Drawn as a girl

>drawn as a girl
>voiced by a girl
>named shiota(shota)
>it's actually a boy

Why do they do this?

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because its for and made by degenerate faggots

they did it so you could make this thread every day

degenerate faggot here i dont really like it when they reverse uno the genders

because it's not made for mentally ill westerners

>drawn as a girl
>voiced by a guy
>named Chihiro
>it's actually a boy

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>named shiota(shota)
>it's actually a boy
Makes sense to me.

I love him!


Only valid response.
It's done because it's hot, simple as

Cause wow guys I think I might be gay (straight) so epic hahaha, astolfo (female) is making me so gay haha

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Those eyes are the eyes of a boy

Why does he dress like that if he's a boy then?

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because his mother is a crazy bitch. Read the manga.

his mom loves traps
unironically thats the reason

Did she molest him too? It couldn't be, right?


Because “drawn as a girl” means nothing more than “drawn as a boy with a different haircut” and it's always the biggest genderfags that fail to see this.

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this, he’s built for you to insert yourself into, not for self-inserting

More like really wanted a girl.
The story is that Sr. wasn't allowed to be feminine when younger so set out to “allow” his own child to be, but it was a boy and it just ended up forcing said boy to dress as a girl despite not liking it.

Many men are attracted to girly looking guys dressed as women. Media is adapting to this and featuring characters like this more prominently to attract more viewers.


Don't be so vulgar about Chihiro

Kind of sucks then. I prefer my traps to enjoy being traps. I guess it's a similar situation with Juzo from Tokyo Ghoul but he doesn't really try and look female, he just does.
His black hair look in :re is superior

>drawn as a girl
>voiced by a girl
>it's actually a boy
traps is one thing but pseudo-traps i just cant get behind. pic isn't even a femboy, just a straight plain 'male'.

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I think he hates being forced to be a girl but he doesn't mind being a trap. Otherwise, he wouldn't appreciate the pigtails hairstyle Kaede gave him so much.

It pleases my penis

That was such a cringe episode, i don't need moralfagging in my anime thank you

>you will never wake up to this

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doesn't he have to be a trap because a ghoul castrated him?

I want to fuck him so bad

On a side note, I HATE what puberty does to a man's voice
Who wants a voice less expressive and varied. It's not 'stronger' sounding, it's weak as shit. Hearing 'daddy' voice makes me want to puke.

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y-you can't do a weed! it's illegal!

kill yourself

Wait, this is just a thread for fapping to traps.

so they can pull the twist that the faggot girly boy is actually a sociopathic talented murderer

Can I do ?

He's neither a faggot nor socopathic. His mom groomed him to act as a girl and he actually hates it.

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Traps with handlebars are my fetish.

>voiced by a girl
you know that doesn't mean shit

I can only be attracted to a character that looks like a girl, but I also simultaneously find omankos smelly and fearsome, compared to the friendly and cute sexual organ I am well aware of.

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japs dont want to admit they're gay

For me it's TSF monogatari

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Cute fully erect trap dicks full of energy > disgusting mankos that looks like a b-movie monster

don't bring that evil in here

Please stop posting this character, I can't stop getting erect when I see him.

Best trap artist, by far.

That's not Sena Yutaro, Marcydog, Nemunemu, or even Saigado.

No, it's better than them, like I said.
Maybe not Nemunemu (I'm gonna crank it to Yui and Me for the rest of my life) but definitely Saigado, that guy is overrated as fuck.


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>Why do they do this?
Because there are men who are gay but don't want to admit they are gay

What a cute penis.