Otherside Picnic Chapter 48

New chapter is up! This is the start of volume 3 of the novels

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Thanks, OP!

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The fucking birds took their clothes, that Toriko's ass though, also I think I can see a nipple

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And that's the end of the chapter! Here's the novel illustration that went along with this segment

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Greg would have shot the building.

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They look too young on this illustration, manga Toriko is far hotter.

Yeah the novel illustrations often make them look weirdly childlike. There are several where Kozakura looks like she's six while in the manga she looks a lot more like a very short adult

>God doesn't require us to succeed, he only requires that you try
Weird shirt.

Dumb flirty fish doesn't even know what she's doing to the poor bird.

This chapter marks the point where Sorawo goes full schizo. Once you've started hiding your hallucinations to try to pretend you're sane there's not really any going back

It really makes you wonder because Sorawo was a part of a cult after all

actual otherside picnic time soon

Finally back to fun exploration stuff

greg would have solved everything

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>Toriko internally

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Serious talk, and all Sorawo can think of is her height fetishes.

she's just taking a gander

thanks, OP

umm.... gay, much?

based yuriposter

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Cute lesbians.

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New book soon.