Why does everyone say that Steins Gate has good characters? I don't see anything special about any of them

Why does everyone say that Steins Gate has good characters? I don't see anything special about any of them.

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I haven't watched it and never will, but why do they need to be special for them to be good characters?

The characters are just overhyped like every other part of that show
He probably means special as in exceptional or better than average, which they aren't either.

It's very overrated show. It isn't terrible but it isn't very good. The bad incel humor and loli jokes completely discredits any decent thing it had going

>It's me. OP has shit taste again.

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you wouldn't get it

This is what I meant. All of them were boring and very one dimensional.

Sorry bro, the vn has a pretty high score on famitsu, that means it’s good I don’t make the rules

The posters that think s;g is good need to watch more sci fi instead of constantly circlejerking things they know nothing about

It's a story for basement dwellers. What is there to get?

I thought it was a pretty fun vn (admittedly i have only played few and it has been years since i played it)


I still don't understand how anyone likes Maryuri when she acts literally retarded at every moment


They have fun interactions.

Kurisu and Okabe are based. Anyone disagree? Mayuri is fine in s;g but she does become more of a character in 0 so try that

that's what made it a masterpiece you swine

Realistic depiction of autists

3/10 bait

It's a millennial thing. if youre a zoomer, you won't get it.

I love Kurisu
Doesn't she have autism?

just play chaos: head instead

kys huntertranny

Okabe is the only noteworthy character. The rest are run of the mill archetypes.

Contr/a/rian tards, as usual

Steins Gate is shit

it's not contrarianism. Most people here aren't saying it's terrible, just not the masterpiece it's purported to be. It definitely does some things very well, better than other animes, but its shortcomings detract from it enough to the point that it makes the show nothing special. It isn't a cohesive work with strongpoints in every area, yet is touted as such because it excels in a few places. It's one of those animes that people really wanted to be good so they convince themselves it is. That or the viewer is just an incel which the anime heavily resonates with so they're biased

not bait just facts nigga

>shitpost thread again
You should be able to solve this

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>but its shortcomings
doesn't exist
>yet is touted as such because it excels in a few places
it's a romance and mystery plot, it exceeds in that, what the fuck are you talking about?
>It's one of those animes that people really wanted to be good so they convince themselves it is
Because it is good, 2009+ newfags need to watch more anime
>That or the viewer is just an incel

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The okabe/kurisu banter is top tier.

Monogatari has better banter between characters that aren't one note memelords.

You'll understand when you grow up, user.

trying way too hard

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holy shit what a faggot

range ban all mass repliers

Fuck haters. Love me wife, simple as

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>Because it is good, 2009+ newfags need to watch more anime
if you're saying I need to watch more anime to realize this is one of the best ones, then that tells me I should watch less anime because most are bad. Watching anime for the sake of it being anime is a bad thing, because at that point you just use it as a shallow identity, latching on to the "weeb" persona, which is annoying if you aren't steeped in the subculture. This is why reasonable people consider anime fans to be spergy idiots who obsess over something because it's a cartoon and has flashy colors and obnoxious characters. I always compare anime to all TV shows of all mediums, not just anime to other anime. Some anime are way better than most TV shows but I won't put it on a pedestal simply because it's anime. The fact that this show panders to the otaku subculture (which is realllllllllllllllllly annoying because otaku subculture is full of the dregs of society) is an insult to any thinking person who is just there to see a good story. It alienates people for no good reason other than self masturbatory in-jokes and sekrit club elitist mentality, but instead of the target audience being elite they're actually just losers with furry-discord-server-roleplayer-tier personalities, hence why I say insulting. Not saying you're like that but you have to realize how this detracts from the series

loli makise exists?

God shut the fuck up already. I've never seen a more blatant crossboarding newfaggot in my life.
If these are the shitters who think S;G is bad then it's even more of a masterpiece.

