Is censorship good for you?

Is censorship good for you?

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No but bottom looks better

Bottom is unironically hotter.

>t. CCP


Seething trannies

They look like pajamas

Bottom is quite good actually

Bottom does look better though, so much more if they bothered to properly shade and crease it.

Bottom looks better

Roastie detected

>they even removed the lipstick
did a muslim edit this?

Bottom makes no sense in context because Uzui's wives are supposed to be undercover as prostitutes to uncover information on the disappearances occurring.

This + it's the exact same copypaste body with different eyes and hair.


Unironically yes, we need to stop sexualizing women.


>trannies unironically celebrating this
never change nu-Yea Forums

bwahaahha, might as wall pack it up at this point and go home. the fuck.

top looks gaudy
bottom looks like pajamas

as always, the solution lies between the two extremes.

They were hated for telling the truth.

no and no

Nothing wrong with censorship, there things people are better off not seeing.

how did they censor the demon?

Extremely based individuals

You can't be for real.

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Let me guess, they are tengen's sisters instead of his wifes in the censored version.

The copypasted tits in the top screenshot bother me

Bottom left is better, but bottom right and middle look pretty ugly and era/style unfitting.

This wouldn't be an issue if they were flat

Top looks better

>Could have at least had it tastefully middle of the road, it's not like cleavage doesn't exist in real life
>Nah lets just go full on prude and cover up everything save the collarbone
If my options are tasteless booba and tasteless censorship, I'll take the booba thank you

It all feels so artificial, doesn't it?

Bottom looks way better. America is right when it comes to this kind of stuff and I'm glad Japan is catching on.


Cuckzui is pathetic.

Because it is

So what country is the bottom actually from, something about it looks off, like someone applied the smudge tool over everything from the girls to the trees

It won't make trash better but it might incentivize the production of not trash. Revolt against censorship can be a great seed for creativity.

I shit on censorship fags
Fuck you, die.


if it's not good for my dick, it's not good for me.

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t. xi cocksuckers

How autistic do you have to be to not notice the sarcasm?

Either they're baiting, or they're actual Redditors

cover the cleavage but keep the shoulders and armpits exposed

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What sarcasm? These pro-censorship Twitter tourists are a spreading disease

seething coomer


Go the fuck back

based, making cum brains seethe

keep fighting the good fight then, I'm sure you'll manage to decensor the Chinese version

You don't really enjoy anime, tourists.

I'm not going to suck China's dick

China also represses women and minorities so its alright in this case

The industry has been hyper sexualized in the past 20 years with harem and ecchi anime. It's about time we went back to the golden age where the story was the focus

lmao faggots

yes, my small children have to be protected from seeing cleavage while they watch this gore fest

>Kimetsu no Yaiba if localized by 4Kids

/h/ exists tourists. Feel free to enjoy censorship free coomer trash there.

Amazing how Yea Forums is now defending 4Kids shit

ecchi/fanservice is negatively correlated with material quality

Redditors come in and pretend they own the place now. Ewww not the evil breasts! Yikes!

sweater puppies

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>draw women in a negative and sexual manner
>plot is shit
Every. time.

I wonder if it's a raid

Most likely is.

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I wish Twitter tourists would leave

It's Chinese trash. And Yea Forums is defending it.