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No ninja thread why? Is it dead ?

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It doesn't need a general. You can survive without spamming posts about diarrhea and correction until the weekend.

Its not a controversial thread retard or any Mitsudomoe thread would be pruned

We need a general.

My main concern is which team will get the ED. Horse and ox are both going to be in the episode. Which will get featured in the end?

Talking about currently airing shows which are popular with the board's population does not constitute a general.

This. Although enjoy it while you cam because the party is over when the last episode airs.

user this is an instant cult classic

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I just think little girls are sexy, okay?


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Nothing says people should stop making threads as soon as a show ends too as long as they have anything at all to talk about it or its characters either, being too autistic about the definition of general is retarded especially given how many literal and actual generals about shounen there are in the board which always have free reign to do whatever they want. Just don't be an asshole and stick to talking about anime, anime characters and anime culture.

The "no generals" rule is straight retarded

Yamamoto doesn't even try to hide it.

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Could Yamamoto secretly be a lolicon?

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Yeah, I agree and these threads have been pretty civil. As long as it stays that way I have no problems.

how can she be so smug?

poop monkey is the best written character

Two upper class bodyguards that will defend her no matter who much she runs her mouth.

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Truly /our/ guy.

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thanks for the thread user. i couldn't participate on last thread since i got banned for shitting on jeannies for not getting rid of bots bypassing the captcha and shitting up this shithole.
i'll post some dumb loops i made, not sure ppl already did them though.

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>all those s-words with the wrong webm.

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anons what is she vibing to?

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The OP to this anime is pretty catchy

That's just a healthy 18 years old drawn by Yamamoto


>Working on three quite succesful manga
>Still have time to draw cunny to post on Twitter
How does he do this? Is it the power of working to the thing you love the most? Does her wife get jealous of his delicious hebes?

*His wife

Needing a thread open at all times, so people can bump it at page 10 with the same posts. Whatever you wish to call it, it is stupid.

What's she doing?

It's pretty amazing he even managed to get married. All things considered.

Second best OP this season imo

She probably doesn't mind the fact that her husband is a full blown lolicon.

What a loser.

I can't believe I use to listen to this unironically

Korn wasn't even the worst edge rock band of the 90's. I used to listen to The Toadies.

My wife

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forgot to roll for episode 4.
current gets: kagetsu, dog and rat teams.

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>no roll for senseis

>85 again

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Rolling and then providing this if anons don't like their first get.

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>wanting the hags

You have to roll on episode day or you forfeit your ninja bride for that episode.

fuck me. that looks like a boy. i shouldn't have posted asagao crying.

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i was here the entire time, but i couldn't post because i was banned...

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>not wanting a hag

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Stop trying to make me cum.


>anons itt who simply can't hold it in for 12 hours until the ep drops

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Happy snakes!!!