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psychotic high schooler smiles at drowning child

I can't believe chiyo is fucking dead

Freeze! This is now a Tomo thread! Put your Tomo pics where I can see it, NOW!

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That Sakaki movement is so incredibly cute, holy shit. I could legitimately stare at it for hours.

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I hate Tomo so much, why won’t she just die?

>abbulrabulragbulr I hate Tomo so much, why won’t she just die ablurghablurgh

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Rare Tomo with glasses

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Osaka is better than Tomo and Kagura when it comes to tests.

They have an abusive relationship

the azu threads have been dying pretty quick lately.
i think we need less frequent azu threads.

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It’s all Tomo’s fault

Guess who's backBack again'Sader's backTell a friend

herro every-nyan

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This is azumanga daioh humor in 21 century

I'm pretty sure she is faking it. Humans can stay afloat because they expand their chests by filling their lungs with air which increases buoyancy. Fresh corpses sink to the bottom because there is not enough buoyancy. Decomposing corpses rise to the top due to the gasses generated inside due to decomposing bacteria and stuff which makes them bloat up and increase buoyancy.

Shut up, Chiyosuke!

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Chiyo deserved the bullying. Imagine thinking you are so smart because you're a young prodigy from a rich family. So you flaunt it around like you are untouchable, strutting around campus like you own it. But then someone bigger and stronger comes around and doesn't like your smug attitude. Not so smart now, huh shrimp!?

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Raspberry Heaven
I'm coming back to you~

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Sakaki best girl of literally all anime

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tomo vs sakaki. tomo win

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based tomo

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Yomi is erotic

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Who wins in a fight: Fuuka Fat or Yomi?

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Yo! Yukari! lrn2 drive lmao!

Sakaki is always adorable

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I loathe this.

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so cool

I love this.

I love that fat nerd


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10/10 wife material