Dance Dance Danseur

Just caught up episode 4, I think episode 5 is about to air.

Are you liking the anime so far? Honestly it's one of my favorite from the season

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Any scene of the girls wearing canvas split-sole ballet slippers instead of pointe shoes?

user I have no idea what you're talking about but you sound well educated in ballet footwear.

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Everyone fucking died.


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Was it really so expensive to do like 10 extra seconds of 2d animation?

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Why do they look like Princess Tutu? Was that based on a specific Swan Lake performance?

Is this about dancing? An SoL about dancing?

Very comfy, probably the highlight of my Friday's

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Episode 5 was absolute fucking kino. I'm glad I picked this up.

I think this might be the first series in a while where I'm glad a lot of anons aren't in on it

Will i go to a ballet performance after this? I went to an aquarium last season.

I would have cared if it was about female dancers, but I don't give a crap about guys.

It ain't the Yuri on ice film but I'll fucking take it. Peak dancu fiction

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>why they don't make more anime for girls
>make anime for girls
>the girls already left for k-shit and other shit

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This is a unisex intellectuals only anime!

Do not cry that some aren't joining in, Basque in the fact

This episode was boarded and directed by Bishounen Tanteidan director Hajime Ootani

His pure joy of dancing does make him more suited for the main role of a prince, despite him thinking that the demon is a cooler role.

Ripping the wing was pretty based of him

I think the CG looked a little better than in Taisou Zamurai. I guess they're improving.

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yes, and it's very enjoyable so far
for gatekeeping purposes?
lmao I wanted to go to an aquarium fr but didn't get to. Ballet is cool but also quite expensive.
stop caring about the losers missing this, just enjoy
good to know. I really liked Bishounen Tanteidan, this is an unexpected crossover
honestly half of the time I can't tell if it's CG or 2D. Heck, the opening is probably the best of the season graphically-speaking

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>ruins your daughter chance to perform at a big stage
fucking retard junpei

Decided to try it out on a whim and I love it. Junpei's passion for ballet just really hits me, and this episode looked beautiful.

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All anons in this threads are either gay or alphabet people. This anime SUCKS BALLS. TOO MUCH CGI.

I only care about this series in the sense that I hope it doing well means someone decides to take a chance on animating Kenrantaru.

>Ballet is cool but also quite expensive.
I went to three performances last December and all told I probably spent less than $300 combined since it was buying tickets for me and a friend for all three. I also wasn't an idiot buying tickets in the bottom seats by the orchestra pit or something. Unless it's like NYC Ballet maybe but looking around even something like Royal Ballet (if you're living in Bongland) isn't that expensive.

If you want to go, go. Maybe stay away from The Nutcracker because it's kind of dull IMO.

This is low key Aots
It's been a while since I've felt so much passion and love pour out of the screen.
I've been moved to tears more than once, but probably because I'm such a failure in life.

>One of the most pivotal scenes in the series and they couldn't be assed to not use 3Dshit

i mean the non-3d scenes looked real good. but yeah that did kinda look like it was badly rotoscoped

Holy shit the end of the dance left me breathless, this anime is so fucking good

Man I'm going

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At first I felt like I had miss an episode, but went to check and no, it just went into his first performance really fast. Other than that it was kino.

Why? You don't understand ballet and now its going to be the same FOTM people pretending they know all about ballet. Animes like this one do more harm than good.

Because it's good? I don't understand shit about ballet and don't care that much about it but this was good and I had more than a good time watching what the fuck are you on about? I'm also watching a golf anime this season and don't even know the rules but I keep watching it because I'm having a good time, am I supposed to only watch anime related to hobbies that I have and stuff that I already like? Am I wrong for trying something new? Fuck off

Is not ballet, is animation. But then again ballet people are the king that get triggered if normal people like it, because they masturbate to the idea of gate keeping their expensive shit, as of it needed any gatekeeping at all.

If Miyako and her mom acted like that faggot Junpei would still be in his uncle's dojo.

is it a bad thing that im really attracted to dance mom

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The number of people watching this anime is so small that gatekeeping from this is the equivalent of standing on an empty road and pretending you are stopping traffic.

Why is this allowed?

he is clearly gay those kids are not in danger

I am watching it and I know it's objectively good, but it's not one of my favorites. I always end up watching the episode a few days behind in favor of Dragon Quest and Cue!

It’s fantastic. With all the deserved hype spend Papiri Koumei, Dance Dance Danseur is the real stealth AOTS/underrated AOTS

What the fuck? What's wrong with her right foot?

This is lewd.

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Good taste.

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negative ass

Why are these girls so tiny? The boy himself is only 14.

The show is deliberately horrible with proportions.

Btw, cuckening when?

Deku and Bakugo spam is all the same

That scene where Junpei is holding Luou's neck is funny

Truly excellent episode. They were being pretty heavy-handed paralleling Rothbarts 'loathing' to Luou's drama though. Why does he hate his sister?

Imagine practicing everyday just to get cucked by a shonen protagonist.
they got robbed the chance to perform.

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