Yea Forums sings - Giri Giri (Kaguya: Love is War OP3) [TV Size]


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>Yea Forums sings Thanatos -If I Can't Be Yours- (Evangelion OST)

Deadline nearing, so submit soon.

Deadline will be the end of May.
Starter pack with song, instrumental, and lyrics:
Also uploaded the instrumental to Youtube as well:
Send your submission to [email protected]

Get to it lads, see you all in instrumentality.

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ah fuck I missed it



I watched the giri giri one a while ago, nice one Yea Forums

If you're done with the Yea Forums sings above and are looking for more singing or shitposting, drop them in the thread and I'll archive it for future videos.

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Excellent as always. I'm glad I didn't participate and ruin it.

not the usual singfag but I hope I butchered Baki properly

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user, there's no way you can ruin what was already trash.
the more the merrier

>Yea Forums sings Berserk ED - Waiting So Long

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Requesting any singfags to try this out

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We need to do an Yea Forums sings for the new Kaguya ED

Do you have the lyrics? Because I don't understand a shit about it, music is good tho.

Where would the instrumental be? This song just came out with the latest episode, right?

If there was someone more professional at mixing, I wouldn't mind organizing a double-feature to do the new ED and the Chika one from S1. We could do both TV Size EDs back to back.
Well, there's organizing the whole thing and generating enough interest to even get it started.

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That would be nice.
Been looking for this in the archive, perfect loop, thank you.

I love this autistic pretty boy

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Amazing job user

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This chorus slaps, will butcher this in a few hours

Kore ga american joke desu

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Request butchered successfully

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Blu-rays when.

>that chorus

Can I expect a full cover at some point or will I have to break your legs for it? Well done, user.
Hot damn, I wanna make a mini Yea Forums sings outta this. Any other singfags give this song a spin and maybe I can make a cool harmony from all this.

Yo for shizzle my drizzle, that Miko poster at the end can choke on a missile

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file sent

This is worse than the HxH sings

day scared of man with a bat

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sure, it's quite a fun song

Why are all Cee's mixes so fucking bad, holy shit

I'll give it a shot as well

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Just how many anons actually watched Macross Delta?

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Alright, who wants to try this?

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I looked at the poll and it looks like lots of anons want to do the Yea Forums sings Lucky Star so I'll start collecting submissions now.

Some general instructions for this Yea Forums sings. Feel free to scream, shout, talk, and or sing like an autist while doing this song. In fact, I encourage it so that we can match the song's energy. Also, if you can and want to, sing the backing vocals to the song. It's a bit more work, but it'll be fun.

Here's the starter pack for the song:

Please send submissions to [email protected] or drop them in the thread through vocaroo, catbox, or any file sharing website

Have fun!

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So are we singing the new Kaguya ED?

Fuck off, Yea Forumsedditor.

maybe after user's Lucky Star project. We just did Giri Giri.

Too many. Worst Macross.

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