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>no argument

Why are you asking something you're incapable of? Why would I waste my breath on a drooling retard such as yourself?

anime is for everyone, not just otakus, and is therefore subject to criticism from everyone. I didn't say I didn't like it--it was a solid 6/10 I'm just saying why I didn't like it more and why it objectively isn't a masterpiece. It's fair that anime panders to otakus because there are people who want that, but you should gain a little self awareness and realize that those cheap tropes are really lame and is a sign of being underdeveloped and maybe you should do some self reflection as to why that appeals to you because it isn't healthy. I think that anime is a great medium and has so much potential (that is infact reached in shows like NGE, twelve kingdoms, DKOMD, various studio ghibli films etc.).... sorry if that comes off as rude it's just my two cents :I
there's really just better stuff that isn't bogged down by that nonsense

steins gate is artificially good
the music, character design, and the mc crying makes you think it's cool tragedy when it's not

It's definitely overhyped but it's still a pretty good 8/10 anime, especially at the second half.

I forget which manga it's from, might be the babel one..

>le "ironic" weeb
>otaku culture bad
>wall of text
literally what are you doing on this site you faggot? this is why gatekeeping is a good thing and necessary. Go back
Compared to most time travel stories, Steins;Gate is top tier. DARK is not gripping or emotionally investing at all, Butterfly Effect is dogshit, etc. Others are not even worth mentioning solely because of how unremarkable they are

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Read Babel of the Grieved Maze

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What are you even talking about stupid roastie? I can't tell whether you're here to argue S;G is bad because you're retarded or just whine about otakus in general for some reason.

You've just won the excellence award for the most retarded opinion ITT! No not just this thread, the entire internet! Congrats user!

Steins Gate has always been overrated. It doesn't help that the fanbase is also complete garbage

gatekeeping implies that the otaku subculture isn't a subculture but is rather inherent in anime, which it isn't, because anime just another means of story telling. It's therefore not constrained by any subculture. You don't need bad incel-roleplayer-discord humor in anime for it to be considered anime
I'm here to whine about otakus because they unfortunately have influence on the anime industry and make anime worse. Yea I get there are upsides to them because they contribute to its growth and create some unique culture but if you take a step back and look at what makes an anime good it's not the pandering but the core story telling aspects. I think the problem is that mangakas and studios play off their audiences too much which gets in the way of good story telling

>whine about otakus because they unfortunately have influence on the anime industry and make anime worse

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>I'm here to whine about otakus because they unfortunately have influence on the anime industry and make anime worse
Then fuck off to another thread faggot, this is a S;G thread not your personal blog.

It was more of a 7 or 6 really.

You have been intensely whiny.

These people don't think, they like what is popular.
>muh quirky scientist
Let's be honest, this show is completely retarded. Once you get tired of the same gag of the MC annoying the tsundere it becomes painfully obvious how soulless and devoid of life it actually is. If you're a fan of this series I get it, you think its eccentric and creative, but try using logic when viewing it and you will understand what I mean.

what is actually good about it though? its a solid 2 for me

Why has this been getting daily threads for the past few months? Are newfags only now watching this then making their own shitpost threads?

Why did the HxH thread with the same topic get pruned but not this one?

more people need to wake up to how bad some popular anime are. enough promoting degeneracy

She's a cute retard. Its like having a pet. I found out (too late anyways) that my gf is one of those retards - while she does get annoying, she does have some good traits. I havent finished the series but i got the feels when the mc gets stuck in a loop with her dying. Pic rel, another cute retard

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Probably because that was a troll thread. Its very difficult to legitimately criticize hxh because its so well written.

because not a single post in that thread was actually talking about HxH

user pls. Aqua is way dumber than Mayuri.

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Lol 2, are you retarded? Is a fucking 1/10 borefest. Of course a weeb with low standards like you would give it a 2/10. Go read some more books, illiterate faggot

Everyone memed me into watching this and the protagonist was so unlikable I didn't even watch the final part with his gay ass romance with the mid tsundere. The only good part about this show is the time travel everything else is literal TRASH.

>mid tsundere.
name a "good tsundere" fag

She's at the tippy top.

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Steins;Gate is more soulful than anything else I've seen. You can understand the greatness of Okabe only if you're a fellow chuunichad, it resonates with you very well and while you may consider him just a "quirky scientist" it's more than that. That's not the reason why it's popular though, that'd be the romance and character dynamics.
Steins;Gate's fanbase is 80% waifufags and 20% chunibros

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>not 0/10
kys pseud larper

steins gate is shit