Jujutsu Kaisen

What are your thoughts on the latest chapter and the culling game in general?

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I feel like the manga flows much better compared to pre-shibuya.
The fights are really fun and creative too.
But I'm a fightfag so who knows how much other people like it.


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it's awful


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I hope we get to see which member of staff Hakari assaulted to get kicked out. (hopefully Gakuganji)

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This chapter has hxh vibes

I wish Hakari was a handsome bara boy.

I miss Nobara



kill yourself


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Kiss yourself.

Really fun ability and cool fight, can't wait to see what happens next chapter.


yuji vs higuruma > megmi vs reggie > Mary Sue vs jobbers > Fag vs Fag
it keeps getting worse

Dunno wtf is the point of some of these chapters so just taking them in stride until something interesting happens

The chapters afte the megumi fight have been pretty shit. Who the fuck cares about Yuta and now the manga artist?

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who the fuck cares about deadnami lol

The whole culling game scenario is really forced and weird. In the "death game" subgenre you usually have to suspend disbelief for the setting, but it's really awkward to just suddenly shove one into an ongoing battle shounen.

Things have been pretty meh so far. Higuruma started things off pretty well, snored through Megumi's section and I only started getting interested again when Yuta's colony started. I'm just hoping Hajime doesn't disappoint me and then we can move back to the actual plot.

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>Fucks Trannies
>Enjoys romcoms
>Likes to gamble
>Enjoys hype things
god damn he's based

>Gojo teasing his younger self with sweets and cake and him whining for it.

I agree that the fights are more fun to read in CG, I think people have a bit of rose-tinted glasses when it comes to smaller scale fights in pre-Shibuya or even Shibuya. People forget we had characters like the apron guy and hand guy and the fights in the entire Kyoto exchange arc are kinda lame. CG may have a lot of fodders but they're much more fun to read about in my opinion.

Since Mappa own Kakegurui are we likely to get any references in S3? (I miss Yumeko dammit)

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kill yourself getonigger

If it wasn't for the Gojo VS Disasters fight, I'd say these first few chapters of the CG easily mogs the first few chapters of Shibuya.

Your timing is impeccable user, getting quicker

>Gojo and younger Gojo attempting to kill each other

>if we remove [thing] than other [thing] is better

Enter, TENTbara.
So Hakari’s Domain just spawns aspects about someone’s life to distract them, right? I wonder if it would do shit like conjure visions of Saori and Fumi to fuck with Nobara or Kokichi to fuck with Miwa.

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I care about Yuta

>So Hakari’s Domain just spawns aspects about someone’s life to distract them
Is it? I was just under the impression Hakari was a shoujofag kek and Hakari did seem to know all the references Charles was talking about in the last chapter.

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>Countryside pochinko to make Nobara seethe being the urbanite she is

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Same user, so much that I wish he was in a safe place (6 feet beneath the ground with a flat heartbeat)

>Hakari's expansion just spawns aspects about someone's life

How the fuck did you come to that conclusion? It's a fucking pachinko machine

exit IforgotwhatIwasgoingtowriteBARA

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>spawns aspects about someone’s life
pretty sure it just shows scenarios that Hakari stole from stories he's read. Since it had "version" in the name and all. Hakari probably used a version of his domain based on a well-known manga to fuck with Charles specifically because he's a disgusting otaku. I won't be surprised if his domain is dressed differently the next time he fights.

>that hand

Pretty bad. Gege clearly wants this to be a big string of fights, but he hasn't properly set up the motivations.
>Kill 20 sorcerors so you can make a rule that might help you kill more sorcerors
It would have worked better if it was a generic battle royale with some big prize at the end.

kill yourself shitbaranigger

Yuuji vs KOUguy is still one of my favourite fights. Haters can eat my shorts.

Why does Gege's editor let him do things like this? Do they just let Gege publish whatever because of the series popularity?

They had an agreement where if Gege draws a lewd woman, he gets to do what he wants. And he's now self inserting with spite.

Abso fucking lutely

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Thanks for the alternate and constructive interpretations on why Hakari happened to spawn a romcom manga in his Domain. It’s great how we can all come to different conclusions and kindly discuss together.
Fuck you. How did I come to that conclusion? Maybe because Hakari spawned a fucking manga themed Domain against a fucking manga writer? And the manga writer clearly knew what it was? Reread the chapter now.

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>Gege after breaking different editors fingers for hours just to get the chapter out

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I always wonder who is that little guy under tentbara?

I’ve always considered it to be the kind drawCHAD who drew it for us.

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what anons are forgetting is that there's a hidden meaning behind all this killing that we don't know since kenjaku is a keikaku master

So these rules of Hakari's domains and Pachinko are basically how Gacha summon animations works right ? Depending on the animation you can have a high rate (hype)
Can anyone confirm it for a retard ?

Wait why is showing pachinko in Jump frown upon when Yugioh had heavy gambling, especially pre-duel monster, years ago?

Pachinko specifically bad

Yuta's battle royale fight was cool.


>literally 0 stakes

i've really grown to like Hakari and his sleazy style

t. Editor-san

Are your fingers any better

how would a bingo CT work?

I dont kow and I dont care

Yeah, that's pretty much it, the different reach actions serve as a preview of the incoming roll, just like how gachas will show a slightly different summoning animation to let you know you got a 4* or 5*, or a SR/SSR pull

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>T. Gakuganji


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His CT being fucking rock still suprises me to this day. You'd think something so punk wouldn't be ascribed to someone whose "just following orders"

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ok how about a Go Fish CT?

Speed reader here. Is the MC able to do a domain expansion of his own?



sort of

I dont know