Shingeki no Kyojin

Anyone else cried with the tragic ending? Atleast I'm happy Bert's BAby managed to exist

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I love Mimi-chan

I want to kiss her

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we know, GODholdt Fubar.

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>retarded BAfat
Shit thread.

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Is erwin user, Eren simps or any write/critic user around? I wrote a shitty doujin and would like feedback on my Eren characterization. I'm trying to make him consistent but I realized some parts may feel OOC so would like to get some more eyes.

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I wish i was annie in this, towered by mikasa's tall body and overwhelmed by her big arms, hands and frame. I wouldn't mind being repeatedly squashed by her big feet until i start crying.

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Predict the BAby's name.






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Ereh simp here

Which ship?

Share it user, I'm writing some things too

I love her so much it’s unreal

Dogrenbro here, share it for everyone.

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Are normies also accepting SnK is turning to shit now then? Sorry I haven't been able to pay attention the last 3-4 months

Nah, The last episode was well received so it made normies forget about the criticism they had about the episodes before
Reaction among anime onlies is basically the same as the manga readers, tho with a bit less chadren wank and of course less ship faggotry since normies don’t care about that

The anime has been great and looked fantastic, and really brought scenes to life and elevated the material. Watchers are loving it. Something tells me animeonlys aren't going to have the same disappointment as the people who followed the source material.

Why do you care? Do you need normies to validate your opinion?

thanks anons. Here's the parts I'm debating. I'm consulting with others (trying to talk to ending defenders and ending haters respectively to not get too much bias) but I haven't gotten responses yet.

>question for the page on left
If Eren is in a hyperdefensive state (in denial of something), is it OOC for him to point out hypocrisies of Reiner, considering Eren already knows he and Reiner are the same?
>question for page on right
is Eren lamenting over the intensity of his selfishness (by verbalizing "I'm selfish... so selfish") OOC considering he already realized he was selfish in marley?

Sorry for the ass-tier dialogue. I wrote all the dialogue exactly once when storyboarding. There are some lines I went back to and changed after intensive speculation, but I'm not a dialogue writer at heart. I bought two books about writing dialogue and am reading through them slowly. I'll try to fix the dialogue when I work on the 2nd version release (redraw with improved art, dialogue and corrections to story/characterization when spotted)
Its for an ER event but its platonic. I'm not big on drawing shipping, but I wanted to submit it somewhere and since its Eren/Reiner focus they let me submit it. I had to squeeze in some fujo to get it approved so instead of sleeping with a woman prostitute, Reiner gets anally destroyed by a femmeboy who looks like Historia while heavily intoxicated

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Bert will give Annie the raping she deserves

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The first half of Part 2 was pretty good, the other half was pretty meh till the last chapter

floch was less pathetic in the anime and they changed some dialogue.
no mikasa saying they have to help annie and reiner
"hesitate and your comrades die" was changed to "hesitate and the rumbling won't stop"

>accepting tod raw for an ER event
Holy shit you need to kys ASAP

Regardless of what I think about their opinion, it's definitely interesting to know what the average viewer thinks of the anime no? Then again the average viewer won't actually say what they're thinking if it's against the current circlejerk (which is SnK = good)

For Eren's characterization to be perfect, you have to make him feel like an incel cuck who will never win at anything. Reiner giving him pity is OOC. he should deck him like Armong did then contemplate the blubbering mess he left Eren in.

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kek, fair. there is something I included that comes close, I think
Reiner looks pity here, but I wrote so he's actually pretty harsh on Eren, and the pics on the right is when he lets go of his harshness because Eren basically says what he was trying to get him to say. But yeah, I'm concerned about liner OOC too. I'll try to fix it after feedback on release. TY for feedback Erenbro

Yeah I debated whether to do that or not, but I wanted to participate in a Japan comic event. Unfortunately most fan comic events seem to be shipping. Shingeki ones are no different. (I could be wrong about this, but I'm going off info I know only) But because of my participation I made a few friends and they showed me events that host original comics so managed to get some networking out of it. It is what it is I guess.

