entire manga.

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>spent a month writing all this instead of a new chapter
Now that's some advanced autism

you didn't read the manga

No, but if it's shit it's shit on its own merit and not on the last page after the actual plot is over.

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shut the fuck up. you didn't read the manga. the mangaka sabotaged the very last arc just to preach about global warming.

ib was a hot mess, some authors really need some wrangling to get the best out of them

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>I bought myself a bicycle

just note that they changed the name again
it was originally global cooling
then warming
and now we have "climate change"
next we will have something that is just neutral towards the actual temperature

I wouldn't blame an editor for giving up upon hearing the words "something I've been working on since I was in High School".

Note how this chick casually mentions normal shit about granola in the middle of a genocide scene

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So it was the entire last arc and not just the very end. You needed to say that shit or you look like seething over a page.

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Fuck you Matsuki. I’m still angry

>This is Aka pre-Kaguya
This makes so much sense now

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Next thing you know they'll be going on about
chemicals that only first world countries just happen to use creating a hole in the atmosphere.
Fucking commie propaganda just keeps getting more and more outlandish.

This was Parasyte wasn't it.

I just want to say granola is ass and is too low in fiber for how much fucking sugar they put in it

who is more chad?
araki? or ghost puncher?

The only warming I see is your ass heating up


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dwhat is she chasing

He needed more like a containment bubble 5 meters in radius... Well, he'll be getting one soon.

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That's just the buffer doing its thing, pay it no mind.

It is written: Only Numa Shun can defeat the editor

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you're the faggot who opened your mouth about something you knew nothing about. Sasuga discord shills.

HAHAHAHAHAHA imagine getting mad at yakitate of all things

what a worthless cuck. May they burn alive so more carbon gets into the air.

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looks comfy

Isn't this supposed to be a whacky cooking manga? I hope the author didn't take this too seriously.

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Sadly I cant find the tsugumomo author notes about using himself as model for the lolis

whats even going on here. they dont give you a chair? what are the bricks for? theres nothing in there to need to put stuff on. and if its eating, couldn't you bake in a normal table you sit at like a japanese person? I'm going to be honest though this is superior to western prisons, which employ two to a cell and force you to eat outside in a communal environment. I could survive if I had a computer or at least as much pen and paper as I wanted. Even without it it would be preferable to a regular prison.

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No, from your other comments in can tell you are actually a /pol/faggot. So my in instinct very much knows what it was doing.

have obummer taken away your guns already?

>eating flavored granola


>from your other comments
retarded lies from a retarded discord shill, what a shocker.

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Writer of the popular Jump manga Act-Age went and molested a couple girls while riding around on a bike. Got the manga unceremoniously killed and fucked up the career of his artist at it's height

the retard author of ACT AGE that was at an all time popularity high but he just had to go and grope a bunch of middle school girls while riding on his bicycle.
Fucking JC lolicon mumen rider retard. Then just the artist wouldn't be able to continue the series so they just shut it down

Hello, based department?

It was better than everything he did after. If ib is a mess, I don't know what you should call current Kaguya or Oshi no Ko.

What was his grand plan?
Just grope girls and hope nothing happens?
What a dumbass.