Has an anime ever made you angry? Like legitimately angry?

Has an anime ever made you angry? Like legitimately angry?

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>code geass whenever Nina’s on screen
>ttgl whenever adult rossiu is on screen
>the entirety of ngnl


The Higurashi sequel dumpster fire made me pretty mad until I quit caring.

Which one?

I'm still mad

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I want to have sex with Mois.

I'm a bit ashamed, but overlord. The foresight destruction specifically. Though I didn't like any part of the show anyways.

Attack on Titan's wasted potential

I'm sorry to hear it was too deep for you. Hopefully someday a more patient person than myself will explain why you're stupid, but until then you should stick to A/Z.

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>wasted potential
It was always going to be schlocky action, what potential are you talking about?

Yeah haha that's crazy dude

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Yes, Ga Rei Zero when they kill off all of the interesting characters in the first episode and replace them with the most generic, smug/quirky pieces of shit imaginable. never made it past ep 2

I get you. Gou managed a double whammy of tricking the viewer into watching that worst arc again, and then giving an arc that's just insulting.

Not angry, just very disappointed, on several occasions


Very disappointing

the sequel offered us booby satoko and eua, just for this it was worth existing.

Is this from Keroro Gunso?

they censored my rightly deserved loli tiddy

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Every single aspect of Grimms Notes

This shit. You pick it up, it looks nice, the designs are pretty good, you start watching and realize it's trying hard to be Yahari, ok. First arc is like a revenge plot, and you think it's going somewhere trying to change things up a little BUT NO. The bitches that MC wanted that little revenge against fall for him anyway, then the next arc happens and the newspaper girl joins in, then the gyaru for little fucking reason, then finally episode 8 happens and the female transfer student is like "I want to devote myself to you MC-kun" in front of entire class right away, and you are like FUCK YOU, what the fuck is this shit. I never dropped a show with more anger thant that crap, I don't even care what happened after those few first minutes of episode 8. I'm still mad.

No im not 12

Love after the rain was so fucking bad, specially the main girl, god I hate her

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Mm hm.

School days.

Pokemon, when I was little. Specifically the stupid team rocket. Like, just catch your own pikachu you dumb assholes.

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I was actively angry for most of this fucking show.

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Gundam SEED Destiny.

This nigger infuriated me to no ends during my first watch. Funnily enough when I watched it a second time years later I found myself sympathizing greatly with him

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Lets see...

Nagatoro, because that bitch seriously needs five across the face.
Eureka Seven, because how the fuck can you design characters to be that ugly?
DxD, because such great girls are wasted n such a piece of shit
Code Geass, for being such a blatant "Japan is awesome, everyone else sucks" self wank
The Godzilla anime film trilogy for being so damn boring

This and also the entire village was retarded except for the three kids.

the doc was based IMO.

Yeah well he and the three kids were the only characters with common sense and any kind of survival instinct in that series.

Really? I didn't hate him anymore after my subsequent rewatches too but I never found myself sympathising with him. I could understand why he did what he did but I continue to see him as a coward who chose to have the village disappear because he was too gutless to reject the village and leave.

The ending of Welcome to the NHK

I mean when KF had both the Chinese and Koreans on the same side as the Japs you know someone fucked up bad

Opinion discarded and filtered.

Shut the fuck up, Boco.

That seven witches anime... The MC could have solved so many problems by domestic violence

Yes si--oh, just remembered: the last 30 seconds of Panty and Stocking.

Okay, yes sir...

The only reason to sympathize with him is because he's motivated by vampire cunny, which is always understandable. But Sunako is also an hypocritical murderous bitch, so fuck them both.

And another stupid opinion.
Literally filtered by a gag in a comedy anime.

If it wasn't 12 years ago with no followup it wouldn't be so bad.

TWOGK ending

Fullmetal alchemist being the number one anime by normies

It should have been fun schlocky action all the way to the end instead of a stupid allegorical drama halfway through.

I only get angry at people online for having shit opinions on my favorite anime. And given how unpopular it is, I probably hate a significant portion of the online anime "community".

For some reason I always think about Tower of God when I read TWOGK (the world only God knows) written here. Maybe that's because of the Tower of Gook meme?

And that anime is?

We got a lot of rika-chama though.

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This but I only get angry at "people from the anime community" who are actually just whores from twitter who watched something dubbed once and come here to tell us about how anime needs to be -their pet worldview- because as it is now is -problematic-.

I'm still mad about True Tears.
Also the Neppuu Kairiku Bushi Road movie. The ending shits all over the entire rest of the movie and pissed me off for several days. I hate it with a passion.

lmao cry more

still mad

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Which one? There's three of them.

I agree but see, there was no potential. There are plenty of series that do the same thing.

>Mad about true tears
>Telling anyone to cry more

>DxD, because such great girls are wasted n such a piece of shit
Yeah great girls that have 0 personality, holy shit tripfags are retarded, also dxd girls are ugly as well

>also dxd girls are ugly as well
He might be retarded, but you are clearly gay.

a lot

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