>is it OOC for him to point out hypocrisies of Reiner, considering Eren already knows he and Reiner are the same?
Yes, if this takes part after their basement chat then it will be OOC for Eren to be in that state since he made paces with Reiner and didn't blame him for what he did and didn't felt too much guilt for what was he going to do in Liberio.
>is Eren lamenting over the intensity of his selfishness (by verbalizing "I'm selfish... so selfish") OOC considering he already realized he was selfish in marley?
Why is Eren being selfish a character trait of him? I never got it.
>spoiler text

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I don't understand half of the text, but I like your style

Fuck I wish I could draw like you.
>is it OOC for him to point out hypocrisies of Reiner, considering Eren already knows he and Reiner are the same?
I would argue that Eren considering Reiner the same is OOC, which I know happened in canon, but it isn't coherent with the Eren before timeskip. So, he should be hyperdefensive even in a raging way in my opinion, more against Reiner.
>OOC considering he already realized he was selfish in marley?
No, but it depends on the context too. He can lament the way he is, because of the burden of its consequences, but he should be proud of how he was born into this world too. So, it should be a ''stubborn lament'', not in a forgiving nor regretful manner, but more contrite, cynical if so.

>Yes, if this takes part after their basement chat then it will be OOC for Eren to be in that state since he made paces with Reiner and didn't blame him for what he did and didn't felt too much guilt for what was he going to do in Liberio.
I figured as much.
For context in the doujin Eren completed rumbling and lives quietly as ruler of Paradis. The yeagerists are all over the place. Eren occasionally checks the armin book (found in rubble I guess, I realized this might've been a plothole too late) and reminisces about his shared dream with Armin (but really the book becomes a symbol of his warped dream). Eren's PTSD of his atrocities, the fate of the outside world and his friends keeps being triggered through things like the marching sound of the soldiers, skimming the book, and even learning the fate of potential survivors in the outside world. reiner has his own ptsd plot going on but eventually he visits eren. after some small talk, reiner asks eren if he feels out of place in paradis (reiner does). Eren is fairly calm, citing responsibilities but Reiner slowly coaxes out Eren's witheld mental instability. Enough ptsd triggers occur alongside with Reiner's coaxing that Eren confesses he feels immense guilt for what he did. but what really eats at him that despite everything he'd do it again (in this AU he never had that confiding conversation with Armin in 139 so he had to bottle up his nature). Reiner gets a bit harsh with a "so that's it, you pity yourself" (reiner doesnt fully believe this but is trying to coax eren). Eren is in denial (again because he never got to confide with armin and its been years having to live as a paradis hero. he even has a statue but he hates it.) Eren insists hes apologetic but reiner is like bro u just said youd do it again thats not what sorry means (recall eren apologized to ramzi who didnt even understand his language). Eren is defensive
>this is where hiccup is cuz Eren calling out Reiner's actions feels OOC

>assblasted BAfat attention whoring
BA suck and never will be canon. Annie doesn't give a shit about this autistic retard bertcuck

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>Eren calling out Reiner's actions feels OOC
Because it is? I will tell you yes, but I don't want to have to eat my own words if next year we get a fast and cringe mute section of Eren speaking with the rest of his friends in their respectives paths dream, and in Reiner's dream his sperging version of Armin's dream is him sperging to Reiner about nationalism and sheet in his Hobo form.

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I wanted an opportunity for Reiner to bring up the fact hes a knowing hypocrite (not only by breaching wall, but the fact that if it werent for rumbling hed have genocided paradis). but despite everything (including feeling intense guilt) Reiner never overtly apologized. (he did express accountability for eren's mom's death amongst other things and accepted death as punishment but there is no verbal apology because he'd easily do it again (and we see he does when he attacked paradis again). And I wanted that, amongst other small happenings, to help Eren slowly openly acknowledge the sin he is bottling up.
But like said earlier, it would feel OOC for Eren to bring up Reiner's actions I feel like, even if he's being intensely defensive. But I'm not sure how else to make the transition unless Eren brings it up in a dry humor sort of way.

thanks user

ty for feedback user. theres some panels where he becomes openly aggressive. I just cant fit it all. (he becomes increasingly hostile when Reiner suggests leaving behind armin's book, which represents his warped dream and his connection to the past.)

kek, I wonder how the anime will end.
Yeah, I'll try to think of some alternative. I do want Reiner's hypocrisies to come up. Maybe he can volunteer it, but I don't want him to monologue at Eren. Trying to keep it back-and-fourth

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Jump in normal thread

>Yes, if this takes part after their basement chat then it will be OOC for Eren to be in that state since he made paces with Reiner and didn't blame him for what he did and didn't felt too much guilt for what was he going to do in Liberio.
Tbh this could happen so long after, and eren could have been so much affected by the rumbling and losing his friends that some rehashing seems perfectly fine to me. As long as the story acknowledges that is.

