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How would the plot have changed if Law was a woman?

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FAPFEST like no other.
Imagine her using coom er vroom.

What would a female captain E. Kidd look like?

Law would be useless aside from killing some fodder and we would have yet another group of schizos but you knew that

Tsundere waifu for Luffy, I guess?

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He already has Nami for that

So right now the three “deaths” so far in this battle have been Kanjuro, Bowler Hat Man and Orochi. Honestly now how many of those deaths do you think will stick

Am i wrong or are logia-awakenings already semi confirmed?
They do permanently alter the islands they were activated on.
>aokiji + akainu
punk hazard
enies lobby, sun is always shining
thunder island at start of grandline

also BB can make a permanent night, and so stop the Dawn of the world

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LuNa will never be real.

How come none of Oda's women have ass? I'm not saying it has to be a dumptruck cellulite but at least some fat on there. They have the flattest pancake butts.

That would mean crocodile is awakened too since he made a bunch of sandstorms in alabasta

fuck off morj. stop shilling your shit here.

Is Blackbeard yonko tier?


>his awakening sucks everyone dry

really makes you think, doesnt it ?

Ashura Doji?

Not much would change except for Sanji being infatuated with her. Also there would a lot of ship teasing with Luffy.

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no they're just elements so they naturally effect the terrain they're in
they aren't actually causing the terrain to act like an extension of themselves (i.e they aren't making fists come out of the ground in their specific element, or reforming building into spears of their element to chuck at an opponent)

logia awakenings are likely the have by far the blurriest lines

Even Shanks is scared of him. But makes me realize if Blackbeard was scared of Akainu. How strong is Akainu?

I guess him too yeah I just consider that a less conclusive death scene than the rest in the end

LuNa isn’t a bad ship honestly

Never said it was bad. Just will never be real

Who turned out as the biggest jobber post TS, Smoker or Hawkings?

Apoo meanwhile turned out as one of the funniest characters

Cursed Ulti

I keep hearing about a usopp moment since 100 chapter in this thread now
When its gonna happen?

When the raid fails Mr morj is going to look like a fucking genius. He'll instantly catapult to the number one spot of all one piece YouTubers

That is the worst fucking image to use to start a general. This thread is gonna sage.

What if the raid was a success? Will he deletes his youtube channel?


So do you think Blackbeard is stronger than Kaido?

I don't know.

how strong is BB's haki?

pirate king level

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mother >>>>>>>>> Akainu

You gonna hold Oda at gunpoint to prevent him from going through with it or something?

Don't even need to because he's not going to make it happen.

>Big Mom ship shows up in Dressrosa

we will never get this feeling again now that Luffy will be the strongest creature in the world
no more adventure

Nigga Luffy NEVER ever got flustered, flirty or affections to a girl, ever. That romance is just happening in your head, regardless if its nami, boa or whoever else
Like THE ONLY character that was dense as luffy in a shounen ever that got a girl was goku and that was because he unironically was tricked into arranged marriage as a kid

Hardcore tsundere

Yeah one piece is ending grandpa


>uses the regular version of nigger

Go back to the youtube comment section of some faggot with a cringy anime self portrait.

>No argument
Stop writing romanctic fanfiction about characters with headcanon

>LuNa faggots calling people chimp


Goku didn’t get tricked into it. He needed clarification on the concept of marriage and essentially went, “Sure, OK, whatever” because he wanted to keep his promise. He didn’t have to.

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imagine yamato pegging you, since she is so tall he gaint oni boobs would smother your head while she presses up against you

Thank god he isn't a woman. Think of the amount of cancerous coomer threads we would have gotten.

This doesn't change the fact he is a character that never breaks promises and he accepted it as a kid with no idea what it was at the time

Just because he is told later what is doest mean he was not tricked into. and the page you posted proves he still doesnt understand it, btw,Tthats not how "tricked into" works

just wait until bonney actually shows up in the story and that french bonney fag will never shut the fuck up

Characters who'd be better off as girls:
>Sanji (to tone down all gags and quirks aside from the Zoro rivalry)
>Apoo (we still need more chicks who act like scummy pirates)
>Sabo (so he isn't just Ace 2.0)
All I got

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>>Sanji (to tone down all gags and quirks a
Gay detected

>Apoo (we still need more chicks who act like scummy pirates)
Also because she's one of the most attractive designs Oda's ever made FUCK NAMIFACE

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I can't wait until we get Kaido's flashback, even if I'd rather it happens after the fight ends. The idea of him being an oni version of Luffy is not only hilarious, but really cool. And yeah, I agree that something akin to what happened with the Yayoi and Ainu Japanese could be paralleled with Kaido's backstory to explain what happened to the oni and Wano. Another user mentioned that Onigashima, while introduced as just an abandoned island Kaido took over, is likely the home island of the oni, who were mostly wiped out by Wano's citizen. That explains why Kaido is so focused on taking/keeping Wano, but his disdain for trusting humans.

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>Page 3

its fucking over

Kaidos backstory after he falls would be a good book end for act 3 as it started with Odens

Reminder with all the databooks and vivre card we got there was not one mention of an Oni race.

The concept of this race existing in one piece youtubers and opgs head, and nowhere else

for me, it is the piano teeth that look like braces

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>new chapter
>dead thread
What killed the hype?

>>Sabo (so he isn't just Ace 2.0)
>Post Ulti
Ulti is literally female Sabo, she obsesses over her little brother and is willing to go to any lengths to protect him, even when it's not needed. Sabo not only crashed out with PSTD when he finally remembered Ace, after his death he has an almost cult-like belief in Luffy's dream and him becoming Pirate King, akin to Ulti having no qualms with trying to attack a literal emperor for KOing her brother.

Nothing killed it. We literally had to wait nearly 2 weeks for it. Never mind the spoilers and images were out for half a week. The people who wanted to discuss the chapter this week already did. By the time TCH released their translation there wasn't much less to discuss, which doesn't give the usual shitposters who squat here for attention much ammo or people to target with their shit bait.

>databooks and vivre card
At least try.

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Kakauri had a similar reaction to Brullee getting hurt
So I guess he's a male Sabo or female Ulti

Humans are fragile beings, Zoro.

Sure, let's go with that.

user, Kaido tells Yamato that Oni's can't be Oden. There's even a virus Queen makes that turns people into Onis

Humans are so....interesting, mugiwara-ya

Yes every character is actually a version of another character

this and besides there was nothing in the chapter to discuss. it was just a filler.

I'm glad we have an understanding, user.

>the entirety of the chapter was just a retelling of events that we already know
I wonder why.

Oda's art was never good

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You say that but Luffy will still job at the start of the next arc

Dont think so oda putting all the jobbing in to this arc to get it out of the way

On a other note, is there a site that list all anime ordered by episode count?

Is that a croc next to Robin or a fuckin' whale man or something?

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I love how much of a psycho Sabo is. That motherfucker is leading a suicide mission right into Gorosei central just so they can rescue and properly bury Kuma's corpse.

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I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about someone's remains. The soul is gone, it's just meat, you don't need to revere it.

It's Child Services

>Dragon and the Revolutionary Army don’t make their move for decades in our time
>When they finally do at the Reverie, Sabo, Dragon’s no. 2, is immediately apprehended and the Revolutionary’s plan ends in failure
Defend this.

Honestly bros with all the hell references last chapter, I think that ZZK could happen. The "Give me a sip of clear water" quote on the wishing lantern sealed the deal for me. Honeslty Yea Forums, reddit, twitter, worstgen will all be in meltdown and it will be glorious to see it when it happens.

ok but you need to go back