Summertime Render

I missed the other thread, really good shots this episode

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Is she on the spectrum?

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Not really, but that small chest is pretty nice

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The pain is only beginning

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blond girl looks really weird

yes, on the sex spectrum she is pure sex

What spectrum are you talking about?

autism, obviously

The color spectrum of course

why do her eyelashes look so retarded? she needs a new stylist.

>Very long hair
>Small swimmer tits
>Wide hips
>Thick thighs
What’s not to love?

Post her armpits

bump this thread, this show doesnt get enuf love

Just watched it today. Feels bad that I never got around to reading the manga, maybe I'll do it later.
Ushio is cute and Mio is not

her sister is better

Maybe cause of the being albino?

I pissed on her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Say what you want about the "censorship" in the show I actually think it's executed really well and fits with established artstyle
It's also pretty minor especially compared to how it was handled in Gou and other shows

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Which one of them exactly?

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You must be a 4th dimensional traveller to truly understand this anime. Dimensionlets need not apply

I didn't expect her to be such an airhead

I didn't expect her to be genuinely not evil, at all

already aots for me but this episode sealed the deal

the dominant one

I'm anime only and am debating between picking up the manga or just staying anime only until the end.

Be honest, how long did it take for you to realize that he wasn't the REAL Shinichi-kun?

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what i'm doing is reading the manga after every episode comes out then stopping where it left off just to see if they leave anything out and so far it seems like a very faithful adaptation

that's a pretty good idea. I might have to do the same

I demand a spin off.

Here you go, spoilers though

Makes for scissoring, oh my golf!

There was no sign it wasn't him until he grabbed Ushio. That was kinda the point.

I'm retarded so I didn't catch on until his jpeg artifacts started wigging out
Damn that was good

It was meh in Episode 2 but looked fine in Episode 1 and 4. It's pretty easy to get away with shadow violence thanks to the mosaic.

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Is this the real Ushio and the funeral Ushio was the shadow?

Nah, that seems like cope


Real's dead, current one's an amnesiac shadow

"That's some great character design." - Muh

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That really doesn't seem to be the case, at the very least the other shadows seem to think she's a shadow as well based on shadow shin and shadow mio's interactions in ep 4.

>this is a supernatural thriller

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Ushio's cuteness is supernatural and thrilling

It's kind of a romcom. Sometimes.

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Yes, the cute spectrum.

This area right here.

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She's the brawn to Shinpei's brain. They don't pay her to think.

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didn't notice until the grab

>shadow Mio confesses to Shinpei
>this happens
Holy shit, the Mio bullying in this series is brutal

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>put a 20-something year old titty woman in office attire
>"mature lady"

Is she Japanese?

There's nothing like the sweet taste of revenge.

20+ is old and busted

Imagine a 3some with the sisters.

what is even happening here? she pretending to gargle his nuts or something

>the only girl that never gets a fanservice moment

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He's trying to keep her presence a secret from Mio but her stomach is rumbling for curry

More or less

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For some reason I thought she kept wearing Mio's shirts from the previous day once she joins up but I think the only one she actually wears is the Sakana shirt.


very cute, the love triangle was obvious from the beginning and i like how they're handling it so far

why is she always in a swimsuit
That seems like a yeast infection nightmare

It's easy to render during summer

She have too much ass and no boobs, who likes that.

She looks like she has a touch of the 'tism.