Is it ok to admit that I liked this show? Yeah its not as good as Inuyasha but it still nice

Is it ok to admit that I liked this show? Yeah its not as good as Inuyasha but it still nice.

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The story was terrible

She's the only good character in the show aside from the old ones from Inuyasha and yet she wasn't able to carry the show for me

I didn't personally enjoy it very much, but I'm not going to get bootyblasted about you liking it

It was great and the AoTY for two years.

It had some fun moments, and some of the characters were ok, but the show clearly needed a major rework and another pass over the script.
Highschoolers have written better thought out Inuyasha sequel fan fiction.

i personally liked the twins but only after a while

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I didn't like it that much but you do you user.

Oh, I know the stupid faggot you are referring to.

If you ignore the Sesshomaru wank, sure.

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Just a terrible production. I cannot allow you to continue liking it. Stop liking it.

Oh cmon just a little liking it?

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. >mfw thinking of you hurting

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Show would be better if she was the MC
She is easily the best of the trio.


She should have been the MC alongside Miroku and Sango's kids while Towa/Setsuna should have never happened

Or at least make Towa and Setsuna occasional characters like their dad.

I liked it because of Moroha.
I hated it because it barely gave me any Moroha.

Setsuna is pretty cool unlike her dyke sister

Towas cute once u accept her sanders costume


Still gonna watch it because of Inuyasha nostalgia but I'm not expecting much.

I am glad that some people liked it though, that gives me hope that it'll be at least fun.

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Its not so bad just not as good as Inuyasha

Setsuna has a big booty

Why is it so big

She makes big swings with her nagitana which makes her hips bigger.

Is it gay to fuck a tomboy?

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wrong the best character was Kirinmaru by a mile

Did the balls touch?

It suffers from what most noncanon additions that aren’t written by the original creator do, and that’s being incredibly soulless and devoid of what even made Inuyasha fun and interesting in the first place.
Not even worth watching through the first season in my opinion.

Moroha was the perfect remedy for this
>Has similar abilities to both her parents
>But has a distinct personality and mission
>An interesting past that could be explored
>Great comic relief, without being obnoxious
>Beniyasha was a nice twist on Full-Blooded Inuyasha
>Great character design

But then they shoved her into the background so they can focus on the worst characters of the show. Then they ignored all her plot potential to redo plot elements from the original series.

Fine, Setsuna can stay because I thought she and Moroha had a lot of potential chemistry together. Towa is fucking shit though

Kirinchad was fun as hell

I dropped it, I liked all the characters a lot but I did not like the shape their motivation took. The characters needed a stronger case to adventure together, like the loli from the future getting kidnapped. It would have been a far better and interesting thing than "lets go get reward money"

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>Inuyasha's daughter
>and she's the best girl
>but she's not the MC
>the MCs are unlikable
well at least it will be about Youkai adventures without Naraku
>it's all about trying to chase down some other fucker

goddammit so much potential wasted

>mangaka teases fanservice on his Twitter account
>ends up just being the Yashahime bathing with everything below their necks completely obscured by fog
How assblasted is the Towa fag that's obsessed with her tits about this?

I forgot the middle one’s name but I hated her hair. I like short hair, but that short strand of red was stupid.

He was happy

No. Forgettable would be a compliment.

S1 was good but S2 was a complete mess, I can't see anybody liking it.

Miroku was gutted hard so you're wrong.

Shut the fuck up Boco!

Your in the extreme minority - pretty much anyone who watched it agreed that S2 was better than S1. Granted it's still shit

Like what you like faggot.

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i wouldve liked "lets go get reward money" if the monsters were as unnerving as Inuyashas

Yeah, none of the monsters were scary or intimidating

They seemed like the kid-gloves version of inuyasha monsters.

Yeah you had shit like the fat fuck who seals you in his little play world until he decides to eat you and the eye opening demon who drags kids to hell....then theres this fucker

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I'm pissed off because they had dynamite bodies and we only got to see them once or twice in Moroha's case.
we didn't even get alternate outfits. Kagome got more outfits than Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha combined.

Admit it.

You miss them and want to see more of them.

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I miss only Moroha

S1's problem is that it was a great set up to a 100 episode anime that we never got.

Because it only went for two seasons, it had to rush what little story it was creating at the very end and backload everything onto S2. Which fixed the plot threads but at the cost of ruining the slow SoL comfy.
I don't see how you can really like S1 when it was introducing major plot elements literally its last episode like the first half of it never happened. I still hold S1 should have been the modern era with S2 picking back up in the past.

I woudl love another season but please no more sumisawa

What I am most disappointed about Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru should have donated their fangs to their daughters and this family tradition of passing down fangs was unfortunately abandoned in the sequel.

but dont they only donate their fangs once they're, yknow, going to die?

I think it's clear that they were trying to aim at a much younger audience than the first series

>Towa was more or less useless
>Setsuna was more or less a damsel in distress with a weapon
>Moroha was a good character trapped in a bad anime
>Riku looked like a faggot and was useless
>Sesshomaru stole the spotlight far too often
>Kirinmaru was a dumbass of a villain with questionable motives
>Osamu Kirin-sensei was too fucking obvious
>Rion looked like a dunce with her upside down makeup, and was a damsel in distress at the end
>All of the generals were forgettable chumps that wasted time
>Everyone was a one-trick pony with their attacks, using the same fucking attack more than Inuyasha when he only had one attack
>Animation quality was laughable, even during the overpowered fights
>Towa and Moroha's ultimate forms never came back after they got their asses kicked by Kirinmaru

Hell, there were so many problems that it's unrealistic to list it all. I watched to the end to see if anything good happened, but it was so bland.

i love her

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>>Towa and Moroha's ultimate forms never came back after they got their asses kicked by Kirinmaru
I thought Moroha's ultimate form was just Beniyasha

When they had that galactic-level battle, Moroha's Beniyasha form gained a bit more makeup and was significantly stronger.

Ah, ok. I fell off Yashahime after the tenth episode when I realize it was just going to be shit