Dragon Ball Super

Remember when Vegeta cried?

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Remember when Goku died against fucking Raditz.

I remember that battle he won.

You are mentally ill. No one finds those scenes funny or even give a shit about them besides you and maybe a handful of other freaks.

>You are mentally ill. No one finds those scenes funny or even give a shit about them besides you and maybe a handful of other freaks.

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>He won by dying
Gokubros are retarded.

Raditz died as well.
So yes he won.

Holy shit goku has only cried one time as an adult

Piccolo won. Not shitku.

It is funny how many times they break the prince's pride. Bejita is treated as a gag character.
Yes? Goku and Piccolo beat their opponent.

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And it was Toei filler.

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Piccolo was the assist.

CHADS of /trash/

>still wins
goku is STRONG

>You are mentally ill. No one finds those scenes funny or even give a shit about them besides you and maybe a handful of other freaks.

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My samefags have become self aware and are plotting against me

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Are you a mod or something? How is it that you're in these threads on other boards 24/7?

This looks fucking retarded

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You talking about that guy that Goku beat, spared him just to get backstabbed and then beat him again?

Yes I did. And it was funny.

SHITgeta lost.

it was piccolo's attack and shitku died and lost.


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You know why? Because Goku is a fucking MAN. Bejita on the other hand...

Goku is too retarded to experience any emotions besides tard rage.

That's Bejita. Goku is happy most of the time.

Sounds like his fans, kek.

Never happen.
He DID however died to Piccolo. Not Raditz.

...Bejita fans btw.

He won and then let go of the tail like a retard.

Who are you talking about?

Goku? Won.
This topic? Over.

>Freeza didn't cry
>Cell didn't cry
>even Majin Buu, who acts like a kid, didn't cry
>even edgelord fanfic author Zamasu and Black didn't cry
How can you ever come back from this?

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goku lost

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Can't settle on one characterization of him?

Zamasu cried

Bejita is the one seething 24/7. We rarely see Goku raging.

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You can't. He is STILL a joke 20 years later.

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He also BEGGED our HERO son GODku to avenge the saiyan race by defeating SLURPza

Says the guy who's new power up is literally
>muh pride and ego!

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Zamasu did cry.

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Goku unironically is high most of the time to be angry. What Series are you watching?

>let him go to win again

Vegeta Prince of All Jobbers

Except he wasn't giving up, just falling even further into his delusions that he was some sort of "savior", shortly before continuing the battle. Bejita cried after losing both times, for differing reasons, but it doesn't change the fact.

Now that you mention it, of all the Main antagonist I think only Vegeta cried (not counting NON-CANONmasu). Did Broly cry?

We don't care about the anime.

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CHADku? Our HANDSOME hero.

SHITren cried.

>he wasn't giving up

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Bejita experiencing the full range of human emotion is what makes him the best character in the history of fiction.

He did.

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I loved those episodes where he explored the full range of being a cuck when Beerus fucked his wife.

SHITren dreams of looking like this.

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You know this brings up an interesting question
Say if Gogeta or Vegito cried, would that count as a Goku/Vegeta cry or is it its own cry because they're fused? Are the tears fused too? What about their sweat? Does it taste like Goku, Vegeta, or Fusion Fluid!?

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Fusions are their own beings. It's Vegito or Gogeta crying, not Goku or Vegeta.

Fusions are different beings, I was said by both, Gogeta and Vegito.

>Son Family crying
Always for another person.
>Shitgeta crying
Always for himself.

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Jiren is a male prostitute who only has sex with very wealthy business men.


Goku, Gohan, and Goten never cried once adults. Gohan even took a hold of himself when he knew Buu killed his Mom and Girlfriend. Only a tear escaped him when Goku got back. Sad that a grown ass man like Bejita can't do the same.

Never coming back. Ever.

Coming back. Soon.

Damn, Caulifla gets to have sex with THAT?

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You mock me because you fear my power

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It's not happening. Not any time soon, at least.

It's happening. Any time soon, at least.

Bejita grows stronger through his losses. Every time he's at the top he gets lazy.

Do you think that Goku remembering his parents sending him away and hearing Bardock's fight will actually lead to meaningful and permanent character development? Or will they just hit the fucking reset button at the start of the next arc like every other time?

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>downie vegeta
Why are you like this?

No. Granolah is a filler arc.

...which is why he's never lazy because he's never at the top.

I remember when Jiren literally WARPED Bejita's psyche.

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Let's hope not.

All it'll do is make Goku's UI stronger because somehow fully remembering who he is makes UI stronger.


Which arc isn't a filler arc?
Trick question, everything after Frieza is

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>when kakarotto-sama makes buruma cum

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At least he didn't cry in the SBS manga.

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No. Characters don't stop being themselves just because they learn something.