But I wouldn't worry about small details when writing eren... his character already varies so much post timeskip

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In a full rumbling scenario in which Eren is now supreme leader of Paradis, it isn't OOC that Eren would bring up Reiner's action (If so he should fucking kill him), and more if he feels guilt. One way of coping with the atrocities you did is seething about the atrocities others did, and more with Reiner, who is part of what started Eren's justification for such atrocities. ''We are the same'' doesn't necessarily mean that ''I feel about what you did to me the same as what I did to you'', you know, because Reiner killed his mom, and just because he was ''forced'' it doesn't change the fact.

Just do what you feel to write and draw, after all this doujin is what you wanted.
Good luck.

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It's OOC for Eren to be leader of the country because he is 3/10.

I miss Yumiru

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Leaders need to be eloquent (Eren is according to canon), not intelligent. Technical matters are always for those below in the executive. A leader who knows to choose the right people is better than a very intelligent leader who knows about management.

Reiner's ass..
Unlike so many politicians

But yeah, eren never expressed anything like that. But desu it's weird for eren to even survive the rumbling, can't ever imagine that.

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Armin is more eloquent, also sure but eren doesn't even choose get to make such choice much... there's only him telling floch his plan, then floch did everything else.

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Here's one other part I'm stuck on. Sorry for bad handwriting.
>page 1 and 2
Is eren kneeling and begging in desperation for punishment too OOC? he's been bottling up PTSD for years and Reiner is the only one alive who is intimately familiar with the outside world and can identify with eren's sins
>page 2
"punish me" sounds like fucking porno words. is this unavoidable or is there other phrasings that make it less porno sounding? (I gotta adjust bottom left panel cuz friend said it looks like a blowjob POV, kek. But the idea was he's looking at the armin book in his drawer)
>page 3
Eren is emotionally desperate for any kind of punishment, advocating for Reiner to even fight him (or maybe take his life idk). Is this OOC? Would Eren not do this? Is there something he could say instead that would require minimal changes to the bottom panels? If not I'm open to accept other suggestions. The idea here is Eren is seeking judgment for his actions but when Reiner notices Eren is emotionally attached to armin's book (more like what it represents) Reiner tries to have Eren part with the book as punishment. (Reiner invites Eren to leave this place because 1. eren's mental state makes him a terrible leader and ultimately cant be relied on for a paradis that is slowly destroying itself and 2. they both don't fit where they currently are. So after coaxing Eren eventually agrees to leave but Reiner insists Eren leaves behind the book. Eren grows increasingly hostile until his own aggressiveness makes it obvious to himself how shamelessly self-interested he is. Eren does leave the book behind in the end. theres a few more things that happen but I want it to be a surprise

ty user

kek TRUE

thats good points user. I'll see what I can do with this insight. thank you

yeah Eren surviving the rumbling isn't my first choice but wrote 4fun. I tried to write Eren as a ill suited leader that yeagerists worship

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Don't emotionally bully her

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why are these threads still being made? just let it go already


>Armin is more eloquent
But not a leader (maybe shown off-screen after the whole Armin = Christ thing and the Umi Da golden age). Eren is shown to be more ambitious in his eloquence, since a kid with Hannes, since convincing people about joining the Survey Corps, the whole ''we are all born special'' etc. He was made to be an integrating and harmonizing leader, not the sigma male lone wolf grindset we got.


yes I will

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u stink

>Instead of "punish me please", would something closer to "Everyone praises me for what ive done... i cant take it anymore...." sound alright?
>and instead of eren hysteria he could say something like "you came here to finish me off, right? You cant forgive me after all. Please..."
would this feel more in character of Eren and less porno? or still feel OOC?
cute ymir!

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Eh it seems that you are forcing some homosexual tension. If the point of the doujin is that then, it's pretty hard not to make it OOC. Like, if there was a ''alpha'' and ''beta'' dynamic. You could make Eren force the fight directly like a neurotic, without supplicating, and then Reiner physically dominates him with some struggle (like in the forest in clash) but neither transform into titans (if such power still exists) because Eren wants to vent and Reiner understands him or something? I don't think fujos care that much about OOCness tho So it should be fun more than anything

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Don't cry mikasa :(

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mikasa hug

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I didn't mean to include sexual tension, but it reads like it so I gotta remove it somehow. (blame my bad writing) What if Eren, instead of kneeling, he could be sitting, so the composition and intent of eren not being at the same level of reiner is there, but its not quite as meme-y like "reiner... i... i kneel"
To the second point, originally I did write it that they did fight but I thought it would be more meaningful if Reiner was like "I'm too tired to fight" to suggest their wearyness and the fact that the past cannot come back no matter how much Eren clings to it.

her husband can comfort her

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Jean is hugged a lot

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