Daily Hoshi no Samidare Chapter

Chapter 15: Chapter 16

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early start again today

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endo f chapter, and end of volume.

are you the kind of person to be loud and obnoxious in public?

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Samidare in shorts does things to my dick

Oh boy 4:37 oclock

Rare shocked Yuuhi

>are you the kind of person to be loud and obnoxious in public?
When I'm TOO drunk. But when I'm just tipsy I'm silent as a rose.

>we'll play catch
>catch these hands

Kid has balls

Amazing start to a story. I am very quiet in public.Thanks OP.


Seven seas version has megane in a tight santa outfit.

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Thanks OP.
Not at all, I'm the opposite of that, perfect for stalker missions

Thanks OP. No, I'm much too self-concious to do anything that would draw attention while in public.

Bottom left is some of the greatest panels in manga history. Never fails to get a smile out of me.

>After the elderly, but before the children.

This quote, and this page, always stuck with me.

Binged the series because of these threads. It's a good one

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Samidare in general does things to my dick.


the forgotten daily

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Mizukami definitely has a thing for brothers.

oh hey, the stalker actually appears again

thats a warcrime

Thanks OP
Only with friends

>"i prefer aloof men who wear glasses"
>cut to the teacher wearing glasses

Just found out about this and I am in shock. Sure hope they don't fuck it up too bad.

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>missed the sticky
It was a wild time. Really hope they do a good job with it, in part because I love the story, and also because I want Mizukami to stay in the running for future adaptations.

Only when I'm drunk then I am especially obnoxious in public

>i killed your brother
>dont be silly, he cant be killed by someone like you
>he sac his life to save me, so i basically killed him
>oh, its on, motherfucker
fun guy

thanks hangetsu
thanks op

i got thin presence actually, some people even starts looking for me even though im right beside them

I don't theinm the studio was even announced. Not a great sign so far

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We know Yuuhi

Probably the least popular series that was covered

Thanks OP. And unfortunately I've been told so occasionally. Though I do my best to not bother people if I can help it.