Final Daily Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro Side Story: Nostalgic Travelogue chapter

Chapter 7

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This is the end.

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t-the end?

End of the chapter.

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"Fantasy Notes": A Record of Nijuku and Sanju's Journey

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imagine sleeping in there with a thousand bats

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Done. I think this is the longest manga I've dumped so far, and it's hard to believe there are no more Kuro adventures left to read. All in all, this was a very engaging and satisfying read, and it did become one of my favorites. I really loved the cast, the tight storytelling (both long and short term), and maybe most of all, the incredible art. I'm seriously thinking about buying the art book.
Did you like it? Who was your favorite character? Mine was Mo.
Tomorrow I will start posting Spectral Wizard. Maybe we'll see each other there.

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so kuro can't sleep?

>bat's eye view

I could swear we saw this page before

>sanju POV
fuck yes

Thanks OP. It's been a beautiful story.
I think sen was my favorite.

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δΉ™. Kansha.

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this is one of my favorites too, there's nothing quite like it. my favorite character is either Sen or Kuro, I never liked a father figure character as much as Sen.
thanks for posting OP

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fuck you hifumi

Note to myself: eating inedible mushrooms helps to strengthen the boundary between reality and dreams when you're idle and alone.

The new clothes are brown! I thought so

>In over 10 years of travelling
That's either confirmation or a joke about how long Kuro was released (and hiatuz'd in part over)

good dog

I checked out emotionally after the main story finale, but still read the dailies. it's a really good series. I'll miss kuro, sen, nijuku and sanju. those funny cats always brightened my day.
thanks OP.

Of all the chapters, the second to last one is the most mysterious.

Oh the Cranes from the star catcher chapter

I did not. Sen and the Fib Baron.

Oh it's the same deserted village that grew the flowers Fukushigi gave, that Kuro later visited and that's on the cover

>I did not
I don't believe you

Thanks for doing the storytime. It's my favourite manga but so unknown so I rarely get to participate in discussion. I'l miss these daily's.

I love all the characters, though I appreciate the extra angle Sen bought to Kuro's story.
I really hope Satoko does a new series someday.

I don't remember that.

I'm sorry you had to read almost a hundred chapters of a manga you didn't like.

>It's like we're undersea. The sea is both over our heads, and at our feet, so we can go anywhere.
Woah, that's a very magical line.

thanks, OP. i had my issues at time, but i liked it. i liked Sen, but i like a dickass character
i'll see you there, along this long road

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The girl who almost drowned trying to catch the shiny rocks the cranes dropped and didn't get saved from drowning by Hifumi, but did get saved from being serial murdered by Hifumi turning the slasher into a shadow.

Thanks OP. I mean really, this was something I really looked forward to every day because I love this series. So thank you for storytiming it and enjoying it with us. Looking forward to what's next, but I'm sad to see this daily go.
>Who was your favorite character?
I really like Kuro herself, but she wouldn't be who she is without her little family.

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I liked the foreshadowing of this page

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