My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour

consider this christmas cake

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step aside, hag

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>Sawatari has a thing for seeing Ochiai in an apron
we're gonna get a flood of Naked Apron sex pics in the fanbox

Going to dump the raws

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And this week's fanbox offering. Jesus that neck though.

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cool thanks for dumping

Does anyone have the drawfags starbuck pic of Ochiai from last year's thread?

She's neither a neighbor nor a crybaby anymore. Fake publicity.

Her areolas must be huuuge and those nipples gotta be inverted

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thanks for dumping

Fuck, this heals my soul.

The official title was updated to My Former Divorced Crybaby Neighbor I think

>two adults
>they have romantically liked each other for 20+ chapters
>they also know about the mutual attraction
>they are even living together now
>still no sex

And now we got the translation.

It was

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Am i the only that want the wife to get NTR with her ex husband?

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Shit like this is why she's going to try and fail to break his pelvis

>all but guaranteed we'll get a coffeshop/breastmilk fanbox pic

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Oh god oh fuck

She makes me feel so many things.



"A Cute Girlfriend"

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This is immediately what I thought.

>segues a joke into a gift reveal
Smooth motherfucker. She's going to destroy him.

It just occurred to me that his joke order is both their favored drinks too, how has this dude not been drowning in pussy previously

Formerly Chuck


He's really smooth

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Too happy, I fear this might be the calm before the storm.

Ex hubby's dick is too small and his seed is too thin.

Absolutely fucking healing me


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So how have they had sex yet and if so how much?

At least three times a day.

If part one is to be trusted, despair will only lead to a happy outcome.

The question is: what will bring about that despair?

That's not what a cake is. I love cakes

they dont give her enough belly

My guess is an actual disagreement/arguement with Sawatari, she'll think they're going to break up and she'll be all alone again, only for him to laugh it off the next day. She's never really had a 'normal' relationship

The artist seems to want to lean into it with her lack of exercise, but hasn't fully committed.


the author will never introduce the ex husband, either he's a massive faggot or it's just plain stupid plot hole.

it does seem that way, he even put her in a cow bikini, she needs to be chubby

The exercise Fanbox post back in the day was titled like "Do some exercise Ochiai!" while the flavor text said "Don't do exercise, Ochiai..." I think he likes his slightly soft bellies

I hope he really doesn't, nothing good can come out of it besides the most obvious development of the husband
getting a punch to the face.

I love how this is fanservice for both sexes
>Tall, kind, considerate, and jacked guy
>Curvy, introverted, codependent, and domestic girl

Hopefully she doesn't go full yandere.

absolutely based

I thought Christmas cake is a term reserved for unloved 25+ y/o's. She's divorced and currently have a BF. Does that term still applies to her?

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>currently have a BF
They're not dating yet

But they are.

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No, but she might run off and he'll have to go out looking for her, or she'll hole in another room all night and start packing like she thinks she'll have to move out. It's gonna be about learning no one is perfect but that that's ok, or she can even be allowed to be mad herself and not just assume the worst of herself all the time. He can go a lot of places with her now to keep the crybaby part that will still lead to opportunities for growth/plot

As long as it's not too dumb or unreasonable.

That trash bag is filled with used paper tissues, and you know it

Guy is REALLY obvious with his Naked Apron fetish

>I love how this is fanservice for both sexes

Let's see from a first look...
>Used goods (Now don't be mad, but the obvious has to be stated)
>Divorced from TAWHXIC relationship
>Christmas cake
>Out of shape
>Couch crasher, no jobber
>Fairly average looks

>WAY younger looks
>8.5/9 out of 10
>Fucking ripped
>Chiseled, good looking to average face (at least until detailed reveal I'll give you that)
>Really good moves, very smooth and charismatic, hard to see why he wouldn't get partner opportunities
>Revolves around femMC, catering to her feelings and showers her with affection above all.
>Very slow advancement in relationship
>But this all is disregarded because... He's a bit shy I guess? (1 flaw undiscovered chad savior shoujo trope)

Now don't mind me, I find this series cute, but I think it's a bit more biased towards one subset of fans than the other...