Machikado Mazoku

Just how old is Sakura?

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Older than Shamiko's console.

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Shamiko has a great imagination

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It's not old, it's cute and retro

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Getting rejected by Momo...

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my fixed sub for ep 05
- added honorifics
- added TL Notes
- cleaned some redundant captions
- changed some text position
- fixed a few retarded translation
- basic typesetting

The .mks file here

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It's for the better

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Escape is impossible.

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Shamiko's pudgy ahoge is under rated.

thank you for your service

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Definitely older than she looks, considering the Dark Office records, her accumulated resources/knowledge/skillset, the fact that she's labelled a veteran, etc.
And if she's not actually student-age or anywhere near that despite her civilian outfit, then I think it's safe to assume that her age could be anything from 2-4 digits

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does either shamiko or momo even know how sex works?

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thread theme:
thanks user. guess we won't have to wait for loopsubs anymore, since they pretty barely fix any of sentai's shit. was anything changed since last thread?

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ryoko and cutesenzo getting ready to go to elementary school

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Not in detail
Momo understands it in theory but not in practice, she's looked it up lately just in case, but can't really handle the real thing properly. Difference between theory and practice can be big.

Shamiko doesn't understand anything, literally. However her succubus instincts lead her towards lewdness naturally even if she's innocent.

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If you have some problem with the sub I can make an updated version, but I didn't change anything for now.

ah, i haven't watched it yet. i'm sorry. was just wondering if i should redownload it or not. forgot it was just the subs file and not the whole video.

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Occasional reminder that this happened.

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I like this Mikan.

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Momo would be the type of person to unironically google
>how two girls have sex
wouldn't she?

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Most likely, as long as she's being honest with herself.

It’s a safe bet that Ryou knows more than both of them (theoretically)

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She's going to put them into practice on Ogura. She's already kissed and held Ogura's hands.

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She now has more practical experience than all the other dorks combined.

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shami's biggest victory

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Shamiko you fool, always making everyone out like it's a competition. Wise up and figure out Momo has feelings for you.

Momo needs to figure it out herself first

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Momo was making Shamiko jealous the entire time without a care, reveling in the attention. Momo somehow didn't like it when the situation was the reverse, suddenly she understood how Shamiko felt.

Earlier in the manga Momo denied talking about her past with Shamiko, but she instantly opened up to these new people, which shows real disrespect to Shamiko and their bond. She let a girl talk about becoming her floor, and accepted it. She didn't sit next to Shamiko, and sat next to the new girls.

Momo is autistic so she doesn't realize it, but she's basically shitting all over Shamiko during the scene where the three girls are asking her questions, and Momo is too autistic to realize she's just insulting Shamiko in several different ways for like thirty minutes straight.

Its biased to not realize that the scene was about both of them having issues, but also Shamiko doing the exact same things and momo suddenly having problems with it, was fair. Momo was too stupid to realize what she was doing until she saw it from the other side. She goes dark seeing Shamiko share parts of herself to these girls without a care when she wouldn't show Momo, and yet she never once thinks "oh shit, that's what I was doing".

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Ganbare Momo; Work hard to become a magical girl who doesn't say stupid things.

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shamiko constantly asks momo about her past and she dodges the questions, while momo has never asked anything and just randomly assumed shamiko didn't want to talk about it

Does she ever become not shit and actually worthy of love?

if you asked nicely would shamiko suck your dick?

Momo sits next to Oichi the entire time who's obviously hitting on her, so blatantly that even Shamiko realizes it

But Momo gets angry that Shamiko is sitting next to a Nyaga. Momo, use your sympathy emotion to reverse the situation in your mind and realize the problem.

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You need a high enough bond level for that action.

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she would if you told her you'd die if she didn't

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You could probably pretty easily convince her, saying stuff like how since she's a succubus it's only natural and could make her more powerful.

i love licos voice

Shamiko doesn't know what a succubus is

She didn't even know what a mistress was until her teacher spelled it out for her. Despite calling herself one for months.

Then teach her with your penis.

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Sorry, but Seiko is ahead of them all.

Momo would break your arm in the middle of explaining.

Also there's a running theme that dark clan aren't as "dark" as they seem. Chances are "Succubus tempt men, they drink semen, they're total sluts" is just light clan shitposting, because light clan saw a succubus and got a boner, and had to call the Succubus evil in order to deflect the blame onto them.

Lilith is a virgin retard who just talks big, Shamiko is also an innocent retard. I'm starting to think succubus clan aren't as lewd as people think, and its all a giant light clan disinformation campaign just to smear the good name of demons, by making them sound more malevolent than they really are. In reality Succubus are just innocent exhibitionists due to Lilith's peculiar tastes influenced the entire clan, due to the kiki kanri form being handed down.

I guess the anthology won't be translated.

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reminder momo killed thousands of demons, both directly and indirectly

Then why is Shamiko's body so lewd?

I don't even know where to find it

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Don't sweat the small stuff.

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>is just light clan shitposting
I'd agree to be a magical girl if that was my job; it probably earns shit compared to real work like sealing demons, but posting on /x/ with my pet/navigator sounds fun

Because you are horny

And yet they're deemed enemies of the world, curious.

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>Catch a fish with two heads
>"Yep, definitely dark clan"
>Kill it
>Navigator awards you two points

where's the ShamiMomo shipping fan club? huge plot hole if that doesn't exist.

They don't support homesexuals

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